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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Mud and Jeff


  1. I'm not an atheist, but not the Christian by the requirements imposed by Evangelicals today. I was born right the first time. You really annoy me at times and I occasionally wonder if you pass untruths on purpose, But I still insist on acting like a christian in the way of helping out my fellow man, no matter how much he pisses me off. I have to respect a man who looks out for his family; it doesn't hurt you did the American thing and contributed to our military defense. I know too many guys that spend their days at the bottom of a bottle or/and smoking crap.

    HEALTH INSURANCE: There is available today health insurance coverage, at a low cost*, that covers catastrophic illness and injury. You pay the first amounts out of pocket, usually around $3,500 per year. If by bad fortune, someone in your family breaks a bone, falls down stairs or some other injury that kids seem to get, the health insurance coverage will kick in when the costs exceed the "out-of-pocket" limit for the year. Sometimes if you don't have all the money, they will only apply the co-pay to your deductible and bill the rest to the insurance company. Even your co-pays are usually covered if you exceed the deductible.


    1. Your family has a normal year of health expenses and you only pay the insurance premiums and maybe $900 in out-of-pocket expenses. Great,a year of good health for your family.

    2. Every thing is going great until the second youngest swallows some poison. Time is of the essence and the emergency room wastes no time and you say damn the expense, it's my child. The bill comes to $6,000. You pay only what's left of the $3,500 that hasn't been used so far.

    3. Your wife if carrying groceries into the house and slips on the stairs, She breaks a hip and is hospitalized for two weeks. Not wot worry, you health coverage will cover all her expenses and the doctor will not hold back on needed tests because he knows you insurance company will pay for the best care for the mother of you children. After she returns home, she is entitled to follow up care because she's covered by the family health coverage. And all the while you and kids remain covered.

    I guess you have to measure how much peace of mind is worth to you. And you don't have to hit the relatives up for cash because the money you make continues to be used to support all of the family. And if it ever came down to a Court deciding if you could care for your kids, family health coverage will go a long way in your favor.

    * Some people are charged an exuberant cost and the Affordable Health Care Act would help them with the cost.

    OK, I'm done and you can go back to insulting me.

    1. What does your comment have to do with the posted video?

    2. Somebody hasn't been paying attention.

  2. As Tenth has posted several comments on my blog in the past 48 hours, I will return the favor.

    Hardnox asks innocently about sticking to the topic- as if those who spend time on blogs actually do that. Funny stuff, Hardnox, but then most of your 'stuff' makes me smile.

    Tenth- I know that it takes some time for you to understand things, but could you do me a favor? Please look up the following two words and tell me how they are different:



    I'll check back later to see if you finally understand the difference.

    Oh, and by the way, did you remember our last lesson about the authors of the New Testament?

    I'll check on that later as well.

  3. Surprise, surprise. Both Mud and Jeff show up within minutes of me posting this.

    I might buy into your agnostic claims, Mud, if you had ever issued anything like good wishes for your fellow man. Remember Hurricane Irene, and your dismay that it caused the postponement of the MLK Memorial? Not a single wish of good luck to any of us in harms way. Yeah, you are an agnostic.

    1. Did you know that many people are ineligible for Medicaid? Did you know that the hospital is only legally required to stabilize the patient? Did you know that a hospital has no time constraints to treat a patient? If the person is not in the process of dying, they can be turned away. Did you know that when enacted, The Affordable Health Care Act will lower the cost of Medicaid? Do you really want your kids to suffer through something awful if medicine is available? What if YOU lose work days (and $$) because you're home sick with something treatable?

      I could go on, but I hope you're beginning to understand. Oh, by the way, have you noticed the biggest foes of universal health care already have health care and aren't about to lose it if they lose their job?

    2. Jeffrey,

      I do not have healthcare coverage for my wife and children. And I am opposed to the "Affordable" healthcare act. Who says its affordable? And why would you even consider believing that it would provide health coverage to everyone? Even Obama admits it leaves about 15 million people uncovered.

  4. Jeff,

    How are you helping your fellow man?

    As for the information on health insurance, what's your point? In any of your scenarios, after receiving emergency care at the emergency room, a citizen (or illegal alien) can apply for Medicaid. Depending on the cost of the care already received, and the possibility or necessity of follow up care, Medicaid is issued.

    Then the doctors and hospitals get the opportunity to rip off the taxpayer by overcharging for their services.

    1. Medicaid coverage varies by state, it is not Federally administered. And because of state budget reductions, they are starting to offer less and less coverage.

  5. you still don't know.

    QUIZ: What was the relationship of the authors of the 4 gospels to Jesus? [20 words of less]

  6. Steve Martin kicks some ass with a banjo. Check out he and Earl Scruggs doing foggy mountain breakdown sometime.

    1. Sepp,

      I was checking out Steve Martin's banjo playing when I found this clip. He also can play the guitar pretty well.

  7. You know Mud_PILE,

    We have been over this before - you have no way to prove your lack of faith and for us there is indeed a leap of faith to believe as we do.

    You can't prove we are wrong because you can't prove a negative. You are out of luck. Come back to us when you find evidence of The Big Bang, the Missing Link, Global Warming (aka Climate Change), or Liberal Success Stories.

    You are just going to have to live with the case that we have fewer flaky beliefs than you do.

  8. Flaky beliefs? Liberals?

    I never heard that!

    Next thing you're going to tell me is that there are folks who believe the end of the world is comming because since 1888 when daily average temps were first recorded with primitive instrements, the data is showing a 1 degree increase overall tempretures?
    And, the ONLY way to prevent the end purchase carbon credits from Al Gore's CCX company?
    Nahhhh, nobody is that stupid!

  9. ...I guess Tenth is still doing his research. That's OK, take your time...

    1. I'm actually ignoring you, Mud. I'm not sure I understand your question. What is the relationship between Jesus, and the authors of the four Gospels? They were all Jews? They are all men? What exactly is your question?

  10. My question is whether the writers of the 4 gospels knew Jesus, walked and ate with him. Or were they using material that others had said or written about him?

    I thought I already gave you that lesson months ago.

    By the way, you should not be surprised that I visited this thread; after all, you addressed me in the title.

    I notice how CS has to butt in to our conversation. Does he think you can't handle it without his input?

    I'd like to discuss with you, if you care to, how you and I live out the words of Jesus. Would you be up to that??

    1. Knock yourself out, Mud. I already know you fall way short in living out the words of Jesus. Your complete lack of compassion for your fellow man during Hurricane Irene is all the discussion I need from you on that subject, but let's see what you got. I'm sure it will be hilarious.

      My personal opinion is that the original Gospels were written by men who broke bread with Jesus Christ. What is your opinion?

  11. Mud_PILE,

    What happen to the brave "lone wolf" (your description of yourself) venturing into the fray?

    For those that you can't shout down you want to cause them to self censure?

    What are you afraid of? Pathetic.

  12. I'll ignore Mr. Butt-in.

    Tenth- you seem to be nervous about comparing my life and yours in following the teachings of Jesus.

    You are trying to slip out of such a comparison.

    I can understand why. It is clear to me that you would fall very short in the comparison.

    So goes The Few, the Proud....
    The Marines!

  13. Mud,

    You fucking stupid pile of shit. What part of any comment I have ever made to you makes you think I am nervous? I said bring it on, pussy. What have you got?

    Judging by your latest idiotic remark, you got nothing.

    Please, tell me how great thou art. Please, tell me your little inside joke on the four Gospels. Please, tell me anything, you mud slinging, non-debating pile of shit.

  14. Mud_PILE,

    Please note that Tenth needs no assistance from me as demonstrated above. (Ditto by the way Tenth)

    You have no game - you are attempting here to recreate an argument that we had over on Johnny's blog - you might recall - you walked away.

    The result will be the same here. You're just misdirection and distraction.

  15. I'll once again ignore Mr. Butt-in.

    So sad, Tenth, that you cannot accept a challenge. You are all bluff, no balls. But then, I've always known that.

    Let me set this stage for you. YOU are the one who continues to call me an 'atheist.' YOU are the one who chides me about religion. YOU are the one who posted this thread with MY name in it. YOU are the one who claims to be a Christian.

    Stop denying your guilt. Be a man and accept what you have done. Adolescents do that. Haven't you moved past that stage of development?

    I don't think so.

    The Few, the Proud....
    The Marines!

  16. Mud,

    You answer the fucking question, pussy. I told you to bring it on, and you are the pussy ass liberal douche drinker that refuses to continue the conversation. Talk about adolescent. You are a fucking prick.

  17. Mud_PILE,

    Tenth is right - trying to get you to discuss something intelligently is like trying to nail jello to the wall.

    You don't want to discuss issues - you are just wasting our time.

  18. For the nth time, I'll ignore the butt-in toady who tries to help defend the clueless wonder.

    Tenth- is your use of vulgarity and denigration your 'best' effort in this 'I'm a better Christian than you' debate? Way too funny, pal.

    Maybe that's all you've got.

    I think so. All blather, no balls.

    You seem to be stuck in adolescence. Oh, your body matured [we all do] but your emotional development seems to have been truncated somewhere in late adolescence. You prove that to me in every encounter we have on this blog.

    Just look at the progression of comments you made to me on this thread. Each one becomes progressively more viral until you reach the expletive stage demonstrated above.

    Most fully-functioning males left that ugly stage back in their early 20's, yet some men are trapped [seemingly forever] in that hostile, angry parent-child stage. Mental health therapists can help.

    OK, lets give the 'Christian' topic a go. How about a series of statements attributed to Jesus.

    Is this easy enough for you?

    Remember: the goal here is to see if you or I am the better adherent of the lesson espoused by the man called Jesus of Nazareth. After all, I am the agnostic and you are the self-proclaimed Christian.

    Here goes:

    #1 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.
    — John 13:34-35

    You may know that the Jews of that time were quite tribal as were most of the people in that region. After all, for the past 1000 years each tribe fought other tribes for control of their piece of land. The Torah is filled with these 'conquests.'

    As a result, there was much hate for 'the other.' This hate, this prejudice was taught to each new generation, passed down from grandfather to grandson and beyond. It still goes on today as we see in the Israeli-Palestinian problems festering yet in the 21st century BCE.

    Jesus, we are told, wished for his followers to step over the tired, old hate boundaries that were erected by the old generations.

    In John 4:4-26, we are told that Jesus decided to redirect his route from Galilee in the north to Judea in the south, to specifically to pass through Samaria. Most Jews take an easterly route so as not to pass through Samaria. Yet Jesus chose to walk in the land of the 'foreigners.'

    That's also why he talked with the Samaritan woman at the well. Men were not supposed to speak to women whom they did not know. And Jews never wished to talk with Samaritans, their old enemies.

    So Jesus broke two traditional taboos in one encounter.

    Have you, Tenth, broken any 'traditional taboos' in your life? Further, have you or do you intend to pass along these broken taboos to your children?

    My wife and I have on many occasions. Have you ever entertained a Muslim in your home? Or a Hindu? A Buddhist? A Jew? Have you ever been asked to the home of one of these religious expressions? I have.

    Have you ever invited an Asian family to your home? A black family? Did you take your family to their home, too? We did.

    Have you ever ever invited people from a homeless shelter to Thanksgiving dinner at your home? We have.

    Have you reached out to a refugee family who fled their homeland because they were targets of ethnic cleansing? Did you sit in their house and teach them how to use a toilet? To use a refrigerator and stove? To speak English? To take a bus? To take then to the doctors to get de-wormed? To defend them from the taunt of their neighbors? We have.

    What have YOU done, Tenth, to model Jesus at the Samaritan well?

  19. Mud_PILE,

    Mr. Butt-in here. I don't believe you did any of that for a New York minute. If you did - bragging about it is beneath contempt.

    That is the Liberal (Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, whatever) in you. Did you somehow get extra points when you had a person who had more melanin is his (or her) skin into your house? Why would that be? We conservatives don't view the world in those tones - we just see people. Do you have a "Black Friend" too? Most Liberals do. My how idiotic your approach to life is. You're a racist.

    Cherry Picking verses out of the Bible won't get you anywhere. In general Jesus was talking to the community of his followers for the most part. He never invalidated the teaching of his Father who directed in Deuteronomy 20:16-18

    "16 However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the LORD your God has commanded you. 18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the LORD your God."

    We as Christians are to take the high road first - but if someone is willfully evil - like you for example - there are passages that probably fit you well that indicate we should drag you out of the city and stone you to death. What are you anyway a Hittite or an Amorite? Just curious.

    You are mixing apples and oranges - but of course you know that. I'm just finishing up Deuteronomy - there's some great stuff in it. Read the whole thing.

    Sorry Tenth - I couldn't help myself - he's such a piece of crap I couldn't keep still.

    1. Don't apologize to me. I don't moderate so that the flow of the conversation won't be interrupted. As for being "Mr. Butt-In", this is my blog, and you have an open invitation here. Mud is the one who butts in where he isn't welcome.

    2. Tenth,

      Mud_PILE is a piece of work. LOL.

    3. Apparently he's taking President's Day off. Or do you think, as is his custom, he has fled in the face of defeat?

    4. Tenth,

      As in every other "debate" that I've seen him on, there comes a time that even Mud_PILE realizes that he looks stupid. Then as you point out - he goes away only to return another day with something irrelevant.

      He trotted this exact same subject out over on Johnny's blog. Mud_PILE is a one trick pony.

  20. Mud,

    After a week of pussy footing around, intentionally antagonizing me (not very Jesus like), you have finally attempted to discuss an issue.

    I have helped the homeless, on many occasions, offering lodging and food. Right now, a young homeless man is living in a camper trailer on my property, rent free. He also pays nothing for the electricity he uses.

    When I was seven, we (my family, does that count?) housed a Vietnamese refugee. You probably don't consider that helping someone who's a target of ethnic cleansing, however, had he remained in Vietnam, he would have been killed.

    I had a black man and his wife (who unfortunately is white) and their two children over for dinner about a week ago. I say unfortunately, because you won't count her towards my credit of "black friends", cause you're a piece of shit. Do you consider me a vile racist because I served fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and cornbread?

    The last Muslim I spoke with was about twenty minutes ago. A young man and his brother, from Yemen, operate my local "country" store. We discuss religion almost every time I go in the store, which is at least three times a week, if not every day. Here's a little fuck you for you Mud: I sold them a rabbit, which I prayed over, and killed in the Muslim tradition. They want me to butcher a goat for them. Apparently they are too squeamish to do it themselves, but have no problem with an infidel like me doing it for them. Actually, they don't consider me an infidel, as I am a follower of "the Book."

    I have a cousin who married a Jew, and converted. I don't speak with them as often as I would like - time and distance separate us - not ideologies. Her husband sang Jewish songs for the dying when my Grandma was dying. I'll love him forever for that.

    I have another cousin who dates black men. I don't ridicule her for it at all. In fact, I told her father that I'd rather she date a good black man than a sorry pile of shit white man. He agreed with me, racist piece of shit that I'm sure you'd consider him to be.

    I'm afraid you got me on the Thanksgiving with the homeless. Usually, we invite one or more young Marines over for Thanksgiving. Do I get any credit for that?

    In short, Mud, I guess you'll have to keep trying if you want to "out-Christian" me.

  21. In short, Mud, I guess you'll have to keep trying if you want to "out-Christian" me.

    No not at all. I wanted you to see that one does not have to fall on one's knees or be re-born to live out the teachings of Jesus.

    Did I give you enough examples, Tenth? Enough examples of how humans can act and interact without having to claim some sort of religious title?

    That an agnostic is just as worthy of a Christian? That adherence to some dusty old Jewish travelogue doesn't make the adherer more genuine in the eyes of God and his fellow man?

    So the next time, Tenth, that you call me out on my agnosticism, just remember that one's 'title' has nothing to do with one's humanity.

  22. So, you are now MONITORING COMMENTS?

  23. Mud,

    I only moderate comments on posts that are more than five days old. I do this so I won't miss comments left a few days after the conversation has moved on.

    Don't get your panties in a wad.

    As to calling you out on your agnosticism, I called you out on your atheism, which you said yourself on one of your posts.

    I have no problem with agnosticism; I spent most of my life as one, although I referred to myself as a devout agnostic. In fact, I don't recall calling myself a Christian, born again or not. I believe that's one you have ASSumed.

  24. What's the title of this thread and the linked title of the song???

  25. Mud,

    The title of the thread is "For Mud and Jeff"

    The link to the song is:

  26. Mud_PILE,

    What a load of crap. Someone who believes in the same political system as Stalin and Mao doesn't conduct himself in private like Jesus and Gandhi.

    You are a fraud.