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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ET speaks on human behavior

Alan Colmes, the sleestak looking liberal of Fox News fame, said some pretty ugly things about Rick Santorum. Apparently the Santorums lost a baby a few years back, and their mode of grieving over their loss did not suit Mr. Skeletor.

I have the blessed ability to say that I don't know how I would deal with the loss of a child.  I hope I never have to find out.  But I do know that I would never say a child of mine was "just a fetus".  Disgusting.


  1. I just wanted to comment on the poll. I have stated before, that I do not like Perry's politics. BUT, you guys need to remember that McCain finished 4th in Iowa last year. I hope Governor Perry remembers it. That's all. ABO/2012......................................

  2. Johnny,

    I like Perry's politics, but him staying in now is just diluting the conservative votes, and we'll wind up with McCain lite (Romney) instead of someone who can actually get something done.

    I HATE (a strong word, but close) Romney. He is the Republican version of John Kerry, who is a complete scumbag.

  3. NEVER in the video was the word "fetus" even uttered. And bringing a dead baby home to play with your kids is normal and healthy? And lest not forget his views on "traditional marriage". You obviously don't share those views when it's inconvenient for you.

    "But I do know that I would never say a child of mine was "just a fetus"."

    - What would you call a fetus then? And I bet you have no idea how birth control works.

    You're a big 'ole liar and a hypocrite.

  4. First off douchbag, Santorum didn't bring a fetus home for his kids to "play with".

    He and his wife brought the baby home to show their children that the baby was a person who existed and, was a part of their family that they were all waiting for but, sadly didn't make it.
    It's a major blow to a close family when everyone is excited about a baby's arrival and, the baby doesent survive birth.

    My mother miscarried in her 8th month due to a car accident and it was an obvious blow to her. Especially when there was a baby's room all set up...ready and waiting for a baby to occupy it with a family knowing it was just days away.

    Even mentioning that kind of thing...let alone on national fucking a cheap political point just goes to show what kind of scumbags sit on the left.

    Alan Combs looks like a child molester. No wonder you pieces of shit on the left love him.

  5. Gents,

    This one is going to get nasty. That's just a preview of Campaign 2012. The socialists know that it isn't too late for us to save this country. This is as close as they've gotten and they are going to pull out all the stops.

    Alan Colmes is the very worst kind of human being - a liberal. They don't get any lower.

  6. Jeff,

    You sick nasty fuck. If what Alan Colmes did say was not disgusting to you it is because you are a piece of shit.

    I guess I know a little about birth control. I was 36 when my first child was born. The woman who had that baby was not born when I lost my virginity.

    As for Santorum's view on traditional marriage, I pretty much agree with him. Gays don't get to marry each other. "Gay rights" don't exist. We all have the same rights.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. That was a horrible display by Colmes. CS is spot-on. This will get real nasty. The left owns the franchise.

  9. I can only imagine what the alphabet jerkoff had to say that was vile enough to be deleted.

  10. The guy is a creepy stalker. I enabled moderation cause I don't want to hunt him down. If he continues to show up, I'm going to call a friend in the FBI and see what can be done about him. I think its Jeff, but he's gone even farther off the deep end.

  11. I deleted one of his idiotic posts earlier and he came back whining about censorship.

    As for being a stalker, the moonbat cave is full of a few of them.

    Then again, after reading some of Jeffio's recent posts, it's obvious that he has paranoia issues...which makes him a perfect fit with the other bipolar nutcases that flap around over there.

  12. Censorship? No shit! What an asshole.

    I get a steady stream of asshats at my place. The nuts post some ready vile drivel which is completely off topic and always personal attacks.

  13. TGP- My apologies for being late to the "Table". I too, disagree with Mr. Santorum's method of explaining to his kids that the baby was a person. I think that could have been done through conversation. But I have no problem with his views on the subject.

    As for Mr. Colmes, I did not hear the phrase "Just a fetus" either. But what I did notice, was his constant reference in regards to main-stream media. What is Main-stream media? Are we suppose to let it dictate how we act, and feel? Maybe Snooky should run for office. Who the hell says this shit?

  14. Johnny (and the weird ass alphabet stalker),

    I never implied that Colmes said "just a fetus". That is a philosophy of the pro-choice crowd. My children were human beings from the moment the cell split.

    I don't know how I feel about taking the baby home, but I would let my children see that child before the hospital took it away. Perhaps the Santorum's couldn't get all their children to the hospital. My children all went to the hospital as the others were born. So my children would have been there to see the baby before it died.

    I don't want to watch the video again, so I'm not sure what you mean by main stream media, but Colmes is an asshole, and his views of the world and human behavior are severely lacking.

    Snooky should run for office. She would win. And she probably wouldn't fuck shit up as bad as the "smart" people we have in office now.

  15. If you kill your pregnant wife, you'll be charged with 2 counts of murder.

    If you take her to an abortion clinic instead, you'll be charged with a $400 bill instead of one murder count.

    How is it murder on one hand but, "choice" on the other?

    Could you go into court and have one count dropped by offering to pay $400 while stating that you have the right to choose?

    Could you walz into court and say that your wife's death was attributed to your right to choose and, that HER death was the accidental result of terminating the is your right since we're all equal under the law?

    "No ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client did NOT shoot his wife six times in the stomach...he was shooting the not-yet-a-human cell cluster and, his wife merely died of a complication of that act!"

    Guilty of praticing medicine without a license!

    Under the liberal definition of a's really no different than a zit growing on your wife's ass, so taking a needle and sticking it is of no consequence...
    Unless she dies from an infection then, you're liable for her life AND that of the pimple!

    Liberals are self-loathing and self-destructive in everything they do.
    No liberal ideal is meant to satisfy just the liberals themselves, they're always designed to take everyone down with them.

    If I'm wrong on that, I'd love to know which liberal ideal out there raises people up in order to gain equality as opposed to bringing people down in trying to get it.

  16. TGP- I was quoting Colmes who seems obsessed, with Santorum being outside of Main Stream media perceptions, that's all. I concur. Colmes seems to be an asshole.

    When did you start moderating?

  17. Johnny,

    I started moderating because of the alphabet stalker. I'm hoping he'll go away, so I don't have to hunt him. He has said some bizarre shit that has me a little worried, for example, he said he's already been to my house. That's too creepy, but its his death wish.

  18. Tenth,
    Welcome to the moderation club. I get stuff like that all the time.

    It is terrible when a difference of opinion results in hateful threats and insults but sadly that is life in liberalville.

    More than likely it is an empty threat but caution is warranted. The libs are indeed nuts.

  19. Jan 7 1948

    Residents of Maysville and nearby towns report UFO sightings, and at 2:45 PM, the US Air National Guard investigates. Capt. Thomas Mantell radios that the craft is "metallic and tremendous in size". It may have been a weather balloon. At 3:18 PM Mantell's P-51 goes down, the first UFO related fatality.

    - Never been to your house. I thought you'd take that comment as seriously as I took your comment about a week at the beach. I have been to North Carolina, but only in the Research Triangle.

    - I think abortion is murder also. I think it is used mostly for birth control and that really sucks. However, many "conservatives" fight "liberals" against the use of more humane types of birth control. Let's face it, until people stop "doin' it", mankind needs some forms of birth control.

    - OK, you've got to give me one parting shot:

    Q: Why wasn't Jesus born in North Carolina?

    A: God couldn't find a 14 year old virgin or three wise men.

  20. I thought that's why he wasn't born on Cleveland.

  21. When a weirdo claims to have been stalking my house, I'd take it seriously too.

    I'd take it just as seriously posted online as I would if somebody called my house and said the same thing over the phone.

    Joking or, not, it's a good way to end up with a .357 parting your eyebrows while you're trying to convince the guy who's house you're casing with his family inside that you're "just kidding".
    I can assure you, he won't be kidding.

  22. It's too bad, Tenth, that you have had a 'stalker' on your site, but they are out there and, contrary to CS's inference that they are 'liberal,' they come in all areas of the political spectrum. I've had my share on my blog.

    That's one of the reasons that I switched to Wordpress because you can make a list of 'stalkers' or 'idiots' and keep them from posting their shit while keeping the blog open for others.

  23. Mud,

    I am upset that a nutjob has forced me to moderate. I have absolutely no fear for myself, but I have four children at my house who I would prefer don't have to watch me gut some wacko in the living room.

    I doubt the coward is for real, but I really can't take that chance.