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Monday, June 13, 2011

Debating CNN

I had my wife call Dish Network tonight and upgrade our service so that we could watch the CNN Republican Debate.  We'll probably call them back tomorrow and go back to our old package that is just Fox News.

In my opinion, the winner tonight was Rick Santorum.  Apparrently Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer think Romney had a big night, but he did what he usually does: make my skin crawl.

John King's final question to the debaters was if you get elected, and can only hire one of the people on this stage, which one would be in your administration?  They all dodged the question, and I guess I would have, too.  But I would have told the audience which one wouldn't be in the administration:  Willard Romney.  And surprise, surprise Sgt. Carter, he's the one the beatnik journalists want to promote.

Overall, I'd say the debate was lukewarm, with idiotic questions and shortened answers to the harder ones.  I think there may have been some softballs thrown at "party" favorites, and I think Newt Gingrich didn't let the moderator lead his answers or misquote him in other questions.

But overall, I think Senator Santorum did the best job, and I hope that we get some more candidates to choose from.  These seven left me wanting.


  1. I googled SANTORUM and you'd never believe what it said!

  2. I googled "Jeff" and it came up with the names of child molesters.

    I think Bachman actually did well as did Cain.

    I'm concerned about the MSM who seems to be trying to choose Romney as some sort of standard bearing leader when he's not.
    His redeeming statement was that anyone onstage could do better than if anyone trying to earn a living didn't know that!

  3. Romney is a turd, thats why the MSM is pushing him. He might beat Obama, but he'd govern just like him anyway.

  4. I don't think Romney would govern exactly as Obama has...especially where it concerns treating our allies, confronting enemies and filling the whitehouse with marxist garbage to create policy and push their agenda.

    Romney would be a weak leader but, not openly hostile toward his own country's interests.

  5. Being openly hostile or bumblingly stupid gives the same results - bad times for me and mine. We need a leader, not a polished turd who WANTS to be a leader.