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Friday, June 3, 2011

Re-Run from March

After watching some commentary and news about Romney's announcement that he is seeking the Republican nomination, I feel it is wise to re-run the following post.  Among the disgusting fawning over Willard, mainly by Sean Hannity, was the news that unemployment has gone back up to 9.1%.  If you have been living at the bottom like me and my family have for the past 3 years, the prospect of a double dip recession is frightening.  And Obama's new court jester, Jay Carney, says things are going according to plan.  I wish Obama would publicly fire somebody and yell and scream that he wants results.  That would at least make me think he cares.  Instead, he golfs.  And golfs.  Enough already.  Get something done, or get out of the way.  At this point I actually believe Biden could do better.

Today I delivered a chicken coop to a couple in Pittsboro, NC. They were a normal, everyday couple, about 50ish, and they were forting up. They expressed real concerns about the efficiency and resolve of our government to protect us citizens from, well, the government.

In the past couple of years, I have delivered a lot of chicken coops to people who felt the same way. In fact, chicken coops have kept me and my family from becoming homeless. I have run in to some very interesting people in the past two to three years, from upper class to below poverty level, and they all have one thing in common - they don't trust our government.

Some of them are getting chickens because they want to be more self sufficient. They feel that having a few hens and a little garden will help them get through hard times. Others are wanting chickens because they want to live healthier, and don't want to do so Michelle Obama style. People are worried about whats in their food, from simple high cholesterol, to complicated sugars and preservatives, to possibly dangerous hormones and antibiotics.

We created a couple of organizations called the USDA and the FDA to protect us from stuff like whats now in our food, but both of those organizations are responsible for the crap we are being fed. As more and more research is done on food and drugs, it becomes more obvious that our great grandparents knew what was best (surprise!) and that was growing your own food.

So now Americans are starting to fort up. They are getting chickens and growing gardens and taking canning lessons at the community college (because no one had the foresight to ask Granny, and now she's gone) and they are stocking up on staples like flour and sugar and oh yeah, bullets. Because they believe that when times get any tougher than they are now, they are going to have to protect the hard work they've done to prepare for the coming government induced disaster.

My advice to those of you who aren't forting up:

1. Get to know someone who is.

2. Help them.

3. Hope they share with you when the time comes.


Start forting up.

November 2012 is too far away, and the prospect of a different idiot taking the reins is not comforting.  We need a hero, and Romney ain't it.


  1. I built my own coop in 2008 and, have also been ramping up on the preventitive measures for possible bad things to come.
    I've also seen an uptick of folks buying sustainable countermeasures like ammo, rabbits, chickens, seeds and, home canning setups that can be used in a city environment and go un noticed by nosey neighbors.
    Anyone who is NOT seeing the possibilities is either blind, trusts the govt too much or, both.

  2. Sepp,

    Thanks for coming by. I have enjoyed your comments, although I disagree with you on Mr. Mudrake.

    I have been suffering from this "recession" for over 3 years now, and I can't believe that people still think anyone in government is doing a good job.

  3. The govt IS the problem TGP. The only "help" we could use from them is that they all just stop reporting for "work" for a few years.

  4. Amen to that. I think Congress could meet for two weeks in July or August every year and then go home to live under the rules they make.

  5. TGP,

    One, get your ass to Alaska, plenty of jobs here.

    Two, rice, dried beans, coffee, bacon, and oils (for fat). Perfect staples.

    Three, bullets and reloading equipment.

    Four, canning is FUN and EASY, already doing it as are most AK'ers.

  6. Gunny,

    I'm well provisioned and am canning most of the produce from a huge garden. I raise chickens, pigs, rabbits and turkeys, and I one shot one kill a couple deer every season.

    I am sorely tempted to come to Alaska. It is the only state in the union I have never been to. Hell, I've even been to Puerto Rico and Guam. The problem with moving there is my wife. She wants to bring her mother, which is fine, but I ain't bringing her step-daddy. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire on my couch.