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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Huckabee's not running

Yesterday, on his Fox News Channel show, Mike Huckabee announced that he will not run for President in 2012. I actually found this to be good news.

Last time around, in 2008, I was an ardent supporter of Mr. Huckabee. I was impressed with his record of governing in Arkansas. I argued with friends and relatives about his fiscal conservatism. In my opinion, he did things the way they should be done; he raised taxes to fund necessary projects, and after completing them, he cancelled the tax hikes. He gave the surplus money, (he managed to get the work done under budget, a complete shock for government work), back to the Arkansan taxpayers.

Mike Huckabee is the only candidate, for any office, that I have ever supported. I gave him several hundred dollars, (a huge percentage of my income at the time), I put a sign in my yard, I bought a hat and a T-shirt, (I get free hats and T-shirts from lumber yards and other suppliers), and I even bought a onesy for my infant child to where boasting cute support for The Huck.

So why is his decision not to run good news?

Like all of last time outs contestants, Huckabee's message is wore out. He cannot compete with Obama on his record, it is too similar to Obama's record. I'm sorry, Mike, that sounds like the ultimate insult, but the average American voter will not research a candidate, they will just listen to media pundits, who will not do you any favors. Its time for a brand new face, a businessman and successful conservative, who has never been divorced, (Trump, Gingrich, myself), has never sponsored a socialist healthcare program (Mitt "My Kids Are National Heroes for Trying to Get Me Elected" Romney), has never raised taxes (Huckabee, Pawlenty), has never called for the legalization of marijuana (Johnson), has never supported the legalization of prostitution (Paul). If we conservatives intend to be rid of Obama, we must run a candidate that can beat Obama's record on every conservative issue. Obama, like it or not, has never been divorced. He has never supported the legalization of pot or prostitutes.

So who can we run to defeat Obama? How about a Southern businessman, a man who did at least as much to stop HillaryCare as anyone, a man who has created jobs, a man who is happily married to his only wife, a man who has decades of executive experience.

That man is Herman Cain. An added bonus: he's black. Obama and his evil minions in the mainstream media will look like fools trying to pull the race card on Herman Cain. That doesn't mean they don't already look like fools, or that they won't try to pull the race card, but it will be much easier to scoff and tell them to shut up if our candidate is at least as black as theirs.

For more on Herman Cain, follow this link.


  1. The more that I learn about Cain the more that I like him. It will be interesting if he can gain enough support and if the media doesn't drown him out in favor of one that they chose for BHO to beat.

    Hey libs, how's that racism thing working for you?

    If for nothing else, I would love for that issue alone to tell the libs to STFU.

  2. Who did you like better, non-running Huckabee or non-running Trump?

  3. Why do you ask stupid questions? Which black Presidential candidate do you like better? Cain or Obama?