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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Professional Turd Polishing

The recent bill that came out of DC has many Americans wondering what happened.  After weeks of debate and people walking out of meetings, our esteemed elected officials came up with yet another agreement to screw the rest of us.

Many have called this bill a polished turd.  Many have called Obama, Reid, and Boehner polished turds.  So what does a polished turd really look like?  The following video shows us that not only can it be done, it just might be this years "Tickle Me, Elmo".


  1. Wow! Deep and intellectual stuff. Haven't you yet left your adolescent phase of growing up?

  2. mud,
    Once again you demonstrate that liberals have no sense of humor.

    That was indeed funny. This is what our politicians want us to believe.

  3. Mud,

    Do you ever just sit back and enjoy the view, or are you always a tightwad liberal Grinch? Relax once in a while.

  4. Hardnox,

    If things don't improve, I may indeed get my children a polished turd ball for Christmas. After all, I have a large supply of manure. How about you? Will you be polishing horse apples this fall?

  5. Oh I hope CommonSense's mother doesn't read this blog. You know how easily she and her christian friends can be offended.

  6. Tenth,
    I'm thinking of purchasing a power polisher akin to a cartridge polisher. Then a little gold paint. I'll make a fortune selling them to libs!

  7. Jio,
    CS's mom could probably kick you ass. She's a tough old gal. You're a punk.

  8. LOL - H-Nox there is no doubt in my mind. She and a bunch of tough home makers sat and faced off with Saul Alinsky in 1965. That sorry SOB came to San Jose, CA. She's been kicking liberal ass for a very long time and still at it.

  9. Jio,

    Keep everyone's momma out of it, or you will get the boot. You can hurl insults if you want, but leave mom alone.

    That goes for everyone else, too. Mud and Jio's moms are off limits here.

  10. TGP,

    You sure got the libfvcks here! Time for some DDT! haha

    Check out my blog for what the libfilth is saying about the SEALS on HuffHo.

  11. I thought it was funny. T.G.P.'s comment reminds me of Mr. Hankey. The Christmas Pooh, from South Park.

    HOWWWWWDY HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Muddy and Jeffio keep trying to polish Obama all the time...polishing a turd is 2nd nature to them.

  13. 10th - you don't have to feel bad about dumping their hateful and disgusting comments anymore. I went over to Mud's site and respectfully engaged them in a debate. There was one guy who seemed rational - Mud must have been defending his audience from reason. His site is no longer accepting my posts.

    All that drivel about moderated blogs from Mud is just bluster and BS. His was moderated when I first went there and he is filtering comments now.

    As Chris Plante (WMAL) always says: "If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all."

  14. Jio- I, too, wonder of the mother of Common sense ever reads this blog. From what Common sense posted on my blog yesterday, mother is easily offended by things liberals like me post.

    So,gentlemen, let's be aware of Common Sense's mother [a 'good' Christian lady] and purify our words.

    Sorry, Mother of Common Sense, if we have hurt your holy eyes by words we have written.

    May the blood of Jesus wash away my sins and save me from the eternal damnation of Hell!

  15. His site is no longer accepting my posts.

    Tisk! Tisk! Now, now, Common Sense, what would your Mother say if she knew that you were lying?

    And by the way, Tenth, it was COMMON SENSE who proudly posted the comment on my blog yesterday:

    You want me to open my blog so you and others can type dirty words there again? My mother and other good Christian people read my blog and they were repelled by your comments.

    So, Common Sense, if you don't want us to refer to your mother, then why did you put your mother into the spotlight yesterday?

  16. Mud, I retract my accusation. I submitted that post yesterday afternoon as you know and then tried again this morning.

    Actually - I don't care. No one wants to discuss issues anyway. It was a waste of my time as more than one blogger warned me it would be.

    An issue as complex as the President's effect on the economy doesn't lend itself to bumper sticker slurs. The most reasonable person on your site brushed such complex issues away with a sentence or a conspiracy theory. It was a very illuminating experience for me.

    I think that you were just trying to drive up the number of hits on your blog. I won't help you with that. I get more folks come over to mine from Sepp's - it's not real worth my time to visit yours.

  17. Mud,

    I am not kidding. Leave everyone's mom out of your comments here. I don't care about other places. This is my blog and I will not keep posts and comments I find to be "filthy" up. I said you and Jeffio's mom's are off limits too, and I mean it. Nobody needs to be ugly where mamma's are concerned.

  18. T.G.P. - Here is the actual quote that brought someone's mother into the mix: "My mother and other good Christian people read my blog and they were repelled by your comments. The general consensus of those who regularly visit was that they didn’t want to wade through your comments either."

    My first thought was "whoa!!!'. I try to watch my language in public, but it really isn't that hard as I don't really use "off color" words often. However, I was shocked when I reviewed blog posts and blog comments on C.S.'s blog and saw many, many colorful words. And they weren't used by either "Mud" or myself. I think it shows a person's class or lack of class by the words they choose to use. I just couldn't see my mother.....I almost posted the words here, but out respect for you (and any family members who might read it here) I will not. If you're that interested, go check out his blog yourself and then try to picture your own mother using those words. It's kind of gross.

    I agree it is a good rule of thumb not to attack a person's family members. This is doubly true when it comes to children.

  19. Jio,

    I don't think it is the colorful language that is CS's concern about his mother reading yours and Muds posts, I think it is the ideology. Your comment about CS's mother reading this post and being offended is not a personal attack on CS's mother, but I don't want things to get down to your mama wears combat boots or other such stupid and offensive remarks.

    I agree with you that assaults on children are worse. I will kill anyone whop harms my children, and I reserve the right to decide what is harmful. My mother always said about other kids insulting my mother, "Well, is it true? If not, just ignore it." I could never bring myself to do that, and I still can't. So lets leave the kids and the mama's out of the discussion.

  20. 10th - part of it was the language and part of it was the sheer nonsense. I've asked some folks to tone it down and they have. Mention it to Mud and his gang and it just draws additional ridicule.

    My mother can take care of herself - she and a little group of Republican women faced off with Saul Alinsky in California in 1965. When Obama popped onto the scene and everyone was wondering what the hell a "community organizer" was - she knew exactly what it was. She's been in the fight for a very long time.

    All this name calling doesn't add anything to the discussion - it's childish and stupid. I went to Mud's site and I went out of my way to not engage in name calling - what good did it do me? They don't even respond to issues - only one guy even took a half-assed stab at it. I would tell you to swing by to see - but there isn't anything of value there.

    What issue is resolved with these people? I don't need them on my site because they don't add anything constructive, useful, intelligent, or truthful. People don't come to my site to see their hate.

  21. CS,

    I find the worst thing about Mud and his cronies is that they will not agree with us on anything. I just agreed with Jio on Sepp's site, and I have agreed with Jeff and even old Mud himself a time or two. I don't understand why they won't admit it and comment on topics they agree with.

    For example, no comments from Mud or any of the people we consider the opposition on the Casey Anthony situation. No comments from them on what I want for my daughters. Why do they ignore these posts, while spewing hate and idiocy on other posts? Baffling.

  22. 10th - that's why I walked away from Mud the first time - I think that he thinks that if he agrees with us one time - it's the slippery slope and he might have to do it again.

    It's much easier to say - "You're stupid."

  23. Tenth writes, I find the worst thing about Mud and his cronies is that they will not agree with us on anything.

    Really? Let's see if we can agree on a few things, Tenth. Tell me if you agree with me on any of these:

    We love our families and our country.

    We take part in the political system by voting and helping candidates run for office.

    We love the freedoms spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.

    We love the freedom of expression of our thoughts.

    We love the fact that we do not have to fear that our government may arrest us for expressing our opinions.

  24. Mud,

    This isn't exactly what I was talking about, but let's give it a shot:

    I do love my family and my country. I will not ever question whether or not you love your family, but I have reservations about whether you love your country or not. Sorry, but that's the way I feel.

    I agree that we take part in the political system. Obviously we have differences there too.

    We love the freedoms spelled out in the U.S. Constitution: I would say that yes, for the most part we do. However, I think your interpretation of those rights and mine are very different.

    I think it is obvious that you love the freedom of expression of your thoughts, so that's the first 100% agreement.

    I think that while Bush was in charge, you may have had concerns about your last point, and in all honesty, with Obama in charge, I worry about the possibility of being arrested for my opinion. I doubt it would ever happen, and I seriously doubt they would take me alive, but I do worry that your President has little concern for that particular right.

    What I was really referring to, Mud, was your lack of involvement in my posts that have nothing to do with politics.

    What do you think of Casey Anthony?

    What do you think of John Adams advice to his daughter?

    The only non-political comment you have made on my blog was about the tornado outbreak we had here in April. And your comment was slightly political, though I felt it was sincere.

    We are not going to agree on every issue, Mud. I don't agree on every issue with any of these other bloggers that comment here. But I think that it is disturbing that we can't find small points in common. Find something to agree with, or offer something we can agree on. Just disagreeing, or flat out refusing to at least see my point, is childish and unproductive.

  25. 10th - You and I were thinking along the same lines.

    Loving family is easy, though how you express that love could put us on different courses - permissive parents tend to confuse discipline in children with a lack of love when the reverse is true. It's deeper than a sentence.

    As for country - Mud doesn't mean an America described by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with a strict adherence to the original intent. He doesn't love that country - he loves one described by a "living Constitution" I'll bet. So - I doubt we love the same country - Obama has specifically expressed that difference in his "negative rights" discussion.

    I would say that "taking part in the political . . . ." comes as close - though we are at opposite ends in purpose. Further the manner in which that happens in execution could be vastly different - note the the dead guys always seem to vote for Democrats.

    Again - the Constitution as it was written and as it was intended to be implemented is significantly different than the one that Mud adheres to. His oft expressed point of view on religion should be all it takes to illuminate the difference.

    Mud loves his Freedom of Speech - yours not so much. A liberal believes that he can say anything he wants and you should shut up. That's the entire purpose of these attacks - they want to silence you - they aren't "debating" they are shouting you down. There is a huge difference.

    Finally - you are right 10th - you have no fear at all under conservative government, but the fact that liberals have never come to the defense of Fox News for example means that they would take your freedom of speech away in a heart beat. "Fairness Doctrine" anyone? That is their attempt to legislate it away.

    Your instincts are good 10th - we pretty much don't agree on anything with Mud.

  26. Hey- I'm running a Beat-Off of the month contest every month. If anyone has any time, Stop by and give some suggestions

  27. "We love the fact that we do not have to fear that our government may arrest us for expressing our opinions."

    Remember Obama's "fishydotgov" site when they were asking libs to send in email addresses or, I.P numbers of anyone saying things about obamacare?
    It didn't last long due to everyone seeing it for it's creepy Stalinist nature and asking why an administration needed a snitch hotline aimed at those who disagreed.

  28. Yeah, Sepp, I worry about the administration trying to violate my rights. They show a strong tendency to not understand their role in the big picture.

  29. Sepp - I forgot about that - thanks for bringing it up. I sent them a number of e-mails with Obama quotes in them asking them to run down those lies. Odd . . . they never got back to me.

  30. Anyone else notice Mud disappears after being refuted by logic? He's just a drive by liberal.