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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If you are a politician, and you think S&P should not have downgraded the US Government's credit rating, you are a blathering idiot.

Why is anyone disputing this action by S&P?  Any fool that looks at the numbers, and at the spending habits of the US Government, must come to the conclusion that we have spent ourselves into a deep fucking hole.

Quit whining, and get to work to fix the problem.  America is still a AAA country.  The US Government is not.

The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking is probing Friday’s decision by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade America’s credit rating.
According to Reuters, an aide said the panel was gathering information about the S&P move, but so far no decision had been made on whether it will hold hearings on the issue. (RELATED: Clyburn: Downgrade a ploy to improve S&P’s standing in Europe)
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson, a South Dakota Democrat, railed against S&P’s decision in a statement released today.
“As the financial markets stumble, investors continue to regard Treasury debt as a safe haven in times of economic uncertainty,” Johnson said.
“This irresponsible move by S&P may, however, have spillover effects that tax the American people by increasing interest rates on home loans, credit cards, and car loans,” he added, “and by increasing the cost of finance for some state and local governments. I am deeply disappointed in S&P’s decision to enter into the game of political punditry.”

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  1. "Irresponsible move by S&P"?

    How about irresponsible spending by the government that has been warned time and time again?

    What these clowns are looking for is any dirt they can use to extort S&P into "revising" it's risk rating.
    Nothing but a bunch of scumbags trying to deflect the doings of the Obama administration.
    When ALL your creditors are saying the same thing... "You spend too much".
    Maybe you're spending too damned much and after repeated warnings, you're no longer trustworthy!

    The U.S government is no longer trustworthy when any investment in debt is worth less every day that those printing presses are running at the Fed.

    The interview of S&P's obviously shaken president yesterday spoke volumes.
    He knows he's a wanted man for the mistake of telling the truth.

  2. Did ya see where that fat assed libtard Michael Mooreon wants Jug Ears to arrest the CEO of S&P?

    These idiots are lost!

  3. From "Market Watch" - perhaps S&P thought that they had already paid their protection money:

    "When it comes to political contributions, S&P employees and their family members have largely favored Democrats over a roughly 20-year period. From 1989-2010, S&P employees and their family members made nearly $120,000 in total contributions — with 82% of that going to Democrats, according to data compiled by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation.

    Over almost the same time period (1991-2010), Moody’s employees and their families gave close to $113,200 to candidates, but weren’t as generous to Democrats. Sixty-four percent of those contributions went to Democrats, with the No. 1 recipient being President Obama. Obama was also the biggest recipient of money from S&P employees, netting more than $22,000. Moody’s employees gave Obama $15,155."

  4. Mike Moore wants to have the CEO of the S&P arrested...and meanwhile John Kerry goes on NBC and tells the media to stop airing the tea partiers viewpoints...the libs are grasping at straws to save their sinking ship.

  5. John Kerry should have his mouth sewn shut.

  6. No arguement there. He reminds me of a record being played on the wrong speed everytime he says anything.