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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama: Cut the Crap, and Balance

To the Honorable (HA!) Barak Hussein Obama;

Your days are numbered.  There is no way you will be re-elected, and if by some sleight of hand or Chicago trickery you are, you will go down in history as the guy who tore down America.  I realize that is most likely the path you desire, but we are going to stop you.

Put down the pen and step back from the checkbook.  Use your fat head for something besides keeping your giant bat ears from colliding.  If you will cut spending, you don't need to raise the debt ceiling.  That is what is called consumer math.  Maybe they didn't teach that where you allegedly went to school, but it is the math housewives use to manage a budget.  By the way, a budget is a plan of how to spend the money you have to obtain the things you need.  Normally, after accommodating for the necessities, one would only then try to obtain some luxuries.  It is my opinion, and that of at least 200 million other Americans, that the government has been doing things ass backwards for years when it comes to the budget.  Apparently you and your colleagues believe in purchasing the luxuries first.  This is a huge mistake, and now we are about to lose our country.

I had an uncle who always ate his dessert first, because he didn't want to run out of room.  He died of a heart attack at the ripe old age of fifty-one.  Depending on whether or not you know your own birthday, that gives you one year.  That's pretty sad, isn't it?  You and your cronies are doing to this country what my uncle did to his heart.  Knock it off.

We will not default on our loans by not raising the debt ceiling.  We will only default when we don't make the payments.  If you take a hard, honest look at our budget, you will find a few things more important than our credit card payment.  Pay those.  Then, take whats left and pay down our debt.  Just like millions of Americans do at their kitchen table every month.


  1. Time for torches, pitchforks, and some hot tar and feathers.

  2. How about tanks and machine guns and chumgrinders?

  3. And who, wise sleuth, is the right-winger waiting in the wings to dethrone Obama? Which one of those morons will rise to the top of the right-wing sewer to challenge him?

  4. It appears that "Any Republican" will win. However smart money is on Governor Rick Perry.

    If I were advising Obama I would recommend that he learn to swing a hammer so he can build crappy houses with Jimmy Carter.

    There won't be a Democrat in the White House again for 12-16 years unless they are invited as a guest.

  5. Muddy, with the way your buddy Obama is handling things, pretty much ANY right winger could pop up and clean his clock on a variety of issues.
    He has a lot to answer for and, his dismal record will be a hot issue.

    He'll never win a reelection debate running on his default "It's Bush's fault" answer to everything 3 years into it.

    Then again, thats how he connects with his base leftnut playing the "perpetual victim" role just like they do.

  6. Mud,

    You're stoopid. Dennis Kucinich is probly going to challenge your guy.

    As for conservatives, I think Bachman, Cain, Perry, and probably even Pawlenty can beat Obama. It really helps that Obama is beating himself so badly.

  7. We could run almost anybody but Gingrich or Romney and win.

    HAHAHA! The word verification fits any Democrat debt plan...preplop

  8. For 8 years the Bush unemployment rate was what? Between 4.5% and, 5.5%?
    3 years under Obama and it's hovering between 9% and 10.5% along with increased spending that is breaking the dollar and keeping the economy wallowing in the dirt.

    That is "PROGRESSIVE" but, it sure isn't progress!

  9. Napolean once quipped "when you're enemy is committing suicide, leave him alone".

    zero is doing a beautiful job all by himself.

  10. Actually, the unemployment rate was 7.8% during Bush's last month in office. Obama's average to date is running about 9.4%.
    Think the financial crisis already in place when he took office has anything to do with that rate?

    Actually, Bush raised the debt 28% while in office to Obama's 9% as of 2010. Wonder how much of that 9% is due to wars Bush started.

    Don't ya just hate it when facts get in the way?

    And then there's Governor Perry. Think he wants to follow the Constitution? His TEXAS GOVERNMENT sponsored prayer meeting is billed as CHRISTIAN only. Hardly the meaning of not favoring one religion over another.

    Seems more than one poster is following the Sepp ethics of truth.

  11. Jio,

    You are crazy. Bush did not raise the deficit more than Obama. When you make something up, that does not make it a fact.

  12. Jio,

    You are amazing - you are definitely a victim of the public school system. Your math is atrocious. You need to work on averages and percentages - you get an "F" in both on two different sites now.

    You wouldn't know a "Fact" if it hit you in the face.

    Do you realize that President Thomas Jefferson attended church services in the Capitol of the United States of America for the bulk of his Presidency? Every President except this one has supported Christian events, gone to Christian services, and I think that all (I would have to double check) EXCEPT the current temporary occupant of the White House issued prayers or prayed in front of the Nation.

    You might actually read the first amendment to the Constitution before you make such an outrageous and ignorant comment. Come back if you need help with the big words - something tells me English isn't going to be one of your strong suits either.

    I understand your lack of education, but I can't sanction your intellectual laziness.

  13. Call me all the names you want (you sound like school kids on a playground). Facts don't lie. If you disagree, I give you the freedom to RESEARCH it yourselves.

    Carter left office with national debt of 33.5% of GNP. Reagan ran it up to 53.1% of GNP. Then Bush made it 66.1%. Clinton lowered it to 56.4%. Ah, then comes along the second Bush. He ran the national debt up to 84.2% of GNP. President Obama has run it up to 93.2% so far. Are you seeing a pattern now?

    And somebody needs to stop insulting people (it's unchristian) and take his own advice.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    I think having a prayer meeting by the government and stating it's "Christian Only" might fall under this amendment. Am I missing the part about the "Christian" government? Don't nonchristians have a right to the government without joining your club?

  14. Jio,

    Take another Prozac. Breathe. I didn't call you any names.

    I don't know where you got those figures. I was able to back into some of your allegations by breaking rules of mathematics. I don't make things up and I carry a Constitution in my hip pocket (really) for when I run into people like you.

    Your thumbnail analysis is only part of the story. It is much more complex than a handful of figures from the Huffington Post.

    If you actually read the First Amendment it becomes blatantly obvious that the act of Rick Perry in calling on Christians to meet him in prayer is expressly protected by the Bill of Rights.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt as President went on the radio in front of the entire Nation and read a prayer on the occasion of D-Day. Check it out:

    Were Rick Perry to have declared that Texas adopted the Baptist sect of Christianity as the State religion - he would in my mind violate the spirit of the First Amendment but it would probably take three years and a Supreme Court decision to decide whether or not he violated the letter of the law.

    Pick up and read "Miracle at Philadelphia" by Catherine Drinker Bowen ( It will give you a deeper appreciation for the Constitution by understanding the way in which those decisions were made and why. If you have a shred of patriotism left it will fan the flames and make you love your country more.

    These things aren't unfathomable. Work a little outside your normal box and you can get it.

  15. TGP,
    weren't you just wondering the other day where somebody went?
    Same shit different profile.

  16. Sepp,

    He does sound familiar, doesn't he?

  17. "Gov. Rick Perry has proclaimed Saturday, Aug. 6th, as a Day of Prayer..."....a CHRISTIAN ONLY EVENT.

    Sounds like an official proclamation to me.

    OK, then....let's go there. Let's pretend a certain father has children that go to a public school. The school has brought back "religion" into the classroom. The teacher decides that certain behavior of that father is unacceptable to "God" and berates them. No, no....the father doesn't get to pick which religious views are taught, the "God" infested government does.

    Ah, how the father must miss the good 'ole days when HE decided what religious facts his own children where taught.

    Let's go one step further. Now the "God" infested government decides the behavior of the father is really against the religious views they have assumed. The "God" infested government decides to remove the children from the father. Now mind you, this father is a good man who puts his kids first and his "perceived" behavior is nothing important....but the "God" infested form of government determines what is a fit parent now.

    This is actually the way of life in many "God" infested governments today.

  18. Come on, man. Would you please look at the state of our schools and our children since God was removed from the schools? Our society is on a rapid descent into an immoral abyss, and what pushed it off the edge was people like you crying about "separation" of church and state.

    As a result of your meddling in the grand scheme of things, our children are becoming the dumbest in the world, cause no one wants to teach them anything that might be considered "wrong." People like you are enemies of my family, who want to be educated, instead of molded.

    A government devoid of God is terrifying to me. Remember the Soviet Union? They killed millions of people because Stalin and Lenin didn't believe in God. They thought they could get away with it because there is no ultimate judgement. How about you? What sort of conscience easing are you trying to pull by being anti-God?

  19. No Jio - let's stay on subject. Liberals can't do analogies as they can't work the logical relationships.

    Every President but one has declared a day(s) of prayer. Now you can take the point of view that I do - that we are a Christian Nation and that's okay for that reason.

    Or you can take the legalistic point of view that the First Amendment specifically protects a Christian's absolute right to practice his or her religion. That goes for any Christian - be he a single citizen or the Governor of a State or the President of the United States.

    Or you can take the point of view that virtually all religions pray in some form or fashion - so a "Day of Prayer" in that way is non-denominational. Even atheists and agnostics bow at the alter of something.

    You are absolutely wrong by every moral, legal, and common sense point of view. Face it - you brought Twinkies to a gun fight.

  20. "Take another Prozac."

    That's not calling names? And you lie, but I'll get to that later.

    "Or you can take the legalistic point of view that the First Amendment specifically protects a Christian's absolute right to practice his or her religion."

    No, take the Constitution out of your pocket and read it. The First Amendment specifically says the Government can't sanction any one religion, Christian or otherwise. No mention of Christian. And while we're talking about it, better brush up on your Jefferson facts. Here's a start with a quote of then President Jefferson: "As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion..."

    "Would you please look at the state of our schools and our children since God was removed from the schools?"

    Did God go someplace? As far as I've heard, "God" is still here. Don't blame crappy schools on "God" skipping out for whatever reason. Blame it on lousy parents who don't give a crap. Blame it on school levies that never pass. Blame it on federal mandates that aren't funded. Blame it on lousy teachers that get tenure. Blame it on a community that doesn't get involved. But don't blame it on the presence or absence of "God"; that's a cop-out!

  21. Stand by Jio - I'm gonna name call again.

    You are an idiot. I did not say God went anywhere. God is everywhere, but you and turds like you, have forced us to not mention Him in our schools. All of the examples you cite point to the removal of God from our daily lives. If people are raised to have faith in God, they behave better in society. Raised without the constant reminder of God, and they turn out to be lousy teachers that get tenure. It is, and has been, a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  22. So who is without "God"? You? Is that your excuse? If you all had "God" all this time, who are you blaming for misbehaving because they don't have "God"? Are you trying to say because you lost "God" you became a bad person? Are you saying that if you force your beliefs onto others, they'll behave? Were you a Marine for our side? You do understand our American thing about individual freedoms, right?

    So to summarize, you and your "God" friends all act bad because you can't force your "God" beliefs on others. Your own kids can't be educated in school because they don't get taught "God" at school and you won't give them "God" at home. Have you ever heard of taking credit for your own shortcomings and stop blaming others for your own failures?

  23. Jio,

    You are a lost soul - apparently you can't read English either - note that I predicted that several posts ago. In that you won't read anything to help you - I doubt I can help - but I can't let a lie stand.

    All of the Americans at the Constitutional convention had previously been English citizens. As such they were well aware of the damage done when England bounced back and forth between Catholicism and the Church of England. For that reason they declared that there wouldn't be an official Church of the United States. That is the intent of the First Amendment which in the very same sentence forbids Congress to interfere with the free exercise of religion. If you don't see that - you are truly possessed.

    The religious wars of England seared into Englishmen the memory of Kings and their toady church men just as the War Between the States is seared the memory of Americans. You have to understand the context of history beyond a simple recitation of events. You don't have such an understanding. I encourage you to read.

    Jefferson was a quirky Christian but a Christian none-the-less. The fact that he prayed, edited his own bible, and attended religious services in the Capitol building is not negated by one sentence uttered (or not) by him. One of the biggest problems with Jefferson (and why Democrats embrace him as the first true Democrat) is that he was a pathological liar. He wrote to the audience. Read "Founding Brothers; The Revolutionary Generation" by Joseph J. Ellis. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had a long and fruitful correspondence in which Jefferson lied frequently to John and his wife Abigail even though he had to know that they knew he was lying. It is really quite remarkable - that's probably why Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton's middle name is "Jefferson."

    There is overwhelming evidence that the people who founded this country were not only Christians but that it was the very basis of the National character. The very first thing that the very first Continental Congress did was pray:

    The other Founding Father who is typically thought of as irreligious is Benjamin Franklin - yet when the Constitutional Convention broke down into squabbling that threatened to blow it apart, Franklin rose to chastise the entire assembly that they had forgotten what had made them successful during the Revolution - devotion to God. At his urging they declared a day of prayer and ALL of them went to church. That broke the impasse and resulted ultimately in the US Constitution.

    You may be an atheist, you may be an agnostic, you may even be a horribly misguided man of some undeclared religion - but your hate can't change the facts.

  24. You're a piece of work, Jio. Forcing someone to not believe in God is as bad as forcing someone to believe. Not giving people the option is the worst crime. You and yours want no mention of God in public, denying people the opportunity to decide for themselves. I believe that me and mine are well behaved citizens. My children happen to get school and God at home. I take credit? for my own shortcomings, and don't blame you or anyone else for my failures. But I give credit for my successes to those who help me make a better world around me. My wife, my parents, my grandparents, a few of my teachers, and, believe it or not, God.

    Now, go away turd.

  25. 10th - If there really is no God - why do they care if we worship him?

    What is it about Christianity that threatens them?

    Why is the sight of a cross so hateful to them if it is meaningless in their world?

    We don't demand that they venerate it, so why do they care?

    If there is no God then presumably when we pray the prayer doesn't go anywhere - so how can it hurt an atheist?

    If the Constitution works - and it does - why do they care who we credit with the inspiration?

    I really do think that you have to be a lunatic to be a liberal. H-Nox is right - it is a mental disorder.

  26. CS,

    Atheism is a religion on its own. The followers of nogod want everyone to convert to their religion. I suppose it is human nature to want to be right, even when you are so wrong.

    It is my opinion that the sight and sounds of religion make them doubt their own stance. Mud and his followers (see what I did there?) will deny it with a religious fervor, but that's my opinion.

  27. least those who I know actually DO have a's called "The government".

    While people who believe in God, regardless of which one, turn to their version of God to guide their conscience toward making good decisions, the Athiest ALWAYS looks toward the government as a God to answer for their wants and needs.

    Most liberals are Athiests and, try...just try... to circumvent their God and cut a freebie program's budget!

    To a liberal, blasphemy is NOT believing in the government!
    And they'll go nuts on anyone who tries to be independent of it.

    Think about it!