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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Allen West is on top of these terrorists

Is this guy the only politician (sorry to call you that, Colonel West) who understands this?  I wrote a paper on the Battle of Tours in high school.  The Muslim religion is about world domination.  They are NOT a peaceful religion.  They are murderers and throat cutters.  We need to wise up.  To win the war on terror we need to kill all the terrorists.

Run for POTUS, Col. West.  You've got my vote.


  1. West always seems to kick political correctness' ass and just tell the truth. Refreshing isn't it?

  2. West is indeed refreshing. He calls it as it is political correctness be damned.


  3. Interesting contrast between a lieutenant colonel answer and a four star general attempt at an answer. West is pretty amazing.

    He called Rep. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz (Moron - FL) on the carpet as well. That was refreshing too.

  4. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz is just pathetic.
    Does the DNC scour it's ranks for the biggest moonbats to represent them or, what?
    Just when you thought Howard Dean was the top of the moonbat heap...they went and found one who makes him look like a piker.

  5. Ol' Debbie is a sweetheart. The Colonel shouldn't of been so mean to her. But I do wish he had done it on camera so we could see it over and over.

  6. So you're advocating killing people because of their religion....hmmmmm, so the Marines really do that, huh? Is that in the U.S. Constitution too?

    And you wrote about a war after which Lex Frisionum was enforced. Ya know, there is still something around today like that. It's called Sharīʿah.

  7. Jeff,

    You're an idiot. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of war. What you do to warriors who want to make war on you is kill them, no matter their religion.

    To compare Lex Frisionum to Shari'ah is a little odd. The punishment or fine for killing a woman was the same as a man under Lex Frisionum. I doubt you will find anything like that in Shari'ah.

    And, as you pointed out, Shari'ah is still enforced in the world today. Lex Frisionum died out or evolved into modern law centuries ago.

  8. That's a joke right Jeff? You call up some ancient Germanic code? Talk about irrelevant.

    The problem with Islam is that it is a social and political system. Check out how well countries dominated by Islam operate. It's the same concept as looking at how well cities, states, or countries dominated by liberals operate.

    Islam apologists want to start the history of the Christian-Islam relationship at the Crusades. However the West had been suffering under attacks and invasions by Islam for over 460 years by the time of the First Crusade.

    If someone's religion motivates them to try and take my freedom - yes - we should destroy them.

    Please note that my oath requires me to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic." It has no expiration date.

  9. Jeff,
    No one is advocating killing someone over religion. However, whenever a religion dictates that the followers kill all the infidels then all bets are off. This would include their enablers.

    Anyone that ignores the direct threats from an individual, a group, or an organization is either a fool or just plain stupid.

    Which are you Jeff? Go ahead and keep singing kumbaya and all will be well.

    The rest of us will do the heavy lifting when the time comes while punks like you will scream like women. When it is all over, you will first kiss our asses in gratitude then the first chance you get you will berate us for our brutality.

  10. "So you're advocating killing people because of their religion?"

    No dumbass, nobody is advocating killing anyone because of their beliefs...except for the islamo-nuts who not only avocate the killing of non-believers but, put it in practice daily.

  11. Sorry fellas, but Jeff is correct and the rest of you are the morons giving high-fives to each other.

    None of you like the truth when it comes your way. You all have proven that point over and over and over again.

    You like to hide in your small delusional world of ideology like gang members in the inner-city. You-all know what's "right" and the rest of the world can go to hell.

    So, Tenth wrote a paper in high school. I'm glad that he can remember a high-school paper. I've forgotten most of that nonsense long ago.

    The Battle of Tours. Ah yes, THAT battle between the Franks and the Umayyad Caliphate. I'm going to take a leap here, Tenth, and assume that the conclusion of your high school paper was that that battle 'saved' the Frankish Empire from becoming Muslims. Praise Jesus!

    Am I correct? I bet that you dreamed of being that glorious Merovingian warrior who strode into battle on his steed, lopping off Muslim heads and running the sword deep into their chests! Blood spurting everywhere! God be praised! Killing for the honor and glory of God!

    Whoa. I got carried away. I wanted to be the Lone Ranger at that age, shooting silver bullets into the cattle rustlers.

    There is nothing like killing the 'bad' guy to make your testosterone levels rise to astronomical levels!

    May I quote you more recently than high school? Like yesterday?

    You 'wrote, The Muslim religion is about world domination. They are NOT a peaceful religion. They are murderers and throat cutters. We need to wise up. To win the war on terror we need to kill all the terrorists.

    Whoa! You ARE Charles Martel reincarnated! You've actually become that mighty warrior of the 8th century, pretending that your cause is more righteous than their cause! God shines his glowing power upon you! God loves you for the desire to kill those "murderers and throat-cutters."

    God be praised!

  12. Mud,

    Once again you run off at the mouth about how "wrong" I am, yet provide no support to your argument that Jeff is correct. Jeff is an idiot, and so are you.

    When Charles Martel defeated the Moors in Tours, he stopped the advance of the Muslims who were then, and are now, determined to rule the whole world by the sword.

    Martel's troops didn't ride into battle on their steeds. They formed hollow squares with their infantry, and the mounted Muslims attacked those squares. Martel was able to move re-enforcements from one side of the square to whichever side the Moors were attacking.

    My cause is no more noble than anyone else's. However, I refuse to accept anyone forcing me to bend my knee. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Apparently you have no problem being on your knees.

    Take your atheistic crap and go away. You do nothing to promote the exchange of ideas, you have no desire to reach common ground. How come you never comment on non-political posts? Do you think agreeing with me makes your liberal position less tenable? Grow up, you old fart.

  13. How about those throat cutters muddy?
    I find it rather odd that you gripe and bitch about christians 24/7, call yourself an athiest and, have nary a word of contempt or, disgust for the religion that posts videos of it's present day vile acts.
    Why is that?

    You also claim to support women's rights, gay rights, minority rights, human rights...but, as expected the religion that OPENLY advocates killing gays, subjugation of women, violating basic human rights and, cleansing of minorities...your silence is odd and your scorn is non-existent.

    So what is it? Cowardice? Has liberalism made such an issue out of race politics that you're too afraid to even note that those islamist's views run directly counter to your own...lest some moonbat calls you a "racist"?
    I guess as long as libs are certain that Christians won't behead them for their beliefs, they'll always be the coward's open game.

  14. Sepp,

    Good call. Muddy defends Muslims rights to freedom of religion, but scorns me for my belief in God.

    He is, as are all liberals, a hypocrite.

  15. Actually, muddy just omits ANY mention of Islam and, busys himself worrying that Christians are trying to control know like, beheading him for not believing, making him pay a fine for holding different views, forcing his wife to a dresscode, whipping him for drinking merlot, driving him out of the area he lives in, know, the usual stuff those christians do everyday here.

    Yusuf Daher, a Syrian socialist, stated that liberals and islamists need to band together to fight a common enemy...the USA and Israel and, when they have accomplished their goals, (IE done utilizing the liberal usefull idiots) they can then turn against each other.

    Smart plan since the Islamists already know that liberals will sell out their own faux principles at the drop of a hat.

    And since islamism and liberalism are such close friends now, I suppose that gay honeymooners will be flocking to Mecca this year to openly walk the streets.

  16. Can we buy gay honeymooners tickets to Mecca? I think they would love the atmosphere there.

  17. They already have a theme song for the trip - "You mecca me hot".

    mud can act as a tour guide since he's already in the correct position.

  18. 10th - You don't have to doubt your cause. America is the confluence of Christianity and the rule of law and look how good things turned out. No one else can match that record. Given the opportunity to be born anywhere and during any time period in history - where would you pick to be born? Only America. In that vein you share a desire with nearly everyone in the world.

    The Muddies of the world can attack all they want - he and all his cronies are (and always have been) free to leave whenever they want. They choose to stay here.

    Tell them to put their money where their sewer mouths are and find a better place. I dare them.

  19. CS,
    Most liberals who tout socialism / communism live in the fantasy that they'd be counted as part of the "elite" crowd who in those sleazy systems are exempted from the nasty side of the system while the rest of us "prolls" are subjected to it.

    Pure fantasy. And that is why none of them will ever put up or, shut up when it comes to leaving this system and going someplace where their utopian ideals are already in effect.
    They mistakenly believe that the bill of rights would remain in effect if we ceded our freedoms to the government's whims.

  20. Sepp, Good point. We are all still waiting for all those Hollywood types that promised that they would leave if GWB won a second term.

  21. When they found out what the tax rates are everyplace else, they all decided to "tough it out" under Bush.

    I find it funny that all these liberal millionaires keep blabbering on and on about how taxes should be higher for them but, NEVER pay any more than they have to.
    Should any liberal proclaim that his taxes aren't high enough, the department of public debt allows those folks to send money...which they never do.