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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Willard Obamney, Flipflopper

I cannot believe the Republican Party even recognizes this man as a Republican.  He is left of everyone but Obama.  I don't care which side of the fence you are on, you shouldn't want assholes like this on your side.  I sure as hell don't want him on mine.


  1. Like I said, he's as solid as wet cement. As with his carbon negative Obama, his views seem to flex into the views of whichever audience he's playing to.

    Politicians these days are fools to believe that in the youtube age they can still pull that crap off and get away with it.

    Obama should have learned that lesson with his "bitter clingers" gaff in San-Fran just days after pandering to those same people he was shitting on.

    Mitt's past and present are no different. "Say anything to everybody and mean none of it".

  2. It really doesn't matter any longer, Tenth. The menagerie of freaks now running in the GOP, by itself, assures a 2nd term for Obama. You needn't waste your time, energy or emotions on the presidential race any longer. It's over. You can read my latest post on this for two other reasons.

    Your political party, the once-Grand Old Party, dug its own grave by permitting the far-right wing to become the dominant force in the party. Americans don't like the 'wings' of parties.

    The Democratic Party learned that lesson twice in recent history, once with the purge of the Dixiecrats and again later with the antiwar leftists.

    The last time that the Republican Party tilted as far to the right as it does today, it lost 44 states in the presidential election. The South was its only 'solid' victory [because of the Civil Rights laws that replaced Jim Crow].

    The Democrats lost a landslide in 1972 when The People saw that party tilting to the left.

    You probably can't see the present-day tilt because that tilt seems 'normal' to you and the rest of the people who post comments here.

    That's why you make statements as you did in the post that Obama and Romney are 'liberals.' Neither one is a 'liberal' in the traditional sense of the word. They are, in fact, moderates- the type of people who used to fill the ranks of the Republican Party. Today you deride them as RINO's when, in fact, it was they who built the Republican Party- the party that right-wingers kidnapped and hold for ransom.

    Yet, it really doesn't matter because Obama is headed for reelection and that train, unlike the hilarious Cain Train, will not run off of the tracks.

    Read my post and drop a comment there if you wish or, in your usual pattern, do a spoof of it here on your blog. I don't care, but either way, Obama will be our next 2-term president.

  3. You are completely out of your friggin' mind. If you think Obama isn't far left, your nuts. And which election did the Republicans lose 44 states? The Jim Crow south was a direct result of Democrat leadership. You're stupid if you think anyone buys that crap.

  4. "The Democratic Party learned that lesson twice in recent history, once with the purge of the Dixiecrats and again later with the antiwar leftists."

    When were the anti-war leftists purged? At that...when were ANY leftists purged from the party?

    The democrats after be waxed by Reagan, opened their doors to every leftwing moonbat who was sober enough to get through a door.

    I can remember when an endorsement from the communist party would have been rejected by a the communists are just another wing of the party.

    The democrats have gone so far away from the center that it's a long distance call to even reach Bill Clinton.

    Nowadays, liberals consider anyone who advocates responsibility and, limiting the nanny state as an "extremist".


    Mud_Nut calls the GOP a managerie of freaks? Meanwhile in HIS party of corruptocrats, he has clowns like BJ Bubba, Hitlery of the sniper fire I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, Klintoons, Jesse Jackson Sr and Jr, Maxine Waters, Nostrilus Waxman, Gaffes Biden, Obumbles, the First Wookie telling everyone what to eat while she stuffs her fat ass with ribs and pork rinds, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

    Wait, forgot Debbie Wasserman Schultz! ONE DUMB BIMBO!

    Hey Mud, pull the log outta yer eye and take a look around, YOUR PARTY SUCKS and Americans are growing to hate it more and more.

  6. AntiLib- you forgot your Rx today and possibly all week! Remember what your psychiatrist told you about taking your meds on regular basis!


  7. I've noticed that some of the Posse members here refer to me as Mud_PILE. That's interesting because I heard about a far-right wing group called the PLE today on NPR.

    PLE is PILE without the "I"

    The odd thing about this entire situation is that most of you, the Posse, are much closer to the ideals and thoughts of the PLE that I would ever be.

    Any of you a member?

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  9. Funny,

    We're "racists" for disagreeing with Obama's foolish ideals but, you surf stormfront?


  10. Mud- Pretentious Liberal Elitist works just as fine. If you want to define Liberal as a belief in the importance of equal rights, and liberty. Then you're right, Obama is not Liberal.

    TGP- I don't see how anyone else, but Romney will get the nod.

  11. Johnny,
    The thought of voting for Romney would make me feel "dirty".

    In the past I have stated that Romney would make a good president on a tv show but, I was wrong.

    He's a game show host. Youtube some old Hollywood squares and tell me the guy isn't trying to channel his inner Peter Marshall.

  12. Sepp,

    Don't be dirtying up Peter Marshall. That's a low blow, even if he is Canadian.

  13. Sepp- I learned my lesson in '08. I wrote-in my vote (WASTED). Whoever the nod goes to, you MUST vote for them. Do you really want to take a chance on another 4 years?

  14. Johnny,

    I would rather vote for Romney than have four more years of Obama, but I don't want anyone to know that. I'd really rather have a sore dick than have either one of them, but what can you do?

    Obama must go, or we (the whole country) are screwed. But if Romney is the next POYUS, we'll run the risk of electing another leftie in 2016. We can't afford a mediochre guy. We need to change course drastically, or we will muddle on like this for ten more years.

  15. My sincere apology to Mr Marshall.