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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

My oldest child is wearing a shirt that says "I Love Horses".  I asked her if she loves horses, and she said, "Well, not exactly, since I never met one."  I guess I need to take her to a horsebarn.

She gave me a lighter she found somewhere.  It doesn't work, the flint is gone.  But it has a built in bottle opener that I assume works just fine, so I will probably keep it forever.  Kids are so awesome.  She knows I'm a tool nut, and she knows a lighter is a tool, so she picks up this thing she doesn't really understand cause she knows daddy will like it. 

Daddy loves it.

But I'm still gonna shoot the first boy that comes around.


  1. The problem with shooting the first boy who comes around -- and believe me, I know how tempting that is -- is that after he's gone, there'll just be another guy.

    And then, ultimately, you run out of ammo.