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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Robert E. Lee

On January 19th, 1807, Robert E. Lee entered the world, the son of General "Lighthorse Harry" Lee, one of George Washington's greatest assets.  He was raised as a Southern gentleman, and entered West Point in 1825.

Because of the history lessons of our liberal school teachers, most Americans misunderstand Robert E. Lee.  Most Americans don't realize how great a man he was.  Another thing most Americans don't realize is that Lee did not want to make war on the United States.  Had his own home state of Virginia not seceded, Lee would have been the only General that Abraham Lincoln needed to finish off the Civil War.  But because Lee could not fire on his fellow Virginians, Lincoln would go through seven Generals before finding a man who could whip Lee in his weakened state.

Some of Lee's tactics are still used today.  He was a brilliant tactician, but for his hesitance to attack the North. Had he followed up his early victories with an immediate invasion of the North, we might not have to tolerate such atrocities as federally mandated speed limits or seat belt laws.  But Lee only wanted the Northern Aggressors to leave his poor Virginia alone.


  1. Tenth,

    We still feel the same way in Virginia - "Hey Federal government - just leave us alone."

    I do think that all Americans and the entire World is better for there being a United States of America.

  2. CS,

    Agreed. I am glad Lee lost, for the sake of the great nation; but I am saddened at what was lost. I have numerous examples of the Federal Gummint making North Carolina screw me.

  3. Tenth,
    R.E. Lee has always been my hero.

    States rights died at the end of the "War of Yankee Aggression". We still have a chance to regain those rights but now that Gov. Perry has bowed out the chances have again diminished.

    Good post.

  4. Why do you always blame others for your shortcomings?

  5. Tenth,

    Alpha/Jeff/Gio/NWON strikes again. A comment whose meaning is known only to that tortured mind and twisted soul.

  6. No question Lee was by far the best, most qualified general in the Civil War Era. Lincoln wanted him but, he chose his loyalty to Virginia. I've always found the story quite interesting about how his (wife's) estate was confiscated by the Union Army an eventually became Arlington Cemetery. Not to mention her being he granddaughter of Martha Washington. Interesting stuff.

  7. Tenth,
    I hope you skip Sherman and Grant.

  8. No plans to discuss any Yankees. If you fougt for Lincoln, you're off my list of heroes.

  9. TGP- Is that really fair, considering that soldiers are expected to follow orders.

    Thanks for the post, it gave me a great idea for a post. Not to mention it was very good, even if I am from the North. I am not a Yankee though, I am a WHITE SOCK....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

  10. Tenth,

    One of the Southern Generals who doesn't get much attention was Major General Patrick R. Cleburne (CSA) nicknamed "The Stonewall of the West." Had his life not been thrown away by a frontal attack at the Battle of Franklin (a larger charge than Pickett's at Gettysburg) he might have been more famous.

  11. Johnny,

    In the American military soldiers (sailors, airmen, coasties, and Marines) are only required to follow legal orders and they are taught the difference.

  12. "Why do you always blame others for your shortcomings?"

    We'd blame the rich, the oil companies, Bush, Reagan, white people, "the system", racism, racists, republicans, conservatives, values, common sense, logic, the laws, the police, slavery, economic injustice, social justice, injustice, the hall of justice, the superfriends etc for our shortcommings but, liberals seemed to have beaten us all to them.

    People with tourettes syndrome are known for just blurting out odd things at random but, the Alpha-bat poster has lead us to a new strain of the disease where the oddball blurting is typed out as opposed to randomly shouted.