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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Game On!

I became a Rick Santorum supporter tonight.  His victory speech in Iowa was as good a public address as I have ever heard, and it was mostly off the cuff.

He has a plan to save this country, and I believe he can do it.  I hope Bachman, Perry and Paul will all drop out, and I hope Bachman and Perry will endorse Santorum.  I hope Newt will stay in long enough to call Romney a liar, and then endorse Santorum.

"Those big hands dug me freedom."

An excellent quote.  My father's father's hands built me freedom, my mother's father's hands fought for my freedom.  My father's hands fought for my freedom.  My hands both fought for and built my children's freedom.  I can totally relate to this Pennsylvania Yankee son of an immigrant.  He understands what America is.  And America is the greatest experiment in the history of man.  We are a shining city on a hill, and the whole world should know that.  They don't anymore, but if we can put this man in the White House, they will.

If you can afford to, get behind Rick Santorum with your wallet.  I can't afford to, but I am going to paint a sign to put up in my yard.  This is the guy we need to back, and we need to all get behind him right away, so he can begin to slam Obama instead of fighting that lying SOB Romney.



  1. Sorry that I don't share your optimism. For me Santorum remains a snoozer. Zero will wipe the floor with him.

    The last guy to win Iowa and then win the presidency was Jimmy Carter. That worked out well.

    I remain a Perry supporter but after listening to his speech last night it appears that he may be taking an exit. We will see.

  2. Hardnox,

    I disagree, and the last guy to win Iowa and go on to be President was GW Bush. Overall, I am still impressed with Bush. He wasn't perfect, but he was way better than the two asshats on either side of him.

  3. Tenth,
    I stand corrected. Agreed, GW was heads above those asshats.

    New Hamshire & Super Tuesday will seperate the wheat from the chaff. We'll see who is still standing.

    I was disappointed to learn that 40% of Iowans had not made a decision on who they were going to vote for until last night. I hope the rest of the primary voters are not that fickle when everything comes down to one speech. Pitiful.

  4. Hardnox,

    Unless you want Romney to be the nominee, we need to get behind Santorum. Perry is out. Bachman is out. Newt can't win and will be out after South Carolina. The only guy in the race worth supporting is Santorum, and he's a good conservative. He's the son of an immigrant, and he knows what America is supposed to be.

    We have to help him, or the nitwit press is gonna push Romney on us. I don't believe Romney is better than Obama, he's just different than Obama. We have to help Santorum, or we wind up losing again.

  5. Perry isn't out. Today he has said onwards to South Carolina.

    We cannot hang our hat on one speech from Santorum. Is he a good guy? The answer of course is yes. Can he beat zero? I doubt it. To me he comes across as a wimp. Maybe it is just me. I don't see any fire in him.

  6. Hardnox,

    I disagree, and here is a chance for CS to back up what he's been saying all along. We have a conservative candidate, and Perry is now just in the way. He's pulling the same stunt Fred Thompson pulled last time, spreading the conservative vote and letting the moderate get the nomination.

    If Perry truly wants to help America, he will drop out. If he doesn't drop out, it proves he's only in it for himself. Bachman did the right thing.

    Check out Santorum's website, and do the research. He is a good man, and a good conservative. And I think he knows how to put up a fight for what he wants. He did not come that close to winning on accident.

  7. Yesterday Rush said Newt was teeed off to a boiling point about the personal attack ads against him from the Romney camp.
    Rush went on to say there is a possibility Newt might stick around and actually forfeit the chance at nomination by launching a series of attack ads against Romney which would help Santorum over the top.
    I believe that would be a noble mission.