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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who Is This American Warrior?

Hat tip to Paladin for leading me to this. Definitely an "Ooh-Rah" moment.

Who Is This American Warrior?


  1. Tenth,

    The actual 1% that keep the Nation safe and free.



  4. Who is this idiot Anonymous? He's got a lot of nerve accusing someone else of having a low IQ.

  5. Anon,

    Actually idiot, LIBERALS are dumber and less generous than Conservatives so suck it. Not to mention that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, so says a Shrink!


    Currently reading the book on Washington AND got "Being GW" on Kindle for when I travel.

    BTW, if Obumfvck opens up drilling in the Gulf to try and win votes AND hook up Soros, you might check the jobs situation.

  6. A liberal moonbat who conducts a "study" to verify (read justify)his own moonbattish beliefs...big surprise there.

    I'm sure it would be easy enough to take the ramblings and, insanity as penned by the Alpha-bat poster and, his cohorts over at the batcave to "prove" that they all seem to think in a fantasy-based self-created dreamworld as opposed to reality...IE delusional.

    It must be nice to see reality, common sense and logic and decide you don't like them and create a little dreamworld to live in while pretending to be immune from the rest of it.

    Like I said before, the ONLY difference between liberals and the nuts in the nuthouse is that liberals are still on the OUTSIDE of the fence and, just a butterfly net away from their own little utopia.