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Monday, July 11, 2011

"Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large"

Are you kidding me?  This jerk just answered a question from the press by saying "We're smarter than you."  What an arrogant piece of shit.

When asked why, if the people are against it by 69%, are they still trying to raise the debt ceiling, Obama replied that professional politicians are smarter than the public at large.  What kind of prick says something like that?  We are not going to have a "crisis" if we don't get to borrow more money.  The government has been in this position before.  This is not new.

If we, and by that I mean the professional politicians and the public at large, let our credit card max out, we will have to decide which bills get paid on a case by case basis.  Guess what?  That is how most Americans have always paid bills.  That is why, until the recent sub-prime mortgage fiasco, we Americans have generally not spent more than we make.  That is why most Americans, at least before the Obama Depression, had a savings account for their rainy day fund.  Now, the government may have to use the "hat" method to pay bills.  And for my money, I say they shouldn't even put their paychecks in the hat.


  1. Comrade zero was talking to his supporters, not us.

  2. 10th - you have put your finger on the arrogance of the nanny state mentality. Obama can't imagine that we could possibly make decisions about our health care, charity, energy use, or any of a million other activities that liberals seek to control. Only he knows best - a man of little accomplishment who is drowning in a job that is far too big for his meager talents.