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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whats wrong with our aim?

Yesterday, Barak Obama grew a set of testicles. However, he's about 30 days too late. Trying to create a no fly zone over Libya would only work before Qadafi killed all the rebels. Because of his delayed reaction, Obama and his crowd will be forced to send in ground troops to help overthrow the Mouth of the Mediterranean. Qadafi's forces have ruined the uprising, and won't need their airpower to finish off the rag-tag bunch of freedom fighters left.

On another note, Obama says we aren't aiming for Qadafi. Is he a complete dipshit? "Nothing has a more detrimental effect on a fighting force than the death of their leader." That's a quote from one of the most highly decorated Marines since WWII. A Marine who has seen more than one force get demoralized, up close and personal. Unlike most of the men now in charge of advising our President, he has seen the enemy and survived. I think he knows what he's talking about. If we are dumb enough to spend a billion dollars on Libya, we sure as hell should be shooting at the bullseye.

Mr. Obama is wandering blindly all over every issue facing our nation, and he's f@#$ing shit up. Somebody please grab him by the elbow and show him the way.


  1. Zero has a record of screwing things up in a wholesale way. This event will be no different. Then he and the left will blame the republicans. Then MSM will report nothing and the GOP will stand there limp wristed.

    Zero has no constitutional authority to bomb Libya without congressional approval. Let's see if the GOP has the will to call him on it.

  2. I am a bit worried about our Generals and Admirals. I'm not altogether sure that under the circumstances they should have gone along with this before Obama addressed the American people and the Congress. Clinton established the precedent of killing people without permission - but the Generals should know better.

  3. The JCS should back him in a corner somewhere and tell him how to run things, but remember, when Clinton was President, he had 4 stars like Wesley Clark, who wouldn't make a passible Marine private.