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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dems Use Downgrade to Amplify Anti-Tea Party Charges

Obama and his minions have hit the airwaves since S&P's downgrade of the Federal Credit Rating Friday night with a vengeance.  Their overwhelming whine:  The TEA Party did it.

What a complete load of shit.  Speaking of loads, the Democrats are currently wearing a shitty diaper, and are blaming everyone including the diaper for them having a shitty ass.  It is absolutely disgusting to listen to these whiners and think they are supposed to be the finest people in our country.  Grow up!

Our esteemed and honorable? President, Barack "Let Me Talk To My Advisers and Get Back To You In Four Months" Obama, said a couple weeks ago that we had to eat our peas.  It sure looks to me like he's been slipping his to the dog under the table.  His idea of eating our peas obviously meant "Do it my way."  Absolutely disgusting.

Today, after S&P's downgrade, the Dow fell $634.76.  Adding Fridays fears that it was gonna happen, the Dow is down $1100+ in two days.  And still Obama wants Tax Cheat Timmy to run the Treasury.  Obama cannot possibly be doing his own thinking.  Who would let this guy keep his job after all the successes he's had in the last three years?  No one.  Yet Obama wants us to believe Timmy is the absolute best choice for the job?  Obama is obviously trying to ruin America, and if you don't see that, you need treatment.

On Fox News this morning, Congressman Allen West said this about Tiny Tim:
"When you open that refrigerator door, the lights don't come on," Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., told Fox News. "I don't think that Timothy Geithner really has a handle on the fiscal situation here.
Spot on, Colonel.  Timmy is having as much trouble with the economy as he had with Turbo-Tax, which may not be fool-proof, but its pretty damn simple.  And the Senate confirmed him because...?

Mike Huckabee, who if nothing else can make some pretty funny off-the-cuff remarks, said this about the Dims and their talking points:
 "When you hear these words over and over, these are not the words of people who are creative enough to come up with their own talking points," he told Fox News. "These are people who are reading from a script. And it frustrates me that you've got people elected to high positions who can't even come up with their own phrasing, for heaven's sake
I have to say it is more alarming to me that they didn't all look at Obama and say, "Really?  That's really what you want us to say?"  How fricking dumb to you have to be to follow some idiot off a cliff?  Think for yourselves, and you'll see that we must cut spending, period.  There is no other way to save us from a further downgrade.


  1. OFF TOPIC: Thought you might find this Homebuilder's article interesting

  2. Jio,

    Thanks. I noticed the phrase "keep debt low" a couple times. Also the one builder who held off cutting back on employees. I told all my guys in '07 that if they saw a life raft floating by, they'd better get on it. By '08 I had about five guys hanging in there, and I kept them going as long as I could, which was actually longer than I could. Its my opinion that unemployment not going up in Nov and Dec is from kind hearted employers that would rather lose money than ruin Christmas, not any "growth" in the economy.

    Anyway, thanks, I did find that interesting.

  3. TGP,

    An academian based in Keynesian theory and Alinskism, surrounds himself with other academians steeped in Keynesian theory and Alinskyism, and the economy sh*ts the bed. Should we be surprised?

  4. I thought he was a Kenyan, not a Keynesian. I'm so confused.

    As to surrounding himself, how can we get him to use Saran Wrap?

  5. How about we get a condom and just pull it down over his head all of the way to his heels?

  6. How the hell will we get it over his ears?

  7. 10th, This is the most predictable disaster in my life time. However the people who caused the problem are blaming a group of people dedicated to solving the problem. This is 1984 at it's very best.

    Cloward and Piven are sitting somewhere cheering Obama and his culprits on.

  8. The left has been trying to shut the tea party folks down since day 1.

    The Dems remind me of a stupid bitch I used to know who stopped making her car payments.
    After about 10 warning letters telling her to pay or, lose the vehicle, the repo man came and snatched it up.
    So naturally, she blamed the repo man and the "unfair bank".

    The democraps and Obama went on a two year spending spree that all our creditors and, financial specialists were screamming for them to stop or, face dire consequences.
    Last November the American people placed fiscal conservatives into office in order to put a stop to it.
    They didn't quite stop it but, they now have the problem on the front burner and, even the left can't ignore it now.

  9. Sepp,

    I hear this morning that the administration is going to "look into" S&P and see if they can coerce them into reneging on the AA+ rating. My question is why do the other rating agencies still have us at AAA? Our debt to GDP problem is serious, and leaving us at AAA is irresponsible, it only adds to the eggheads notions that they can still keep spending.

  10. Did you happen to catch the interview with the president of S&P yesterday?

    The guy appearred as if he was scared shitless and I mean SCARED SHITLESS!

    He seriously looked like a guy who just found out the mob was going to "hit" him...which I'm sure the Obama administration has considered.