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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I like Being Able to Fire People

Mitt Romney said that.  I'm going to surprise all of my readers and say, I agree with Willard.

I worked for a company in Greensboro, NC when I first got out of the Marine Corps.  I was hired as a security guard.  The company also ran janitorial services.  The business I worked at was an insurance company, staffed by mostly young women, this being in the early nineties when men still enjoyed manly work.  One of the young ladies came to me one evening and told me that one of the other security guards was creeping out the girls, making verbal advances as he walked them to their cars.  She said that some of the girls were starting to get scared he might take advantage of the fact that he was alone with them in a dark parking lot.

I went to the boss and told him I wanted to fire the guy, but he told me not to.  He said that firing him would cause his unemployment insurance to go up.  Bullshit.  You are charged with providing a secure and comfortable workplace, and the people you are securing are scared of you?  I fired the guy anyway.

Mittens said he liked being able to fire people that provided services to him, that if they weren't getting the job done, he wanted to be rid of them to allow someone else to give it a shot.  I absolutely agree, and I hate Willard.

Vote Santorum.  He's a real conservative.


  1. I don't think Romney was saying that he enjoys kicking people to the curb for fun as the media has been trying to spin it.

    He was saying that when you're running a business, the shitbags who need to see the door, should be shown the door.

  2. He was talking about being able to chose your own health insurance company. The quote was taken out of context. His point was that the people should select their insurance carriers, not the Federal Government.

    Although, before getting into politics, Romney was known as a "corporate raider". He would totally leverage a company buyout (means he borrow all the money), then sell it off piecemeal to make a profit. Many, many people lost their jobs due to corporate raiders and this style of takeover has lead to many of the corporate sins* of today.

    * You wrote about someone afraid to fire a jerk because the company's unemployment insurance might increase. This is the type of thing that happens when corporations are afraid of the raiders.

  3. Can you please change your monicker back to a human noise?

  4. I'm not a Mitt supporter, but he said nothing wrong here---the statement used against him was taking out of context. If he wins the nomination I will support him.

  5. Ron,

    I sooo hope he doesn't win the nomination. I have said publicly that I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fir, on my couch, so I would have to eat some humble pie to vote for him. That said, I ain't voting for Obama.

  6. Tenth,

    It's interesting that Bain Capital has some $66 Billion in assets under management yet everyone wants to talk about a few losers. Sports Authority? Staples? Office Depot? There are more:

    I like it that Santorum has appeared to stay above the fray and not made the kind of ignorant, anti-capitalist comments that some of the others have (to include my guy Perry).

    If we had turned GM and Chrysler over to Bain the market would have corrected the problem and it wouldn't have cost the tax payers a dime. The same is true for the housing crisis - government caused it - why did anyone think that government could fix it?

    You will recall that I warned you guys about Romney - don't worry - I won't say anything.

  7. CS,

    Romney is about to speak. The teleprompters are out. What? This guy is so in touch with conservatives that he's using a teleprompter?

    He was gonna use it in Iowa, but Santorum's off the cuff remarks embarrassed him into doing the same. I don't like him; I find him fake and condescending.

    I agree Santorum didn't accuse Romney of being a job killer like the others, and I agree with Romney that he should be allowed to fire anyone he wants, for any reason.

    I'm still pulling for Santorum in SC, I think Perry should quit, and so should Newt. Ron Paul is a freak, so he really shouldn't count. That leaves Huntsman, who I think is a clone of Obamney.

  8. Brother, we MAY have to eat a sh*t sandwich and vote for Romney simply to be AGAINST Obama. We must not lose sight of the fact that Obama HAS TO GO!

    I'd love to see a Santorum/Perry ticket.

    Paul needs to GFH somewhere and retire. I'm sick of the idiot.

  9. Paul came in second in NH. What the fuck is wrong with our country?

  10. Yep, Paul came in 2nd place and, he did that because unlike the rest of the field, Paul's principles arent bent up like an old pipe cleaner and, what he's saying is ringing a bell with people.
    His foreign policy is lacking but, his domestic policy is probably better than Santorum, Romney or, Gingrich's as a path to putting the country back on a sane financial path.

    My gut is telling me that the pace Obama has set for spending will be the new "official" pace.

    If so, we're screwed. There is no way possible to add 6 trillion in debt every 3-4 years and not have our currency eventually be worth less than the Peso.

  11. Sepp,

    If Paul wasn't absolutely nuts on foreign policy, I'd vote for him. But, he is out of his mind when he gets out of our borders.

  12. Tenth,

    The Gunny is right - we can still beat the drum for Santorum, Perry, or whomever - but we may very well have to live with Romney.

    The fact that Romney's positions have flopped over to our side of the political spectrum doesn't make him unreliable - it makes him smart.

  13. CS,

    An old boy named Bill said a rose by any other name blah, blah, blah. Romney is a turd, no matter how you slice him. Is he a better turd than Obama? Yeah, but so what.

  14. LoL...the lesser of two turds!

  15. TGP,

    Agreed that Romney sucks and once again, we're voting AGAINST someon and not FOR someone but again, our goal MUST BE to BOOT OBAMA. That is, as Ford says, "Job#1."

    If we have a conservative Congress and Senate that can drag Romney more to the right, good for us, if not, then he looks the fool BUT we cannot drag Lord Barry to the right by any means.

    PS: Want him to appoint another Kagan to the SCOTUS when that old hag lefty croaks?

    The lesser of two polished turds.