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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cabinets Secretaries should be leaders.

Cabinet members are important in the way administrations succeed or fail.  Barak Obama has recently invoked the "getting jobs for our veterans" line of BS to get votes.  I think he is full of shit, and will prove it.

Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of my lifetime, had a great cabinet.

Secretary of State (he had two):

     Alexander M. Haig, Jr.               veteran, US Army, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
     George P. Shultz                        veteran, USMC, WWII

Notice that Barak has not nominated a single veteran for a cabinet position.  I will concede that he did nominate one, General Shinsecki, as the Secretary of Veteran Affairs.  What a putz.  And look at the fine job these leaderless idiots are doing.  God, save us from stupid people.  Let us elect a real leader who knows how to put good people in charge.  Notice how Obama has not fired any of his cabinet.  What the fuck is he waiting on?  If they were doing this piss poor while working for me, I'd not only fire them, but I'd demand they re-imburse the people for the pay they had received.
 Barak Obama has had one:
      Hillary Clinton                            no military experience

Secretary of Treasury (Reagan had three):

Donald T. Regan                      veteran, USMC, WWII
James A. Baker 3rd                 veteran, USMC, 1952-1954
Nicholas F. Brady                    no military experience

Barak Obama has had one:

Timothy Geithner                 no military experience

Secretary of Defense (Reagan had two):

Caspar W. Weinberger             veteran, US Army, WWII
Frank C. Carlucci                     veteran, US Navy, 1952-1954

Barak Obama has had two:

Robert Gates                            veteran, US Air Force, 1967-1969 (appointed by George W. Bush)
Leon Panetta                            veteran, US Army, 1964-1966

Attorney General (Reagan had three):

William French Smith                veteran, US Navy, WWII
Edwin Meese                           veteran, US Army, 1953-1956, US Army Reserve til 1984
Richard L. Thornburgh             no military experience

Barak Obama has had one:

Eric Holder                              no military experience

Secretary of Interior (Reagan had three):

James G. Watt                   no military experience
William P. Clark                veteran, US Army
Donald P. Hodel                no military experience 

Barak Obama has had one:

Ken L. Salazar                  no military experience

Secretary of Agriculture (Reagan had two):

John R. Block                   veteran, US Army, (West Point '57) 1957-1961
Richard E. Lyng                veteran, US Army, WWII

Barak Obama has had one:

Tom J. Vilsack                  no military experience

Secretary of Commerce (Reagan had two):

Malcolm Baldridge            veteran, US Army, WWII
C. William Verity, Jr.         no military experience

Barak Obama has had one:

Gary Locke                       no military experience

Secretary of Labor (Reagan had three):

Raymond J. Donovan        no military experience
William E. Brock              veteran, US Navy, 1953-1956
Ann Dore McLaughlin      no military experience

Barak Obama has had one:

Hilda L. Solis                    no military experience

Secretary of Energy (Reagan had three):

James B. Edwards            veteran, US Maritime Service, US Naval Reserve, WWII
Donald P. Hodel               no military experience
John S. Herrington            no military experience

Barak Obama has had one:

Steven Chu                       no military experience


  1. Better yet, look at how many of O's appointees have experience in the private sector. He has set the record for lowest percentage, by a longshot.

  2. Tenth & Crawfish,
    I think it is 8% whereas historically private sector experience has been in the mid to high 50's. It explains plenty of why things are so screwed-up.

    The old saying of "those that can, do; and those that can't, teach" applies here. We have academics and theorticians trying to run things that have yet to run a paper route.


    Not to mention that this regime is infested with anti-American commies whereas Reagan's was staffed with anti-communist Americans.

  4. Great point, Hardnox. I'm disgusted by the whole bunch.

    Currently, Santorum is in the lead; anyone but Romney.

  5. Gunny,

    Thanks. I noticed the switch on communism, too. How did America get so lost from just a few short years ago? Communism is filth, and now Americans want to roll in it.

  6. Tenth,

    You have to at least consider that this selection business might not be entirely Obama's fault. What self respecting service member would hang around Obama? We couldn't run in the same social circles as Obama for fear of loosing our security clearances.