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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Does Joe Biden Still Want High Speed Rail?

Joe Biden and Barak Obama, along with all the liberal lips stuck to both their asses, have been pushing high speed rail for several years now.  China has been building high speed rail for that same time frame.  Its not working out so good for the Chinese.

China Train Crash off bridge

Thirty five dead and 191 hospitalized.  The trains have had numerous problems, and they are losing money.  But we should get some here.  Biden and company are fools.

There is no place in America where high speed rail is necessary.  If we develop rail lines, we will then have to develop a market for them.  How many people are going to ride from LA to Vegas every day?  Not many.  And how many want to get to Vegas and be stuck on foot?  Even less.  This is a dumb idea.


  1. As always the selling point is that high-speed trains are "Green". That is "it", at least for the libs, despite what the evidence says.

    Then of course "the jobs" which never come. Look at AMTRAK for example. They have been federally subsidized for decades. If left to their own devices the rails would have been scraped already.

    Rail freight is of strategic importance and a great way of shipping heavy stuff but commuter rail is nothing more than a subsidized parasite. Every commuter rail system in the world is federally subsidized. None would stand-up to market competition on their own because of cheap airfare.

    Plugs is a big fan of rail because he commuted from DE to DC everyday as senator. An easy commute. Not the case in most places.

    Try coast to coast for $2k in 4 days. Airfare is $600 for a 6 hour flight. It's a no brainer.

    BTW, UPS is rail freight's biggest customer and has infused megga-bucks into their coffers over the years.

  2. With both the high speed rail, and electric or hybrid cars, people seem to think the electricity comes from thin air. Green is a myth. A green house, for example, would be a house that will last for 600 years, like the log houses of Sweden. The houses we build here today will not outlive me, for the most part. There is no way they are "green."

  3. I think that we've had this discussion on another thread. If the government would get out of it altogether - American business would find the cheapest, safest, and fastest way.

  4. Wow...I'm surprised that one of your lefty posters hasn't come running to the defense of the bullet trains yet.
    Earlier this year they were whining when the plan here in Ohio was scrapped...primarily because we can't afford it. For some reson, Ohio's crop of leftys have no idea that purchasing the trains, the easments, track, signals all cost money and the tracks would have to be layed from scratch due to incompatability with our existing freight rails.

    They always cite the European rail system as their model but, neglect the fact that America isn't layed out in the same way as European cities that have stood for 1500+ years and were served by a rail system before any highways were ever even though of.

  5. AMTRAK has lost money EVERY YEAR since its inception. THAT alone is enough to kill this crapulence.

    Liberals should be smothered in their cribs.

  6. But Gunny, they're sooo cute when they're little.

  7. Sepp,

    I am also surprised by the lefties absence. I assume that means they agree with me.

  8. LoL, well I popped into muddy's blog the other day and said "hi" so, they're probably still singing my praises.