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Friday, August 5, 2011

S&P Downgrades US Credit Rating

I hope all you RINO's are happy now.  You caved on the debt ceiling and the credit rating has been downgraded anyway.  Obama is somewhere laughing with Tim Geithner over how gullible you idiots are.  I guess I'd be laughing, too, if I just won two trillion dollars on a nothing bluff.

I hate to see what the jittery stock market is gonna do on Monday.  I guess I've lived long enough to get over all the money I lost in the market, cause I sure am glad I don't have any money in it now.


  1. From your apparent financial knowledge, Tenth, how do you see America moving forward and regaining our AAA rating?

  2. Thats easy, Mud. Tighten our belts, cut out all frivolous spending, balance our budget, and pay down our debt. Just exactly the same way households do it.

  3. Easy, mud...obey the Constitution and we immediately have a budget surplus.

    Eliminate all New Deal, Great Society, and Hope and Change programs.

  4. "...all the money I lost in the market"

    Somehow, after reading some of your economic suggestions, I don't picture you having any money in the market. Or are you talking about the time you lost your wallet in the Supermarket?

  5. Jio,

    I once made $10,000 in one day. That didn't happen again, but when the housing market was booming, I generally made good money. I had 42 employees and had between 3 and 7 jobs running at all times.

    When the market crashed, I had been investing for about a year and a half. Three of my children's accounts lost over $5000, and my wife and I lost over $10,000. I suppose you think that's chump change, but I worked my ass off for every penny of it.

    I'm pretty confident that I have more economic sense than you, and I'd be willing to bet that if I ran a poll with that question, I'd beat you easily.

  6. "How do you see America moving forward and regaining our AAA rating?"

    Getting rid of Obama from office would be a good start...but, I warned you on multiple occasions that this would be just one result of his policies.

    Another spot on prediction I'd say.

  7. TGP,
    You're trying to talk finance with a clown who believes that a weaker dollar will balance trade with China!

  8. Sepp said, Getting rid of Obama from office would be a good start...

    Oh, Sepp, I think that maybe you ought to have a CT scan to see if you [god forbid] have a brain tumor.

    Why don't you post on my blog any longer? Was it all of the hubbub over your military service?

    Tenth- what happened to your lucrative business? Too bad that you didn't get 'bailed-out' like the banks and Wall street, eh?

    Here's an interesting question- were you financially prepared just in case there was a financial disaster or had you not thought that this would ever happen to you?

    Did you get unemployment benefits? Did your many workers get unemployment benefits?

  9. Mud,

    My lucrative business folded because of the stock market crash. The type of people I built vacation and second homes for quit spending money when the economy tanked.

    Some of my employees did get unemployment, my wife included. I did not, however, being self employed I didn't qualify for unemployment.

    I would say that I was financially prepared for a small disaster. I had my housed burn completely down in '03, and I lost everything but the clothes on my back and what tools I had in my truck at the time, so I had to start over in '03 and was forced to cash in some of my investments to get back under a roof. Obviously that was a special circumstance, but I was preparing as much as possible for either retirement or disaster, whichever came first. But this disaster just keeps happening, doesn't it?

    If this economy doesn't start to really improve soon, I am probably going to lose my house. Unlike Congress, I will just default, because selling the house will not get me out from under the mortgage with the housing market like it is now.

    I didn't get bailed out, Mud, and I'm glad I didn't. Bail outs were wrong and still are. Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. I've made a lot of it the past 3 years or so.

  10. Sepp - you must have driven a good deal of traffic to mud's site. He's been begging you to come back to his blog on several sites.


    I bit - it is a total waste of time. It's nothing but a shower of abuse - and I know - you told me so.

  11. Muddy,

    Anything I post on your blog results in nothing but a bunch of bipolar reactions and juvenile behavior as opposed to any on topic dialog or, debate for the last year.
    I post there and find my entire postings edited and reworded with vile bullshit, put up with sophmoric insults towards my wife, kids, job, mother and, my military time.
    We managed to bicker and argue for years without that type of bullshit and remained pretty civil in the process.
    So , ask yourself muddy, Why would I want to continue posting there?

  12. You just can't argue with trolls because it requires the to go off-script.

    It's a mental disease. They can't help themselves. The poor lemmings.

  13. CS,
    I found it interesting that mud made YOU the topic of conversation but never ONCE answered your questions.

    The exchange of ideas is good but it needs to be polite and two way. As soon as us conservatives throw a comment that requires some thought then they freak out.

    They should take those Evelen Wood speed reading courses to check their script.

    Truth be told, the assholes are funny in a weird sort of way!

  14. Common Snse,
    As I've told you, at one time on muddy's site you actually could state your oppinion and, receive civil rebuttal as to why he thought differently on the issue. We seldom agreed but, never had to imbibe in juvenile crap nor did he put up with it.
    Nothing like it is today.

  15. H-Nox - It was pretty amazing. Mud was begging Sepp to come back so I drifted over there and was surprised to see them criticizing Obama! The Messiah all of a sudden was a "stooge" - I was awe struck. But apparently only they can pick on their stooge - you and I can't. They locked in to protect him pretty quickly.

    Sepp - They are probably up over a score of comments and only one guy took a drive by at the subject. I would love to have a psychologist read those posts.

  16. Criticizing St Obama over there?

    Are you sure you went to the correct blog?
    Last I checked, anyone who would dare question Obama was branded a "racist" there.

    Then again, I'll gamble without looking and wager that their complaints are limited to Obama NOT doing enough damage to America to please them.

  17. Ok, I broke down and peeked in and saw something funnier than hell...

    "Jeff- name calling? I’ll bet that you expected that kind of stuff ended when you and he left the playground in 6th grade, eh?
    Rather not. It is easier to name-call than to have an intelligent debate"

    Now THAT is funny comming from muddy!
    Feigning ignorance that his regular posters refrain from playground antics and name-calling!

    All anyone who would counter that bullshit claim of "taking the moral high ground" would have to do is review his blog history over the last year or, so!

    Common Snse,
    isn't it silly how the answers mirror the crap from msnbc shows but, lack the depth of a real answer when forced to go beyond a talking point?
    Then the "answer" becomes trying to pick you apart as opposed to actually finding an answer.

    I especially loved the...
    "Well media matters said..."

    THAT says it all right there!

  18. TGP,
    I've seen the products you create and happened to see a guy in the same boat as you with a chicken coop on a trailer parked in front of Home depot just a few days ago.

    $800 for his display on the trailer delivered or, $650 in cash built in your yard and folks were stopping to look.

    It takes balls to suck up a little pride and scale back in the hard times and remain self-reliant.

    An odd side of that, that mr muddy seems to miss is the fact that people are buying chicken coops to raise birds and gather eggs in quantities that haven't been seen since the 1930's in order to have a sustainable food supply in this OBAMA economy.
    I expect that as Obama continues, the demand for coops and home flocks will increase...along with the price of coops to keep them in.

    It may not be house builder money but, it's still independence.
    Kudos to you for your principles!

  19. Thanks, Sepp. I don't have to swallow my pride at all to build coops. I may not make as much money as I'd like, but I am often told that my coops are the best on the internet. You can't eat compliments, but they do make a difference.

    With only one exception, all the people I have met since starting CritterCagesNC have been great people. I did build one coop for a guy that oddly enough reminds me of Mud. An arrogant prick.

  20. Sepp - thanks for peaking. I have just about satisfied my curiosity. I won't have to go back there again.

    A psychologist would find the exchange fascinating:

    You say: "Obama is responsible for the loss of 2 million jobs."

    They say: "You're stupid and you mother is ugly. I win!!!"

    Arguing with morons isn't really my thing. All that is from people who if they met you in public would be as polite as their dysfunctional upbringing would allow.

  21. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.