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Monday, September 5, 2011

"New Way Forward"

Check out this story.  Obama is a fool, but the people of Detroit, possibly the highest unemployment rate in the nation, are complete dolts.  They actually want Obama re-elected?  You can't fix stupid.  Or can you, Gunny?

President Obama called for Congress to "get on board" with more infrastructure spending and a new round of middle-class tax cuts Monday, as he delivered a campaign-style speech that served as a warm-up to a vital jobs address later this week.
Interrupted repeatedly by chants of "four more years," the president marked Labor Day in Detroit at a rally with the nation's top labor leaders. He used the address to underscore his alliance with the labor movement -- at a time when cracks are starting to show -- and preview some of the proposals he'll outline during a speech Thursday before a joint session of Congress.

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So it sounds like "New Way Forward" must have worked in the poll testing - so this will be one of the new slogans. Is this Obama's way of admitting that the old way in fact made us go backwards? Because we know he is too arrogant to actually admit anything that he did was wrong.

I can't wait to hear this idiots ideas on job creation, that took him three years to come up with.  God help us if Detroitians get their way.  My computer told me that Detroitians isn't a correct spelling, but one of the suggested fixes was deterioration.  I don't think that's a coincidence.

How about our non-working families there, Bub?


  1. Tenth,

    Detroit is what you get with the confluence of unions and democrat (socialist, progressive, liberal, whatever) "leadership." It creates destruction and chaos every time they try it.

  2. 10th,
    Sounds like the same old shit, different day... snore.

    I'm guessing that Detroit is the only city left with enough supporters.

  3. He still has the voters of Detrut, Filthadelphia, and Chicago because the unions own those cities, no matter the consequences

  4. "My computer told me that Detroitians isn't a correct spelling, but one of the suggested fixes was deterioration"
    Ha probably the funniest thing I have ever heard(or at least read) thanks for the quote of the week.

    Oh yeah almost forgot "Four more years, four more years"..... without him

  5. I wonder if they were bulldozing Detroit down around him while he spoke.


  6. He decided on speaking in Detroit because it's residents not only believe that food stamps and unemployment checks are good for the economy, they're living proof!