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Monday, March 28, 2011

Who's the best in the new bunch?

Its getting to be time to start serious contemplation of who we put up against Obama next year, so I have decided to offer some of my opinions on the possible contenders.

  • I could still get behind Huckabee. Alot of people don't like his "fiscal conservatism," but I admire a man that gets things done. And he did raise taxes, (because of a Federal Court order), but he did what he promised to do (improve roads and schools) and he did it under budget. Then - surprise- he gave the excess taxes back to the taxpayers. Anyone who has ever towed a trailer through Arkansas will testify that the improvement in AR roads is amazing.

  • Another bone with Huckabee, and one I tend to agree with, is giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. I agree with Huck that if they spent 12 years in the states public school system, they shouldn't have to pay more for college than Joe Jones from Arkansas. Where I disagree is the push to send ALL kids to college. Ditch digging is a noble profession, and if we raise our own ditch diggers, we wouldn't have so many jumping the border.

  • I think you know my opinion of Romney. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire on my couch.

  • As for Gingrich, I despise any man who cheats on his wife. For the obvious reasons, like virtue, integrity, and promise keeping, but also because I cannot understand how any man with a full time job can find the time.

  • I am growing fonder of Sara Palin, if only to find Bill Maher dead in his bed.

  • Herman Cain is looking better and better.

  • Bobby Jindal's too young. Save him for a later race. I like him, and he seems to be a worker.

  • I don't know what to think about Donald Trump, but I do like the fact he wants to cut China out of our will.

  • Christie of New Jersey has a huge job we need him to finish.

  • A dark horse I would support whole heartedly is Larry Gatlin. I find him to be an outstanding American, and his daddy was a Marine so I know he's been slapped upside the head for screwing up, so he won't screw up lightly.

And, if you've read my blogs, I'd vote for my local sheriff if it would get rid of Obama.


  1. 10th -

    I read Huckabee's first book and the only thing I walked away with was the Fair Tax - if he could really deliver it - I would follow him anywhere. However the rest of the book was home spun wisdom on how to fix very complex issues and it didn't ring as real or deep for me.

    If Romney was on fire he wouldn't get any help from me either.

    In addition to being a marital scoundrel Gingrich is way to cerebral for the average Joe and might be too smart for his own good.

    I am torn on Palin - I could support her but I think she is doing more damage to the Socialists doing what she is doing now. You gotta love a lady who can make the evening news with a single Tweet on Twitter.

    So far I like Cain - not sure that a new guy on the block can put together the kind of coalitions necessary to fix the problems left behind by Obama.

    Concur on Jindal.

    Trump is a lunatic and he was a Bush-hater.

    I like governors for Presidents and Christie would be a good one. Don't forget our guy - McDonnell from Virginia.

    I not so sure about Larry Gatlin - no doubt he would be better than the current occupant of the White House though.

  2. Patriot,
    I posted my reply on your comment over at my blog.

    Common Sense,
    Yes, absolutely our guy McDonnell!!! He's been a great governor. I hope he takes a stab at it.