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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan Wouldn't Make Huge Dent in Jobless Rate, Economists Say

I am getting pretty damn sick of the stupidity displayed by our publicly elected officials.  Barak Obama, after three years of doing nothing, has come up with a plan to do, nothing.  Obama doesn't understand his role in creating jobs, and there is a very simple explanation why he doesn't.  He has never had a job.  As a "community organizer" (a position filled by volunteers in any normal community), he didn't have any responsibility.  No one oversaw his "organizing" and decided whether or not he was making the "community" a profit.  Like most government jobs, he simply showed up, shuffled some papers from his desk to an underlings desk, played squash after lunch, had cocktails with his superiors at 4, and went home to Moochele at 5.

He had no deadlines.  He had no quotas to fill.  He had no reason to worry whether he would be paid.

The President feels that creating government jobs is creating economic stimulus.  He could not be more wrong.  There is not a single government job, at any level, that turns a profit for the company.  Not one.

Creating Wealth

Destroying Wealth

Notice the difference in the two photos?  One guy is doing something, and the other guy is full of shit.  We need more of the first, and none of the second.


  1. With Obama, other than the outright ineptness and, his bad ideas, his main problem in solving the joblessness issue is the fact that he can never put a policy into stone.

    I'm going to raise taxes....I'm going to give tax breaks...I'm going to cut the red tape...I'm adding new regulations, etc.

    The idiot is so beholden to his sleazbag neo-communist followers that he knows exactly what will fix the economy but, fears losing his "hate America first" base of staunch followers.

    And just like every other politician, he still hasn't figured out that this isn't 1977 anymore and everything they say is easily replayable unlike the past where if you missed it, you missed it.
    So when he's addressing a middle of the road group of citizens and says something and, later on tells his socialist groupies the opposite, people know about it immediately.
    Especially us bitter clinger types.

  2. Tenth,

    I heard a fascinating exchange on the radio the other day with Newt Gingrich and one of the pundits. Newt made the point that Obama may very well be "brilliant" (he doubted it) but Newt observed that Obama doesn't seem to learn anything. In that regard he's like most Liberals (Socialist, Progressives, Democrats, whatever) - here we have absolute proof that his policies bring misery and destruction and his answer is to double down on failure.

    I'm not sure that it's useful to make a distinction between someone who is a moron and someone who is incapable of learning - I could go with either alternative now.

    You have to either accept that he is incapable of grasping the reality of his actions . . . . or you have to admit that he's stupid. Of course - there is the "All of the above" alternative too.

  3. CS,
    The clown was spoon fed leftist bullshit since he fell out of the's all he knows and, it's all he understands.

    He's completely stunned that all the Marxist crap he grew up believing really doesent work in the real world and, he's clueless as to why it keeps failing.

    The reason he can't pull off the crap his Soviet idols were able to do lies in the fact that he just can't use intimidation, coercion and, a gulag system to force our armed populace onto the trains who resist his crap.
    He isn't stupid by any means. Every America-hating scumbag knows that destroying the economy facilitates the birth of totalitarian government after the monetary / economic system collapses.

    The left is counting on the rebirth to be socialism / communism.

    How do I know this?
    I read their blogs and, listen to their blather.

    For all of Obama's failings...or what a rational person would consider you hear or, read any liberals pointing out that abject failure and exclaiming their disappointment?

    No, because total disintegration of our system of government, value system, way of life, economy, military strength and power is exactly what these scumbags have been calling for...and exactly what they've been getting!

    No sir, Obama isn't an idiot,
    he's delivering!

    He's just clever enough to keep up the appearance of playing the inept idiot role for OUR consumption.

    Far fetched? Think about it.

    This shit isn't just accidental ineptitude being committed by some dumb and misguided socialist waif.

    Every country knows that America could never be beaten militarily but, our economy in the hands of someone who would breed uncertainty into it and madate policies to undermine it COULD bring America to her knees.

    We knocked off the Soviet union because their communist economy couldn't maintain it's empire AND be a welfare state at the same time...meanwhile, our government isn't only expanding and encouraging a greater welfare state, it's creating the conditions for it!

    Sorry for the length of this rant TGP!
    I get on a roll sometimes!

  4. Sepp,
    Well said and I agree with your theory.

    A great many Americans have woken-up, maybe not to your theory, but they know that socialism isn't working. We have 13 months left. I hope there is still time on our side.

  5. I'm starting to wonder how well An economist would do with the presidency. All these politicians seem to have been lawyers at one time or another. But how about an award winning Economist. Walter Williams, who is an Economics professor at George Mason U. comes too mind.

    I'm wondering if someone like that would be more fit to get this country out if it's current bind.

  6. Johnny,

    What does an economist do? I prefer someone who actually does something for a living. A person that creates wealth, you know, like a carpenter or a mason. Someone who actually builds things, creates a product, not someone who just talks about it.

  7. Job,
    We may not need an economist as president but we certainly need a president who will take and use the advice from an economist.

    Obama's advisors have surprises there...socialist nutbags as damned near every other advisor or, czar has been.

    Point being that you can't hire a communist to fix a capitalist economy and expect a favorable outcome.