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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Hat Method starts early

For many of us poorer Americans, there is a bill payment plan called the "Hat Method."  The way it works is you put all your bills in a hat.  Then you reach in and pull one bill out.  You write a check to pay that bill, and you check your remaining balance.  If you still have money, you pull out another bill and write another check.  You repeat this process until you are either out of money, or out of bills.  For the record, it has been over three years since I ran out of bills before I ran out of money.

When times get tight, like they have been for the past few years, many of the bill collectors start calling the house, asking when you intend to pay your bill.  Many Americans lie and say the check's in the mail.  Others say they will pay it on Friday, the historical day of the week when wages are rewarded in exchange for labors.  Others tell the bill collector to go to hell, because after two years of struggling to pay the cable bill, they have decided there really is nothing to watch on TV.

After several months, or even years of harassment by bill collectors, many Americans tell the bill collector that if they call here again, your name won't even go in the hat.  Apparently, Mr. Obama is ready to jump straight to that scenario, by-passing the usual scrimp and save and cut out luxuries that the rest of us had to go through before we could get to that stage.  Today, Obama told Social Security recipients that without raising the debt ceiling, he couldn't guarantee they would get their checks starting on --- August 3rd.

This is absolute BS.  He and his minions, the Democratic Party, have been snidely remarking that without raising the debt ceiling, they may have to quit paying our servicemen.  What a load of crap.  They should all be charged with attempting to start a riot.  There are sooo many luxuries the Federal Government can cut before they get to Social Security checks and soldiers pay.  The fact that they are using those examples is pure theatrics, and they should have their mouths washed out with soap for saying things along those lines.

Mr. President:

The first thing on the chopping block, before you "cut" anyone Else's pay or benefits, is your own paycheck.  If you can't make ends meet, after we pay for your house, your groceries, your transportation, your health care, your security, your vacations, your date nights, your golf outings, and I'm sure your dry-cleaning, then you have no business attempting to manage the rest of our money.  You, and the rest of the "professional politicians" have raped us enough.  Quit it, we are finally tired of it.

Your arrogance is disgusting.  The assumption that you shouldn't have to tighten your belt, while the rest of us are boiling ours for soup, is unbelievable.  Cut Congress's pay.  Cut their budgets.  Cut defense spending on future weapons systems - not troops pay.  Cut the Departments of Transportation, Interior, Education, Homeland Defense, State.  Wait, cutting all that will cause Democrats and Republicans to get together to celebrate.  The only way to keep your fat ass jobs is to threaten to cut our troops or our seniors.  All of you "professional politicians" are disgusting human beings.  I don't know how you sleep at night.


  1. The President played the "terrify the elderly" card today. What is interesting is that the Social Security Ponzi scheme is self-funded and solvent for now. It is essentially a different check book. There is absolutely no reason for Social Security checks to not be issued regardless of what occurs on 2 August.

    The President is a liar or he's stupid.

  2. Or both. I'm positive he's a liar. I'm just guessin' he's stupid.

  3. Cut Congress's pay. Cut their budgets.

    I'm just guessin' he's stupid

    HE's stupid? How well did you pay attention to 4th grade civics class?

    He [the president] has no power to cut the pay of Congress nor the budget that they present.

    I know how much you hate the president, but you ought not let your ignorance show so blatantly.

  4. Mud,

    If he has no power to choose which checks get written and which don't, why is he scaring seniors and veterans by making the claim that he does have that power? His public threat to not write social security checks is meant to scare senior citizens. It is disgusting and immoral and someone needs to call him on it.

    I apparently paid more attention to fourth grade civics than you did. The Congress proposes a budget, but the Secretary of the Treasury (part of the Executive Branch) writes the checks. If you think Obama doesn't have the power to decide which checks get written, you are the one putting your stupidity on public display.