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Friday, September 23, 2011

Uh, congrats Willard?

I watched last nights debate and was frankly disgusted with Perry's performance.  I think Santorum will be my new favorite, but with zero backing from the press, and the apparent RINOism of a majority of registered Republicans, he doesn't have a shot.

On Frank Luntz' panel of "Republican" voters, a large majority of them are now behind Romney, who Perry accurately called a liar.  If the people are going to be fooled by this tool, our nation is lost.  God save America.

I really enjoyed Governor Johnson's performance, and I found myself really wishing Ron Paul wasn't crazy.  If Paul would quit blaming America for Arabs hating us, I'd vote for him.  But alas, he's nuttier than Sheila Jackson Lee.

Newt pulled off some good stuff, but he's hornier than Bill Clinton (with way better tastes in women).  I cannot vote for a man that cheats on his spouse.

Herman Cain came back big last night.  He abused the hell out of Obamneycare with his personal story.  However, he's a wealthy man and can afford good healthcare.  I liked his ideas on health savings, but I think I prefer the outlawing of insurance altogether.  Ron Paul got it right in the last debate.  Get help from your church and your community, leave the Feds out of it.

I am afraid the RINO's are going to put Romney in the nomination.  If they do, win or lose, America is fucked.


  1. Tenth,
    I don't get cable but I disagree with you that Romney will get the nod.

    #1 he wants the job too much, and #2 he a Northeast liberal.

    71% of republicans identify themselves as conservative and Willard ain't it.

    Perry may not be a conservative on record alone but I believe him to be conservative in heart.

    These debates are nothing more than soundbites for public consumption akin to keeping score in an NFL game.

    As the other candidates drop out the issues will get more defined.

  2. Tenth,

    I think that there is a danger that Romney may sneak up and steal this one because the conservative vote remains fractured.

    In my opinion if someone is currently pulling for Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, or Rick Santorum - when those actors fall out (as they surely will) I don't think that person will easily transfer their loyalty to Romney. Governor Perry is the obvious choice.

    If I had Gov. Perry's ear I would tell him to ignore both Romney and Bachmann and focus on Obama. I also would fire all the debate coaches. They are no doubt filling his head with BS one-liners and factoids and the guy we need to see is Rick Perry. You know Rick Perry didn't read Mitt's book (I don't know anyone who did) so Perry didn't come up with the difference between the hard cover version and the paperback. That was some "professional" campaign adviser that fed him that line. Screw that crap.

    I was thinking last night that I would love to see Governor Rick Perry turn to Romney and say "F**k you Mitt." That would have brought the crowd up out of their seats with applause.

  3. I do agree that Perry dropped the ball and he missed on nailing Romney in a lie about his book. Perry WAS right on that one.

    His stance on illegals SUCKS but overall, can I live with Perry, especially if he pulls in Rubio as VEEP?

    Fucking A.

  4. Common Snse,

    I agree. A "F YOU MITT" would have been awesome.

    We NEED someone with fire in their belly AGAINST Obama and that is Perry, so far.

  5. I don't think that Ron Paul is so much "crazy" as he is frustrated. I like Dr No's constitutional stance and his views on financial policy.

    He take a rap for being crazy because he stated that one of the reasons we're having problems with islamic nutcases is due in part that they hate having American influence and policy wreaking havoc in the mideast.

    The problem with labeling him as a nut on that issue is the fact that he was paraphrasing what Bin Laden had stated as HIS reasons for hating America and the media turned it into being Paul's words alone.
    Paul also stated that we have to secure our borders BEFORE we can even consider any new immigration policy while most others seem to think that blanket amnesty won't cause our borders to be overrun while they remain open.

  6. Sepp,

    I agree that Paul was just paraphrasing bin Laden, but I don't like his attitude towards the war on terror. I think he's crazy to think Jihadis will leave us alone if we just pull back to our borders and quit "influencing" them. They want to kill us, period. I believe we should just go ahead and kill them first.

  7. -Sepp,

    I think that Ron Paul would be a lot more respected if he talked about 25% less. I got a kick out of his answer to that one question about the 10th Amendment - one sentence about vetoing any bill that violated the 10th Amendment.

    That is indeed the answer to the question. "What would you do as President to protect the 10th Amendment?"

    His answer was crisp, accurate, and his plan was imminently reasonable. But the moderator said, "Congressman Paul you have more time remaining" and Paul leaped right into crazyville.

    Whenever I listen to him - I agree with him about 75% of the time - then he runs off the deep end.

  8. I'll agree with you CS on the talks too much issue.

    TGP, I don't think his plan is to just let the islamonuts run rampant and, popping them in wholesale quantites wouldn't bother me none too much.