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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can Obama read?

I am disgusted by our President.

Last night he used our money to buy television airtime to call us stupid.  He actually believes a majority of Americans agree with his stance on raising the debt ceiling.  How could we have elected someone as stupid as this man to be our Numero Uno?

Listen up, dipshit.  The only acceptable solution to this latest "crisis" is to CUT Federal spending.  All of you elected turds need to get this through your arrogant fat heads:  WE ARE FED UP!

The US Government wastes billions of dollars every year on asinine shit that they are prohibited from being involved in by our Constitution.  On top of that, they are ripped off by countless contractors and other shysters in the areas they are supposed to be involved in.  In a very short time, We the People are going to come get you.  You will be tried for treason and then you will be hung by the neck until you quit twitching.   I suggest you find your moral centers, and do it soon.

Cut spending.  Throw out the UN and tear up their contribution check.  Stop spending money you don't have.  Repeal ObamneyCare.  Return any unspent stimulus money.  Quit bombing Libya unless you target Qadafi.  Then quit bombing Libya once you get Qadafi.  Get rid of the BATF.  Get rid of the Department of Dumbing Down Our Children.  Cut Federal payrolls.  Hell, cut everything.  Tell the Joint Chiefs, "Hey, Generals.  Next year your only getting 85% of the funds you got this year.  Make it work, cause its getting cut again the year after."

If you idiots in Washington cannot tighten your belts, we'll send new idiots to Congress after you are tried.  Get it together, and save MY country.


  1. Get rid of NATO as well. About a 1 TRILLION dollar waste every year.

    F*ck Europe, let them defend themselves.

    Maybe they'll grow a set.

  2. Amen, Gunny. Common Sense posted on cuts on his site and came up with 225 billion without trying very hard. You know when the planes going down you have to get rid of the dead-weight. Europe has definitely been the albatross around our necks. Cut 'em loose and let them sink, swim or feed the sharks. Either way, just as good.

  3. Yeah...WE sacrifice and deal with inflation, higher food, utility, clothing and, gas prices because he's spent so much so fast that he needs to print more money again?

    While making "cuts" that probably won't even cover the expenses racked up by that man in the gorrilla suit he's married to?

    Screw this noiseand, these sorry-assed leftists who think that every multi-million dollar pet program and billion dollar "social(ist)" program is immune from the GD chopping block.

    As for his threat to social security benefits for all those people who have spent their working lives paying into that ponzi scheme, he can suck it. Those folks already paid for this "benefit" and trying to spook them is just plain bullshit.
    These stupid libs can spend millions to study "gay men's penis size" and, "are dating websites racist" and are dumbfounded as to why normal thinking people see the blatant waste of taxpayer money on that kind of crap.

    WTF happened to his "line by line veto" of wastefull spending he promised?
    He was going to "cut the deficit in half 2 years into his term".
    WTF happened to that?

    This sorry-assed marxist is everything I said he'd be and then some.
    He's all the shit I hated about Bush and, everything I've learned about democraps in one greasy little package.

    Sorry for the rant :-)

  4. Rant away! I hope someone with the power to "change" hears your rant and holes up in a bunker somewhere while the rest of us fix this mess.

  5. Gentlemen,

    Where are the adults?

    The left (and the right to a lesser extent) has been buying votes with our hard earned money for far too long.

    We have now had enough.

    We are done.

    It will be pitchfork time shortly unless the adults in this argument win.

  6. You have to support these Republicans. I was on a tele-Townhall with my Congressman today and you should have heard the leftist weeping and wailing. Line up behind the good guys and tell them you are in their court.

  7. The leftys were bawling about something?
    Most likely they were bawling out of the fear that Moonbattery is an endangered species in DC.

  8. Sepp - It was an interesting call. Given the phone line it came in on I believe that they were reaching out beyond identified Republicans. He took a lot of flak from people who had memorized Democrat talking points or seniors who the moonbat-in-chief has successfully scared to death.

    My Congressman is patient, avoids hyperbole, and unlike his Democrat "peers" is a genuine gentlemen. He did a very good job countering misinformation and fear with facts and details.

    He is pretty courageous and puts himself in front of his constituents without screening out the moonbats. I don't know how he prevents spitting out "You have to be s***ing me --- are you really that stupid?"

  9. That sort of coolness under fire will always escape me. Especially considering some of the outlandish crap Dems and libs believe.

  10. Our local moonbat congresshag planned a townhall meeting over the Obamacare issue and didn't even bother to show up for it...instead she had a speaker placed on a table and talked to her angry constituents Charlie's Angels style where she pontificated HER ideals while ignoring the citizens...and claiming all the way up until she voted "yes" for obamacare that she was "undecided" as to what her vote would keep people from calling her office.
    Nice eh?