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Monday, March 22, 2010

What Are They Smoking?

Last night I watched Nancy Pelosi deliver a delirious tirade about the wonders of healthcare reform. She used the fine examples of social security and medi-care to compare the historical impact of what they(the liberal socialist party) were about to impose on the good people of America. I want to point out to the liberals that the historical impact of those two socialist programs is the insolvency of our treasury.

It is baffling to me that anyone with a high school education could possibly believe the crap we are being handed on healthcare reform. It is impossible to reduce the deficit as long as we continue deficit spending. As an unemployed house builder, I am offended at the Administration's sense of priority. Healthcare reform, in Pelosi's own words, is something they've been working on for almost a hundred years. People in this country are starving due to unbelievable unemployment rates, and Obama and crowd are worried about healthcare. And they continue to lie to us about recovery due to the stimulus bill. I live in the bottom of the unemployment stats, I don't even qualify for benefits and am therefore not even counted as unemployed and I am not buying this recovery nonsense. The government lied to us about being in a recession for six months, and they are lying to us now about being in a recovery. If Obama and Pelosi don't start doing something to produce some jobs in this country, they may need to worry about their own healthcare.

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