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Friday, August 12, 2011

Consumer Sentiment Down Due to BECS

In an another "unexpected" development, consumer sentiment dropped to its lowest level since May of 1980.  If you can remember back that far, Jimmy Carter was the BECS in charge then.  No one could have imagined Mr. Carter being replaced as the worst POTUS ever, but we have now come that far.

An interesting statistic of the recent consumer sentiment poll:
The Obama administration received poor ratings from 61 percent of respondents, the worst showing among all prior heads of state.
That says all prior heads of state.  I hope all the liberal eggheads who are still screaming "Yes we can" hear that stat loud and clear:  Your guy is the worst President in the history of our great nation.

As things continue to spiral downward, we are noticing a lot of Obama's stoutest supporters jumping ship.  Just the other day, over on the "Man With the Muckrake" site, all of the liberal nuts that hang out there were abusing their idol.  Very liberating, isn't it fellas?   Democrats everywhere are switching parties, either abandoning the Dems to become independents, or actually joining the other party.  I find it funny as hell.

The following excerpts are from a Fox story on this subject.  Notice the welcome received by the liberal who has seen the light.  We are good people on the right, and we will take care of those who are genuinely grateful for our help.  So come on over to the right side, and lets save America from this BECS.

bigdemocrat  1 hour ago
As a former Democrat and a newly crowned Libertarian my family is spending less each month on groceries, clothes, gasoline, and many other items. For the month of September our goal is to spend less than 10 dollars a week. We are trying to build up cash savings(not in a bank) for when the economy and the government crashes. When the riots start we will be ready.

  • got guns and ammo? look at england!

  • I hope you are also stocking up on food and other necessities. In some scenarios your cash might not be what you need. It is great to have tools and the skills to use them so that you can take care of yourself, help your neighbors and barter for things you need. It can be fun for families to learn how to make things and repair things together. It is surprising to discover how many people don't know how to do anything themselves, even cook.

  • yea and a garden!  a few chickens is easy too!

    I build chicken coops, rabbit hutches, hog pens, barns.  Check out my website at


    1. That "BECS" handle is very fitting.

    2. Yeah, Clyde came up with it, and I told him I was gonna use it. He wants it spread around, so feel free to adopt it in reference.

    3. Your guy is the worst President in the history of our great nation.

      Prove it. Or is it just another bone-headed idea that some professional propagandist drilled into your head? I'll bet you don't know much about most of our former presidents. But then, why would you? You never need any 'proof' for most of the moronic things you say.

    4. mud,
      How long of a list do you need? You strike me as a reasonably smart guy but you are stuck on supporting a failed presidency. I assume that you would probably have rejoiced at the extra space on the Titanic when the other passengers had already left.

      Let me turn the tables on you for a moment by asking you to list Obama's accomplishments. Blaming Bush won't work anymore.

    5. Mud,

      What the hell do you mean, "Prove it."

      You prove the BECS isn't the worst. YOU put up something that he has accomplished. YOU mention one little fact you sorry piece of shit. I am tired of you whining without using facts and logic to support your claims that we're "all adolescent." You sound just like your idol, Oblowme, "Its all Bush's fault." Grow up you old fart.

    6. Prove it?

      He's got you there TGP!

      You'll never find any evidence that Obama is doing a crappy job!

      Of course if you look at it from the liberal's point of view, 9.5% unemployment, credit downgrades, worthless money, record numbers of people on welfare, increased government meddling in our lives and, bankrupting the nation...
      is a pretty good start on America's downfall.

      People who hate America seem to love Obama and, his work so far has been impressive to them.

    7. I just put Mud in the spam folder. If he wants to post here, he'll have to use facts and logic, or I won't publish his whines.

    8. You have to admit that his demanding "proof" of Obama's ineptness is pretty damned funny!

      He must actually live in a bubble.

    9. I think he's got bubbles in his bloodstream. I've had it with him.

    10. 10th - I can't say that I'm going to miss Mud_Sling. He never actually added anything.

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. You don't ask questions, you just sling mud. Now you want to call me a wussy. Post your address or shut up.

    13. You're a wussy?
      I'll have to ask why and by who's standard? if I couldn't guess already