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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Really? Dems really approve of Obama?

I ran across this statistic from a Fox News poll.  I have to say it is scary.  How can people be so stupid?  If you are a Democrat, and you think Obama is doing a good job, I want you to wear a pink shirt on Friday.  I want to see how many people really approve of Obama, and how many Dims just say that cause they have anonymity.

Approval of the president among Democrats currently stands at 76 percent, which is just one percentage-point higher than his record low 75 percent approval among the party faithful (December 2010).
You have got to be kidding.


  1. I ran across this statistic from a Fox News poll.

    Fox News? Oh, yes, THAT station. Is that the place you get your 'news'?

    How's that Rupert Murdoch scandal moving on? Do you think that the American affiliate [Fox News] will be implicated in the same dastardly way that Murdoch's British affiliates have been?

    "All the 'news' that we want you to hear."

    Now, what was that about people being 'stupid?'

  2. What is your fucking problem? Where do you get your news? Your head cannot be up Obama's ass, his own head is in the way.

    If Rupert Murdoch is guilty of some crime that his employees committed, Obama is guilty of selling guns to murdering Mexican drug lords.

    You are a stupid dipshit. Keep drinking the kool-aid, Mud.

  3. 75% sounds about right because thats roughly the same number (+/-) of democrats from another poll a few years back who's sources of "news" were answered mostly as being msnbc and cnn.
    Gunny just posted a video from 2008 in which Obama voting democrats demonstrated exactly how clueless they were on the issues and, who and what they were electing into office.
    So yes, I have no doubt that 76% of democrats polled still support Zero the hero. They aren't being informed of anything deeper than tabloid journalism.

  4. "All the 'news' that we want you to hear."

    Hey muddy, how much "news" are you getting from msnbc? And, how much news are you NOT getting from msnbc?

    The Ed Shultz crowd over there was crying "LIES!" when I posted about project gunwalker months before it became national news.
    Because where ever you guys are getting your news from, it's heavily filtered to not upset you or, force you to question wtf the administration is thinking and doing.

  5. 10th - Mud is doing what a recent British guest referred to as "Attacking the player and not the ball." Essentially rather than engage in honest debate he attacks an individual - famous liberal tactic. I need not point out all the examples.

    Here is a pretty cogent discussion of the Murdoch situation by Ann Coulter. It puts the Muroch public flogging into the proper context:

    "The entire mainstream media are fixated on Murdoch's imagined role in the Fleet Street phone-hacking story -- the only topic more boring than the debt ceiling -- solely in order to pursue their petty vendetta against Fox News, which liberals hate with the hot, hot heat of a thousand suns."

    I doubt Mud will check it out, but the whole story is at:

    Unlike his name sake - Mud isn't after the truth.

  6. CS,

    I comment on Coulter's essays on Human Events under the name trynottostepinit. Coulter's take on the Murdoch issue is on target. If Chris Mathews owned the newspaper in question, libs would be up in arms defending the practice of illegal phone tapping.

    The wife of my sawyer about popped a vein yesterday when I asked her if she had a favorite in the new crop of GOP hopefuls. She named Perry, and then went on a tirade about "anyone but that sumbitch Obama. He's killing this country." She is quite normally a polite Southern lady. I can see her now with pitchforks and torches. Things are getting ugly.

  7. mud,
    I just learned that knee-pads are on sale at Home Depot. Hurry, supplies are limited.