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Friday, August 5, 2011

Poll Results In

For the past week, I have been running a poll on my blog.  After seven days, the results of the poll question, Is Obama an idiot, are overwhelming.  Apparently a large majority of my readers feel that Obama is a lying SOB.  Who woulda thunk it?


  1. I would have. After all, Tenth, look who posts comments here.

    Luckily there is no reflection of these opinions among the general public. What does that say about the people who voted in your poll?

  2. You had a chance to vote in it. Why didn't you?

  3. mud_rake,

    I'd rather be around the people who comment HERE than anywhere where you or your fellow libs are.

    Many here(and on my blog) are people whose families have served America for multiple generations. Served, not taken. Get the difference?

  4. Mud Rake,
    it just goes to show that the people who comment and vote here are more observant, patriotic, and educated (in the REAL world sense) than the general public.

    Just counting immediate family, cousins, in laws, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and many years of service to our country can your family show? Can you top 145 (including over 40 in combat) like I can?

  5. "(sic) it just goes to show that the people who comment and vote here are more observant, patriotic, and educated (in the REAL world sense) than the general public."

    News flash for ya pal, they're not any of those. If fact, most of them are pretty much the opposite, although I do find your use of the phrase "REAL world sense" interesting. I have the impression that many of them are in "another" world.

    I can easily top 145, including participation in all wars America has been involved in. And all of them fought for the very individual freedoms some posters here would like to deny their fellow citizens.

    And seriously, you don't see any problem with your polls. Do you get them from groups like the AFA ?

  6. Jio,

    I don't get my polls from anyone, I make them up. In a simple experiment to show that poll results can be managed to show what the pollsters want, I only provide answers that will allow voters to make my point.

    Polls are almost always rigged. Poll results are almost always skewed. But if you'd like, after this weeks poll, I will run an Obama approval poll, with answers of approve and disapprove. How will you vote in that one?

  7. The fact that anyone can still defend Obama and his idiotic policies while watching the effects taking place says a lot about how foolish someone can be.

    "Luckily there is no reflection of these opinions among the general public. What does that say about the people who voted in your poll?"

    Oh really? No reflection?
    How about those gallup polls that keep showing independent voters running away from Obama in droves?

    As for what TGP's poll says about those who voted in it...I'd say it shows that some people are paying attention to the "cause and effect" of Obama and his moonbat ideas on the country.

    How about that credit downgrade?
    How about that 237 billion being blown 1 day after the debt ceiling raise?
    How about that 9%+ unemployment rate?
    How about that war "that isn't really a war" that has been going on now for 6 months?

    Need more examples on what a stellar job your moonbat-in-chief is doing or, are you getting it now?

    Better yet, YOU provide some examples of how he's improved things!
    I'd love to see the list!

  8. Sepp,

    I'd bet he's improved sales of Tum's and Mylanta and other ant-acids.

  9. Tenth- I hate to burst your bubble about the 'results' of your poll, but clearly you do realize, don't you, that the 'results' are essentially worthless?

    I know how intensely you hate the president, but asking fellow-haters what they think about him is asking pigs if they like their tails.

    You really are using bottom feeder logic if you actually believe that this poll says something important. Please tell me that it really doesn't.

  10. Mud,

    Of course it doesn't mean anything. Only a fool like you would be worried that it does. The poll question and the possible answers were rigged to get a certain result, much the way real polls are done, but this one was for entertainment only. With your comments, now that its over, its still providing entertainment.

  11. The poll means nothing muddy. Other than the fact that the people who decided to vote in it have actually been paying some attention to what is becomming of the country.

    If you posted a similar poll on your site, the circle-jerkers would overwelmingly swear that Obama has been doing a stellar job...with no examples but, they'd agree it's great nevertheless.

    In the case that everyone here is missing something about the grand successes of the Obama administration that only posters from your site would understand...enlighten us all here as to what those successes are! which all the unions are getting exemptions from due to the fact that they're now seeing it's costs?
    His wonderfull philosophy on creating jobs via scaring the hell out of businesses with his wishy-washy day to day changing ideas?
    His hipocrissy on debt limits?
    His spending at triple the rate Bush did?
    His getting America's credit rating lowered for the first time ever?
    His getting more Americans on foodstamps than any other president in history?

    Enlighten us muddy! You must know something we don't about King Putt that keeps him deserving of your support!

  12. That dang Obama, demanding the end to the tax breaks for the wealthy to help restructure the repayment of the national debt. Thank God he only succeeded in giving the baggers the spending cuts they demanded. If the tax breaks had been ended on top of the spending cuts, our damn credit rating wouldn't have been lowered and what kind of mess would we be in then?

    (Oh, the lowering of the credit rating is a bad thing? Has anybody told the baggers? I know they were hoping for a total financial meltdown and then that dang Obama got in the way.)

  13. Jio,

    You're an idiot. The credit rating cut may save our country. Maybe now they'll have to live within their means and quit borrowing forty cents of every dollar they spend.

    Taxing the "rich" more will keep unemployment up. You don't believe that cause you're a liberal turd, but it is a fact. Rich people with money to spend create economies. Look it up.

  14. The credit rating downgrade is a direct result of our government being warned over and over again to get it's spending under control and failing to heed those warnings.

    The estimated cost of the downgrade is expected to be 75 billion per year in increased interest payments on our debt.

    Jeffio, before you open your mouth about "the baggers", keep in mind that they have been shouting for the last 3 years that the government is spending us into the grave while you "enlightened" liberals have been calling for increased spending while blowing off the warnings.

    Maybe The Ed show isn't really the best place to get your financial information.

  15. Sepp writes, keep in mind that they have been shouting for the last 3 years that the government is spending us into the grave...

    They sure were a learning-disabled group to have waited until GW Bush was out of office to start to complain about wild government spending. Perhaps they needed to attend some special-ed classes in order to 'catch-up' with the rest of us.

    Or maybe they were so inundated by right-wing propaganda from 24/7 AM radio that they were blinded to the financial mess that Bush/Cheney created during their 8 year spending spree.

    What do you think about my observation, Sepp???

  16. I think that any Obama supporter who can point at the four trillion that Bush spent over 8 years while giving Obama a pass for spending Five trillion in less than 3 years, should take a special ed class himself.

    Seriously, you spent eight years bitching about Bush and then use Bush's hated spending to justify Obama's?

  17. It is hilarious for someone who still hasn't learned the lesson to accuse anyone who has of being slow on the uptake. Get a grip, Mud. The TEA Party may have waited too long to start bitching about out of control spending, but spending is out of control. If you deny that simple fact, you are obviously suffering from Alzheimer's. And as much as I dislike you, I certainly hope you get a better exit strategy than that.

  18. T.G.P.- How would taxing the rich keep unemployment up. Especially taxing corporate profits made by sending jobs overseas?

  19. Hey J.O.B., back off! Just look how well the Bush tax cuts have worked so far.

    (Unemployment has been going down, right?)

    You should show more respect to this Tenth Generation Something or haven't you notice what a financial genius he is?

  20. Jio, thanks for the input. I would however appreciate a response from T.G.P.
    Let me tell you what I have noticed. I've been bouncing along certain right/left wing blogs & I've noticed that you, and some other Dems tend to get a bit hostile. You do not have a blog, so I really don't know what your ideas and beliefs are. So I'll ask you this.
    I live in the "ONLY" state that does not allow any kind of conceal/carry. Why should I not be allowed to carry? If I pass a backround check, testing, and safe carry procedure classes, what would be the problem?

  21. In Obamaland, they only want to make sure the thugs are armed...since the ones who actually CAN still vote will vote for Obama.

    JOB, you need to change that filthy state government you have in Il.

  22. J.O.B. - You did know that I was agreeing with you? I would consider myself a moderate Republican. I had never heard of Palin and remembered McCain as being labeled a maverick. I was very much afraid of Obama's lack of prior experience so I was left voting for McCain.

    As for being hostile, sorry. I do try to hold that in check as I think it is rude. Some of the people who post on these blogs are outright kooks so I have to be somewhat discreet.

    I'll probably regret telling this here, but I might be considered one of those people who benefit from the Bush tax cuts. HOWEVER, I would rather pay my fair share as most wealthy people really don't benefit from the tax cuts in comparison to their annual income. What puzzles me is that it seems the people who insist on keeping them aren't the ones who are in that bracket and they are the same ones who suffer the most because of the tax breaks.

  23. P.S. I am very much in favor of the right to bear arms. I'm a former member of the NRA (but still on their lists); I dropped out when I thought they lost their direction. I just hate the bloodshed when the wrong people get guns. We have been having a murder rampage here in Toledo lately.

    And to T.G.P. - Thanks for not censuring your blog. I may disagree with you sometimes, but I gotta respect a man to who listen to opposing views.

  24. Jeffio,
    You think you pass for a "moderate Republican"?
    Or, does it just depend on what blog you're posting on and which name you use when posting?

  25. See, That's all it took. Now we're all on a friendly basis again.

    As for the taxing the rich thing. I use more common sence than anything. It tells me that rich corporations will not reinvest in this country unless tax incentives and loop-holes benefit them. The only problem I have with my very own common sence is this, In the last three years, I just haven't seen the reinvestment in our country. So F##k them, and their incentives.

    Personally, I'm thinking a 11-14% flat rate income tax would work. No incentives, no refunds. That would include welfare. We would still need good people in Washington to not screw up this sudden influx of money. What do you guys think?

    Sepp- I'm trying brother. Through letters, N.R.A. movements, whatever I can think of. I've even been working with people at Yep, I'll even try running for a seat in the House of Reps. I may not be a lawyer, but I have a feeling that this country needs a few construction workers representing them. Until then, I'll treat my gun like a condom. Better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it.

  26. J.O.B,
    Check out the Ohioans for concealed carry site and, you can get info on the do's and don't do's of getting it passed in your state.

    As for "the administration" wanting to tax businesses harder, it's a global economy now and, taxing them hard can have them packing up and take their jobs with them to some other place that needs jobs and understands that a company hiring 1000 people who pay taxes is a better deal than taxing the company, getting no payroll taxes and supporting 1000 unemployed @ 22 grand a year.

    The left has a sick fantasy in thinking that punishing big businesses is "social justice" and that those businesses will just stick around and take it.

    Then again, the more people who become addicted to welfare will vote for the party that keeps on giving them a freebie.

  27. J.O.B.,

    Sorry for the late responses, but I just came in from a JOB of my own.

    Sepp said it pretty good - taxing corporations more actually encourages them to go elsewhere, or even overseas. Any new business that comes to your town dickers with the elected officials for incentives to bring that business to your town. Sometimes the business wants to be there bad enough to actually pay more, or invest in the infrastructure of the area in order to open up shop. Other times, a business will get tired of getting charged exorbitant taxes while the community leaders don't improve the infrastructure, so they look for a better place. Sometimes its taxes, sometimes its poor roads, or schools, or whatever.

    I'm glad you stopped by. I think you might actually add to the discussion.

  28. J.O.B.

    It is better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six.

    Also, when seconds count the police are minutes away.

    The founders deemed it a god given right that we should be able to protect ourselves. That's the "not infring" part. In other words government cannot take that right away from its citizens since it is not in government's jurisdiction.

    Unfortunately some don't believe in the Constitution. I hope that you do run and win. We need regular people in DC. The lawyers have fucked it all up.

    They would rather argue what the definition of "is" is than fix the mess that has been wrecked on this nation. Clearly we need less lawyers as our represenatives.

  29. Jio,

    If you are a "moderate republican" and former NRA member then pigs actually fly and there really are unicorns.

    Good grief.

  30. Amen to that, Hardnox. A few carpenters and horseshoers in DC would be a step in the right direction.

  31. "Jio" the phony moderate libtard while posting here.
    And, as "Jeff" the complete libtard at other places.

    As if it would go unnoticed.

  32. I don't like the flat tax idea as it would actually increase the taxes in the lower tax brackets.

    And Sepp, I think you might have issues that can't be addressed on blogs. I have no respect for you, but then I feel guilty for looking down on someone who might be mentally challenged. I really don't know if that's the case or you just like all the attention you don't get in everyday life.

    And as for being a moderate Repulican, if you only knew. Too bad I can't trust you.

  33. Jio,

    We all benefit from the Bush tax cuts, and if you don't believe that you are no kind of Republican, except that kind we true conservatives find repulsive, the RINO.

    If by the flat tax increasing taxes in the lower brackets, do you mean by that that the lower brackets will actually begin to pay taxes? If so, I am all for it. If everyone had "skin in the game" as your hero says, then we would start to fix this stupid government.

  34. "And as for being a moderate Repulican, if you only knew. Too bad I can't trust you."

    You don't need to trust me, just demonstrate it sometime and we might believe you.

  35. When President John F. Kennedy lowered tax rates for everyone, he said "A rising tide lifts all boats."

    You can't make poor people rich by making rich people poor.

  36. Hi everyone-

    I'm the one who brought up the flat tax. I think it would work. However it would have to include eliminating exemptions and loopholes.

    Jio- The lower tax brackers have as much to lose as the higher brackets if this countries economy collapses. Welfare IS income, and should be taxed as much.
    As for the ultra wealthy, if you close the loopholes and certain exemptions, they would actually be paying more taxes at 11% than they do under their current bracket.
    I grossed $84,500 last year. I only paid $1630 to the Fed. After union dues and taxes, I cleared just under $81 G.....And I don't even have access to the accounting firms that corporations do. I'm ready to do my part. All I'm saying is that we can not continue to expect the wealthy to solve everything. It's up to the middle class as well.

    C.S.- My idea is not for making poor people rich. My basic thought is that it is up to EVERY American to help pay off this countries "credit card" debt.

    I guess we could give exemptions to welfare recipients. They could continue to pay no taxes, however they should forfeit their right to vote. Just a thought.

  37. "I guess we could give exemptions to welfare recipients. They could continue to pay no taxes, however they should forfeit their right to vote. Just a thought."

    The left would never sign off on that because it takes away any incentive to vote democrat if they can't promise a freebie increase to keep em in the fold.

    Then, they're going to call you a racist who's trying to suppress the black vote...even though associating blacks with welfare is supposed to be "rayycist" during any other discussion.

    These people don't even want voters to show I.D to prove they're eligable and in the correct district!

  38. Sepp- They can call me a racist all they want. I will be more than happy to throw out a statistic they always throw at me. 'Their are far more white people on welfare than any other race'. I have looked it up and technically it's true. And yes the white welfare recpients would lose their voting privledges. Unless of course, they want to start paying taxes.

  39. Just so you know, when a liberal calls you a "racist", it's usually an indicator that they've exhausted all the bullshit answers they've been fed and, throw the word at you as an escape hatch to change the subject away from the topic and onto you denying being "racist".

    It's the liberal version of popping smoke and retrograding.