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Monday, August 22, 2011

Apologies to J.O.B.

Recently, on a piece about Perry's theories on evolution, J.O.B. posted a comment that for some reason went into the spam folder.  I admit I am not anything like a computer geek, and have no idea why the comment went to spam, but I have decided it was J.O.B.'s use of the term "Bill Maher".  Such foul language as that should be censored, but the rest of his comment was really good, so I want to post it, and his attempt to repeat it, so that everyone gets a chance to read it.

Like Common Sense said, I am glad J.O.B. stumbled into our world.  His contributions are indeed worthwhile discussion, and I think they will help us all see things from his perspective.  Seeing things from a different perspective is not the same as agreeing with them, but being able to understand why someone feels the way they do at least allows us to respect their opinion.

Blogger J.O.B. said...

TGP- Before I jump into this bicker-fest, I feel I should let you know one thing. I too, am agnostic. With that said---------

Mud- This is what I was talking about on your blog. You viewed this blog, and left comments to purposely start a fight. I've been viewing and commenting on your blog for the past week. Noone here has left any comments trying to antagonize you. They haven't left comments period.
You know that all the people here believe in God. (except fo me of course) I believe they're all Christian, but I'm not sure. Why would you come here and leave a comment referring to the bible as gibberish? Did you ever think that the quote from Perry was him expressing his belief in religious freedom. You're no better than Bill Maher. If a belief in a god makes someone a better person, why would you attack him/her for it. Why would you call his whole belief structure gibberish? You, like Bill Maher need to start realizing one thing. Just because you are sympathetic to the racial equality of mankind, not to mention your "inherant" need to help the oppressed minorities of the world. You (Bill as well) are definitely not tolerant. I think your comment proves that.

So---On behalf of other agnostic/atheists, I would like to apologize for Muds tirade. I do not believe in the same thing you do, but I do respect you for having beliefs, even if they differ from mine.

CS- Can you post some sort of website or info. on these archeology digs. As I've said before, I'm always open.
Plus---I have to disagree with you about the proof of evolution. I don't know if anyone watches MMA, but their is a fighter named Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva. If this dude isn't the missing link, I don't know what is....LOL

P.S.- I will be posting on my blog tonight. It will be my political beliefs and ideas. Please feel free to visit and comment. I'm always open to discussion, and debate. Either here, or there. Good-night all.
August 19, 2011 11:58 PM
J.O.B. thought I had deleted his comment, so he tried again.  Although somewhat different, this comment makes use of some other examples of getting along:

Blogger J.O.B. said...

In that case I will try again.

TGP- before I jump into the fray, I would like you and your commenters to know that I am agnostic. With that said...........

M_R- This is what I was talking about on your blog. I've been a regular visitor for about a week, maybe longer. Noone here posted any antagonizing comments. In fact I didn't see a single comment published from anyone here. Yet, you feel the need to come here and start sh#t. You know the people here are religious, most likely Christian. Why would you come here and refer to the bible as gibberish. If a man/woman believes his/her religious beliefs make them a better person, who are you to tear that down? You probably believe that something makes you a better person. Have these poeple ever ripped on that? One day you will have to realize the same thing that Bill Maher should realize...................
You pride yourselves on your tolerance of other races and ethnic groups. Your belief in total equality. The welfare system and why it is necessary. And the inherant goodness in all.
What you fail to see, while you strive for your personal goals, is that you are in reality the most intolerant person I've come across since visiting these blogs. You hide under a cloake up openess and tolerance, at least until someone has a differing belief..........
And you mentioned how you thought you were out of Jr. High..... I don't see CS or anyone else here leaving comments on your blog about your mother............
I would just like to let you know that tolerance works both ways. Try being respectful of these commenters religious beliefs.

On behalf of agnostic/atheists, I would like to apologize for M_R comments. Even though I don't agree with your beliefs, I do respect you for them.

CS- Can you post a website, or some kind of info regarding those archeological digs. As I stated on your blog, I'm always open for discussion. Also, their is other evidence of evolution. I don't know if you watch MMA, but their is a fighter named Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva. If that guy isn't the missing link, I don't know what is.....LOL....

P.S.- I posted my political beliefs and ideas on my blog. Please feel free to visit. Maybe we can debate and discuss.
August 20, 2011 1:40 AM


  1. LOLOLOLO----------- You try writing a long comment back to back, Its hard. The 3rd one, I just gave up.........LOLOLOLO

  2. You know though - the fact that they are pretty much the same indicates that you are sincere.

  3. Yeah, but the 3rd one that went through was alot shorter....I was just tired of typin:)

  4. J.O.B.,

    The third one was a lot shorter, and after reading it I thought "Why is he getting upset over that little post getting 'lost'?" Sorry for thinking that.

  5. TGP- No apology necessary. It's not so much the length of the comments. It's the fact that I type 14 words per minute.

  6. J.O.B.,

    Wow! You can type that quick? I could type a lot quicker if the keys were further apart. These things aren't made for man hands.