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Monday, December 5, 2011

Toys for Tots


I have for the first time in my life begged for work.  I have four small children, and they are all expecting Santa to show up because, overall, they've been good.  I am probably gonna have to call in the Marines this year, as I have no means of providing Christmas this year.

When my dad was a youth, their Christmases were a new pair of shoes and $2 out of the Sears catalog.  All of my fairly well off life, I have thought dad and his siblings were poor.  This year, I think they had it made.  This year, I would be happy to have $2 per child.  I wonder what that would be, adjusted for inflation?  More than I should hope for, I guess.

My children like to make wishes, on birthday candles, and the Evening Star.  Without fail, they always wish daddy had a lot of money.  My Granny used to say, "if you wish in one hand and [spit] in the other, which one would fill up first?"  I get it, Granny.

To be completely honest, my kids aren't hurting for anything.  And they'll get gifts from Dad and his wife, and my baby brother wasn't as dumb as me and the other brother, so he didn't go into the construction business.  He's a teacher, so he's got lots of money.  But my middle brother is also broke.  And all that is really not the point.  It does something to a man's pride to not be able to buy Christmas for his kids.

I wonder how Sasha and Malia will make out under the tree this year?  I bet they do okay.  Especially since their daddy is a Muslim.  I bet Barak won't even buy their gifts himself.  What a f'ed up world we live in, huh?

Help the Marines save Christmas by donating at

To request toys for needy children:


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Mud,

    That is the last chance you get to post crap on this post. You either get in the Christmas spirit, or go away.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Johnny,

    Thanks. I deleted the personal info, so for everyone who's curious, Johnny is the best guy in the blogosphere.

  5. No problem brother. It's the least I can do. Just make sure you e-mail me. And for furture reference, you can leave the personal info, I don't hide from anyone.

  6. Tenth,
    Keep your chin up. You've got a lot to be thankful for, a great wife and 4 great kids. They are lucky that they have a great dad and husband. You all are rich beyond description. Things will get better. I am sure of it.

    No doubt the resident troll said something disgusting. It would have killed him to say something supportive but what else could we expect from a hateful old atheist liberal.

  7. Hardnox,

    Thanks. I wasn't really trying to complain, I was trying to drum up support for Toys for Tots. There are a lot of people way worse off than me and mine this year.

    Yeah, Mud only comments if he has something ugly to say. I guess I'm supposed to pray for him, but I don't have the stomach for it. Wouldn't that be a kick in the nuts if that turns out to be the thing that keeps me out of Heaven?

  8. Don't worry, Marines go straight to heaven.

  9. Tenth,

    God Bless you and yours. It's amazing isn't it that Marines try and save Christmas while Liberals (Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) are always trying to undermine it? Go figure. I love driving through the Heartland where you see Nativity scenes in public squares. They must have a deficit of Liberals.

    As for your prayers, people tend to focus far too much on the New Testament and the forgiving aspect of a merciful God. They forget that there is an Old Testament too where God's wrath is brought down on evil - Jesus never repudiated that part. He'll only put us with so much crap from the Mud_PILEs of the world.

  10. CS,

    I agree wholeheartedly with the Old Testament. I believe there is also something in Revelations that says Jesus will lead an army to destroy evil. I intend to be a soldier in that army.

  11. Never fear brother, one can be down but NEVER OUT as long as they keep fighting. I got out of the Corps back in the early 80's and was down to my last FOUR CENTS and living with my sis when I got hired by an airline company as a mechanic.

    Marines NEVER QUIT.

  12. Gunny,

    I'm nowhere close to quitting. I'm just laying out here in "No Man's Land" waiting for reinforcements. When the next wave comes over the wall, I'll be loaded and ready.

  13. TGP,

    Check this link out.

    Also, keep your eye on Alaska, we may be booming in the future once we throw all of the liberal vermin out of office.

  14. Plenty of reinforcements will arrive the day our Lord and Savior once again returns to earth with the mighty force of our God. Evil will be completely stamped out that day!We have to put up with the evil everyday in some form or another, but their annihilation is foretold and ultimate.