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Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's not offend anyone

In the wake of the Tuscon shooting, it seems the most interesting piece of news is that no one did anything. This Loughner kid has obviously been having problems getting both his oars wet, but no one has done anything to help him or the innocent would be (now are) victims. I am reminded of all the idiots out there that are saying we can't "profile" because we might infringe on someones rights. We now have six more martyrs to the cause of our own stupidity.

I saw Bill Maher on Jay Leno the other night, and I couldn't find my remote to change the channel, so I listened to the pompous asshole tell me that when liberals use war and gun analogies, no one really pays attention, but when someone like Sarah Palin says "bullseye," her followers are already locked and loaded. I would challenge Mr. Maher to tell me about an assassination conducted by a conservative. I can't think of any. Mr. Maher seems to think that conservative people are crazy to think that if they were allowed to carry a gun, people like Loughner wouldn't cause so much trouble. Maher said that you have to have years of training to be able to handle a situation like that. I have had years of training, but the young man who assisted in tackling Jared Loughner hadn't, as far as I know, had any formal training. He didn't even pull his pistol, because he said that Loughner's pistol was locked to the rear, (that means out of bullets, Mr. Maher). Instead of pulling his gun and shooting the guy who had the pistol, he attempted to disarm him. Turned out that the guy with Loughners pistol at the time wasn't Loughner. I'm not certain that a lawman with years of training would have done the same. Remember the guys out on a batchelor party that hit the under cover cop car? They fired over fifty rounds into that car, without getting any return fire. So maybe the untrained citizen saved more lives than the cops would have. Jay's next guess was Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, who sat next to Maher and gave God all the credit for his success. That was worth watching.

I have to say that until recently, I was sure that the sherriff of Onslow County, North Carolina was the dumbest sherriff in the US of A. I still think so, but Sherriff Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona, is really closing fast. I am appalled that there were no law enforcement officers at the congresswomans rally. At the very least, I would have expected some off duty policemen in the crowd because of their interest in this country's survival, but I would also expect that the congresswoman would have required a permit to hold her event. I would think that the person in charge of issuing said permit would have said, "Sherriff, Congresswoman Giffords is having a thing down at the Safeway, we better get a couple guys there for crowd control and traffic, don't you think?" Maybe that scenario played out, but Dupnik said, "We can't spare the men cause of the border situation." But I sort of doubt it.

If I had been at the rally, I would have noticed that there was something not right with Jared Loughner. Maybe the only thing I would have done about it would be push my baby stroller away from the nut, but I would have noticed he wasn't all there. Had a trained law enforcement officer been there, maybe he would have noticed Loughner, and maybe he would have approached him with his hand on the butt of his pistol. And as is almost always the case, Loughner would have given himself away and not have gotten off 31 shots. But there wasn't even a lawman around, by accident or design.

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  1. Well said. The "Wild West" wasn't really very wild because everyone was armed. An armed citizenry is a free one.