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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rick Perry's wife gives him the go ahead

When we heard that Rick Perry's wife has given him permission to run for President, my wife commented that he sounds a lot like Bush, and he IS the governor of Texas.  She's a little worried that may work against him.  All I can say to that is:

Yes, sir. I do.


  1. I hope that's not EXACTLY true.

    Behind every great man there is a great women but permission... I'm swallowing hard here.

  2. Hardnox,

    Considering the "job" of First Lady doesn't pay anything, I think permission may be the right word. I couldn't run cause my wife would NOT play First Lady for free.

  3. Personally I think that you have to be a little suspect of anyone too eager for the job.

    Obama like his other democrat (Progressive, socialist, leftist, whatever) cronies desire to Rule. Republicans are looking to Serve. That is a very important distinction. The path to rule and to service are very different as well.

    Obama was eager - Perry not so much. I like that difference too.

    All the experts say that this is going to be one nasty election. Obama will get destroyed if he tries to run on his miserable record. Perry has a record and it is spectacular by comparison. That leaves nothing else but for Obama to go ugly early.

    I admire Perry for checking with the missus first - I certainly would.

  4. Checking with the missus versus asking for permission are too entirely different issues.

    I too agree that being too eager is bad.

    I too would ask the missus for her input since she would be along for the mudfest.

  5. H-nox - I can't help it . . . . Spoken like a true bachelor. LOL - when I make a big commitment without consulting my bride she says "And who do you think you're sleeping with tonight!?!"

  6. CS,
    LOL! I believe in the institution of marriage but I am not ready to be institutionalized just yet.

    I watch all the pain and suffering of my married friends and I just can't bring myself to do it.

  7. Hardnox,

    Find the right woman, and its absolutely painless. I was in your boat after the first wife. I swore I'd never get remarried. After five years, I changed to I'm never getting divorced again. Then I met my current wife, and asked her to marry me after a month of dating. I have had no reason to regret it.

  8. Agreed with Hardnox. Perry needs to renounce his earlier RINO days and swear on a stack of Bibles NEVER to do it again.

    Speaking of RINOs, I heard Jeb Bush is considering a run.

    F that. He's another country club pissant RINO!

  9. I have decided that if Col. West doesn't run, I'll have to hold my nose to vote. I really like that guy.

  10. West is a Redleg so you know he's got a pair.

  11. I'm not a Texan, but I'm holding out for Governor Perry. I like a governor as a standard bearer for the party in a Presidential election. There isn't a better crucible for a politician.

    Perry lit up some of the TEA movement faithful around here, but their attacks were pretty misguided and only took a modicum of research to disprove. He stands head and shoulders above the current crop of candidates.

    I like West too - but I think he is exactly where he needs to be - an unvarnished truth teller in the middle of liar central. He's already making an impact.