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Monday, August 15, 2011

From here on out Rick Perry has my vote to lose

Rick Perry in Iowa talking about campaign issues.  Notice he says Bush is a "Yell" graduate, while Perry is an Aggie.  He won my vote talking about the current BECS's understanding of the military family.


  1. TGP- I like this guy too. My biggest concern would be his stance on trade unions and collective bargaining. I'm not sure where he stands on that. If I could just find a Republican that believes in workers collective bargaining rights, I would be in heaven.

  2. J.O.B.,

    I'm going to disagree with you on collective bargaining. As both an employee and an employer, I believe in rewarding someone for excellence. Collective bargaining just lets turds "milk the clock." If a good worker threatens to quit, a good employer will negotiate to keep him. But anyone writing paychecks will be offended by having to write checks for poor performance.

    In order for a boss to pay an employee $10/hr, that employee has to bring in $15/hr. An employee that doesn't understand that is a drain on the productive employees. Collective bargaining is wrong.

  3. I don't know what experience you have with unions, but ours is not like that. If we perform badly, or are lazy, the contractor has every right to fire that person, our union does not force contractors to keep lazy people who do bad quality work. Those people usually get filtered through a few shops before having to find a new line of work. They usually try politics.......LOL

  4. My experience with unions is zero, but I am 100% opposed to them. I am a free man, and I speak for myself. I dislike the whole idea of unions, to me they are the same as street gangs. I feel the same way about political parties.

  5. JOB - My very first "real" job was a union job - I haven't supported them since. It is particularly bad when applied to the public sector - that has to be reversed. That ludicrous display in Wisconsin confirmed that. Even leftist FDR said that it was crazy to let government workers unionize.

  6. I need to examine this guy more before I can pass any real judgement.
    Sure he can make stirring speeches but, we already have a guy who can read lines and nothing else.

    As for unions, their original intent, fair wages, safe work envirionment, decent hours is just fine.
    The problem with the unions of today is that they constantly try to fleece the company that employs them.
    The union shops at some of the places I work have a saying...
    "Two grand a week for hide and seek" and, sadly in many cases it's true.

  7. CS- I see where you're coming from. My wife is a surervisor for Cook County dispatch center. I can't believe how incompetence is protected where she works. As for the 'Wisconsin' incident, I do agree with having to pay into your own pension and health ins. I do, police departments here do, including Chicago. But I still believe in the concept of collective bargaining.

    Sepp- It's hide and seek for a grand a week, not two....LOL. I'll admit we have those workers in our trade, but they seldom work. And with the tough economic times most have moved on to more lazy careers.

  8. J.O.B.

    Peaceful assembly is protected under the Constitution. What isn't protected is advantaging unions against employers, corporations, government, and tax payers. That's were we got badly unbalanced.

    The insanity of Wisconsin is not protected free speech. They trashed the Capitol, prevented law abiding people from going to work, and interrupted the functioning of government. It bordered on Revolution and should have been decisively put down.

    Unions should not be protected any more than TEA movement protests are protected. A union member's right to peacefully assemble does not shield him from the consequences of his actions.

    I have a buddy at Verizon who has to deploy up to New York to protect people and property from union thugs. Those thugs are stealing and destroying equipment, breaking into communication sites, cutting fiber runs, and intimidating people who are trying to go to work. That activity is criminal and not a "right" of a working person.

    Sorry to be preachy - unions are badly misguided today and unfortunately all of my interface with them has been entirely negative. I worked in the telecommunications industry - and within a single company we had different procedures for dealing with the union part of the company than with the rest. I think you can guess which part was easier to deal with, had shorter installation intervals, and were more customer focused.

    My opinion for what it's worth. I doubt that anyone in a union is going too be swayed by my argument - but you are paying a premium to be in a union and some of it goes to work against your best interest. Look at all the money that unions paid out to Barack Obama to get him elected - kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.