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Thursday, December 29, 2011


State Says American Flag Violates Law

State Says American Flag Violates Law
Dec 29, 2011
A Maryland community is up in arms after state highway workers removed an American flag honoring military personnel from a traffic circle and threw it into a dump truck.
“We want our flag back,” Rhonda Winkler told Fox News & Commentary. “We are patriots and we love America.”
Winkler and her family erected the flag in a traffic circle three years ago in the town of Woodbine. They posted the flag to honor their nephew, a soldier deployed to Afghanistan.
About a month ago a car crashed into the roundabout damaging a tree and destroying the original flag. So Winkler’s husband and an 88-year-old World War Two veteran replaced the flag. And that’s when the trouble started.
Winkler said she received a telephone call alerting her that state highway workers had taken down the flag and the flag pole, tossing both into the back of a dump truck.
“They told us it was against the law to erect a flag on the traffic circle,” Winkler said. “They told my husband that whoever put up the flag could be arrested for trespassing.”
State highway workers also told her that people had complained about Old Glory.
“We figured it’s the American flag and we live in the United States of America – how can anyone have a problem with it,” Winkler asked.
David Buck, a spokesman for the state high department, told the Baltimore Sun that there is also a safety issue.
“They don’t have traffic control out there, and they don’t have (road work) vests on,” he told the newspaper.
The flags removal sparked outrage across the community. Dozens of people turned out for a rally – many people waving flags. It was especially moving for local residents who have loved ones serving in the military.
“It brought tears to my eyes,” Daniela Schnetzler told the Baltimore Sun. Her son just returned from Iraq. “We need that support. Freedom isn’t free, I’ll tell you that.”
And Winkler said that’s why the flag has been flying all these years – to support not just her nephew but every member of the military.
“If it was something derogatory or inappropriate, that’s one thing,” resident Gene Mellin told the newspaper. “But to take the flag down, it’s not right. I know they have rules, but it’s just a flag. It’s the flag.”
Winkler said she hopes her three young children will learn a lesson from the incident.
“When you believe in something, you have to take a stand,” she said. “That doesn’t mean going out and rioting and sleeping on streets and not going to work. It means you work hard, you work for yourselves, and you work for your country so that we are a better people.”
As for now – there’s no indication if the state of Maryland will reverse their decision – or if the Winkler family will get back their flag.
She said state workers have refused to return the Stars and Stripes.
Winkler said she is typically not one to raise a big stink about stuff – but not this time.
“We as Americans have to take a stand,” she said. “No matter what, we support the flag.”
So why raise a big stink?
“Because it’s the American flag,” she said.


  1. Are you kidding? State workers took it down and threw it into a dump truck? Citizens should treat their flag with respect. We have rules of flag etiquette, and everyone should know them if they graduate from fifth grade. I am disgusted by this, and ask the citizens of Maryland to raise immortal Hell over this.

  2. Sadly, this shows how many Americans (not necessarily bad people) have been brainwashed by the past 40 years of political correctness. Maybe the ACLU will step in to help her.............yeah right.

  3. The same leftist scumbags who feign being "offended" by the flag are always the first ones to hide behind the civil rights provided under it.

    I'm offended by people who play those little games...maybe the state should step in and remove them wherever I find them.

  4. Amen, Sepp. I will report to you when I find these losers, you can have them removed for re-education.

  5. TGP- Sadly, we had do deal with the same sort of issue back in '09. A funeral procession was being held for a young soldier killed in combat. The procession was lead by CPD, CFD, military vehicles, and the Freedom Riders.

    Anyway, the main thorofare was lined with the "little" American flags, on wooden sticks. These flags were placed into the ground of all kinds of businesses that lined the street. There was one business that removed these flags, for fear of offending customers. Can you guess which one?............................................................................................

    Bank of America. Bank of FUCKING America was afraid of offending customers with little American flags...........

  6. I remember that. I quit banking with them back in 97 or 98, for basically the same reason. They're cocksuckers.

  7. I won't do business in the People's Democratic Socialist Soviet Republic of Maryland. I won't stop there to eat and if my truck ran out of gas I would push it into Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Virginia.

  8. mean that if we disagree with a business's practices or, policies we can take our business elsewhere and economically reward "good" businesses with our patronage?

    And here I was being led to believe by the media and the democrats that I was supposed to occupy the business, vandalize the property and poop on flags on the sidewalk in front of it in order to force change I can believe in!

  9. Sepp,

    While I'm certain you have seen some individuals behave that way, you would be arrested. I don't know how the law can tell the difference between Occutards and drunken sailors, but they can.

  10. -Sepp,

    That's right. I won't watch a Jane Fonda movie either. I don't buy Miller products because they support homosexual causes and I will support a non-union shop as opposed to a union one if there is a non-union alternative. I don't buy Heinz catchup either because a part of it goes to support gigolo John Kerry.