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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IQ Test for Liberals

That's how I read it, anyway.


  1. Whenever I see an Obama sticker on a car bumper...I catch up to them to see the face of the ignorant for myself.

    The "Obama sticker" has replaced the sideshow barker as the advertiser of insanity personified.

    It no longer says "Geek that bites the heads from live animals" says "self-sacrificing moron who is blindly voting for the death of his own culture and willing to take you all down with him".

    As a person who has seen ethnic cleansing in action...I would wager that political cleansing will be much uglier and well warranted.

    Pushing leftists into their own enclaves to live under their own rules will be an epic failure thats fun to watch self-destruct under it's own power.

  2. To clarify my above statement about pushing leftists into their own enclaves...I'm NOT saying by use of violent means but instead enticing them to simply create their own enclave in say California under which they can by sheer numbers create a model nanny state that is founded by...paid for out of their own pockets...and governed under their own ideals without the hassle of the right wing's voice and without the money of the right wing being used to fund it.

    I'd give it a month before they all came back flat broke and bitching about the insane taxes and the leaches that siphoned their idea dry.

  3. Pitiful nonsense still alive and well on this blog

  4. Nonsense muddy? Didn't you pen a piece a few years back about creating "Liberal land" for you and your fellow leftists?
    I was simply agreeing with you that the experiment would be fun to watch...except for the fact that it already exists in California and isn't working out too well.

  5. TGP,

    LOVE IT!

    Hey Muddy, NOWHERE has your socialist utopia worked but keep interjecting emotions and fantasies where facts would work better. After all, THAT is what you lamebrain libtards do so well.

  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......Pretty funny T

  7. Might the blame be you.