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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lewis Burwell Puller

If you are a Marine, you already know that today is Chesty's birthday.  For those of you who only dreamed of being a Marine, today may not mean much to you, but we hold today close to our hearts.

In Boot Camp, all Marine recruits end their day with "Good night, Chesty, wherever you are."  We are taught right from the beginning that Chesty Puller is the Second Greatest Marine of All Time.  The only Marine greater than Chesty, is the Marine who looks back at you when you are shaving.

All Marines are taught to think of themselves as the most fearful enemy a hater of this nation will ever meet.  For a great interpretation of this, check out Brian Kieth's (a real Marine) portrayal in "Mountain Men" with Charleton Heston.  As the two men arrive at Rendezvous, Kieth begins a tirade to introduce himself as "half mountain lion, half alligator, with a touch of grizzly bear and rattlesnake thrown in.  The fightinest, fuckinest, [Marine] you'll ever cross paths with."  He simply recalled the things his DI taught him in order to perform that scene.

But, the truth is, we all revere Chesty Puller.  We all KNOW he is the greatest Marine of all time.  But we are required, when casting official ballots, to vote for ourselves.

For you non hackers:

Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller was awarde the Navy Cross, the nation's second highets award for valor, FIVE frigging times.  It is entirely possible that he had the biggest balls of any human being in the history of human beings.  With the possible exception of George Washington, more people owe their freedom to this man than to any other in history.

Happy Birthday, Chesty, wherever you are!


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  2. My first sgt outta boot and in my service school had served with Chesty and he was one mean hardcore SOB. We were trained hard, and when we played hard, he merely collected what was required to repair the bar, and sent us on our way!

    They don't make em like that anymore.

  3. If the bar hadn't "collected" in advance, y'all weren't drinking enough. Semper Fi, Gunny.

  4. Pol Pot was viewed by some as a hero too.

    1. Just what exactly do you mean by that? You are a fucking asshole, Jeff. Comparing PolPot to Chesty Puller? Fuck you.