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Friday, May 20, 2011

How can that turd be our President?

I am absolutely amazed at the stupidity of Barak Hussein Obama. Does he really think America wants to lose our only real friend and ally in the Middle East? Does he think killing bin Laden gives him the foreign policy creds to also kill Israel? The mans stupidity is only matched by his rudeness.

I saw Israel's former Ambassador to the UN on Fox news this morning, and what he said struck me like a slap from my mama. He said forget all about politics and policy, forget about treaties and alliances, just think about manners. The rudeness of Barak Obama is unbelievable. Would you invite a close friend to dinner on Sunday, and after they accepted, tell them the menu included everything they were allergic to? How about telling everyone else in the world that you were having Netanyahu over for crap sandwiches?

Obama is an insult to the history and traditions of this great nation, and if you still think he's doing a good job, you have serious mental disorders.


  1. I don't think that I could say it any better than my Delegate did in an e-mail today:

    "President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. He has been hostile to Israel since the day he first came to office. But that hostility has now been supplanted by a policy which will actually weaken the tiny nation, our ally, to the point that a future war is almost inevitable. This is not simply complete incompetence. It is an incompetence rooted in a profound and reckless ignorance that will make the world less safe and more prone to a conflict that could well lead to the use of nuclear weapons. Incompetence is one thing. Reckless ignorance is another matter entirely. "

  2. Obama is a national embarassment and Bibi OWNED him today.

    To answer your excellent question on how Dork Boy could be the POTUS, two words.


  3. President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus

    Oh, my, I've seen and heard that trite, meaningless statement flow out of the mouths of about every right-winger for the past 3 days. What does it actually mean, anyhow? Or, as I suspect, it is nothing more than raw idiocy?

    The hate for the president becomes evermore so as the potential GOP candidates fall off of the bandwagon day after day. Today, Daniels, Two days ago, Huckabee, Trump, Barbour...

    I'm betting that drives you right-wingers even more delusional, further back into your caves, realizing that you will have to 'put up with' Obama for 5 more years. God, how awful, eh?

    At least he'll be your target during all of those years and you'll have SOMETHING to bitch about other than your miserable lives.

  4. Mud,

    Welcome back. I thought maybe you had been raptured out of here. Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass? A turd like you getting to Heaven ahead of the rest of us?

    I would say, as I've said before, I don't hate Obama. I am severely disappointed in the rest of my countrymen who elected him, and I am disgusted by the job he is doing, but I do not hate him.

    If you come back here, please answer the question I asked you before. What, from your non-delusional rubber room, do you agree with the right on? Since you keep not answering, I must assume that you don't agree with anything that is right of center. That makes you one of those glass house living rock throwers.

  5. What, from your non-delusional rubber room, do you agree with the right on?

    Well, it's quite difficult to figure out what 'you' believe in because there are so many different kinds of right-wingers.

    I believe in the rights of The People as stated in the Constitution. I'm betting that we agree on that one.

    We won't agree on lots of things like the role of the government, foreign aid, workers' rights and taxes.

    Thanks for thinking that I may have raptured, but, as an agnostic, I don't believe in any of that crap. I thought that you or one of your other 'amigos' may have raptured up because you all are holier than me.

  6. I am sure it will surprise you that I can count the number of times I've been to church without taking off both my shoes.

  7. Yes, your non-attendance at church does, in fact, surprise me. When I see someone 'advertising' their Christianity, I just assume that they attend church regularly.

    For me, there are just too many illogical things that one has to 'believe' in order to be classified as a 'good Christian.' I can live a good and decent life without carrying around sack of beliefs on my back.

  8. I guess maybe we found something to agree on. I find religion to be as stupid as political parties. I'm sure it would also surprise you that I am an independent. That said, I have great faith in God, and I must admit I lean Republican.

  9. Obama is silently changing out constitution and not many people are taking notice..example..he sent troops to libya, while he had the right to do that for 60 days, after that time, he said,he was leaving them there, if congress wants to put forth a letter giving approval he will sign it to extend the troops in libya. Well congress does not have to do that, Obama does. He, according to our constitution, is expected to go to congress and ask for approval. He is changing the constitutional authority he is given as president and that is an impeachable offense, He has no right, and this sets a precedent and he knows that. So next time he wants to do something, he will just do it, without our approval.

  10. "Oh, my, I've seen and heard that trite, meaningless statement flow out of the mouths of about every right-winger for the past 3 days."

    He's talking about me since I'm the only conservative who ever visits his blog!