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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iran Has Mountains? Who knew?

Our good friend and liberal mentor, Mud, is just learning to do research, so we should all applaud his efforts.  However, he is still not very good at it, so I am going to help him make his point.

Recently, Mud left a comment on the Occupy Toledo post that really doesn't fit in, so I will dedicate a new post to address Mud's concerns.

Commander-in-Chief Herman Cain: ""Remember when you talk about attacking Iran it is a very mountainous region."
Now, I admit I have no idea what Mud is attempting to point out, but by using Mud's history of being a liberal jackass, I can assume he means to denigrate Mr. Cain's intelligence in some way.  Not wanting to run off at the mouth, like Mud does, I did a little research on Iran, and surprise, surprise, it is absolutely covered in mountains.  So obviously, Mud isn't trying to say Cain is stupid, so what is he implying?

I googled the quote Mud cited, and found the whole comment.  When viewing the whole statement, it appears that Mr. Cain was making the case that intelligence would be vital in attempting to pre-emptively take out Iran's nuclear weapons program.

"Remember, when you talk about attacking Iran, it is a very mountainous region. The latest reports say that there may be 40 different locations, and I would want to make sure that we had a good idea from intelligence sources where these are located," Cain said during a debate.

After viewing several maps and reading several articles on Iran's topography, I have come to agree with Mr. Cain.  Iran is a very mountainous country.

Iran is located in southwest Asia and borders the Gulf of OmanPersian Gulf, and Caspian Sea. Its mountains have helped to shape both the political and the economic history of the country for several centuries. The mountains enclose several broad basins, or plateaus, on which major agricultural and urban settlements are located. Until the 20th century, when major highways and railroads were constructed through the mountains to connect the population centers, these basins tended to be relatively isolated from one another.
Typically, one major town dominated each basin, and there were complex economic relationships between the town and the hundreds of villages that surrounded it. In the higher elevations of the mountains rimming the basins, tribally organized groups practicedtranshumance, moving with their herds of sheep and goats between traditionally established summer and winter pastures. There are no major river systems in the country, and historically transportation was by means of caravans that followed routes traversing gaps and passes in the mountains. The mountains also impeded easy access to the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.

The topography of Iran consists of rugged, mountainous rims surrounding high interior basins. The main mountain chain is the Zagros Mountains, a series of parallel ridges interspersed with plains that bisect the country from northwest to southeast. Many peaks in the Zagros exceed 3,000 metres (9,843 ft) above sea level, and in the south-central region of the country there are at least five peaks that are over 4,000 metres (13,123 ft).

In conclusion, I must admit that Mud is just an idiot.


  1. Tenth,

    There you go with facts again. You are going to turn Mud_PILE back to his hit-and-run childhood pranks of old.

    Liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever) don't really do research. They generally have an almost religious zeal for their feelings. Mud_PILE can't come to grips with someone who thinks differently from him as liberalism is his religion. He doesn't know why - it just is. He will ridicule your faith in God - but he has the exact same faith in liberalism.

    Generally a conservative has through experience and study to come to a point where he can defend his position with logic and facts. That position is a conclusion based on fact. Another reason why Mud_PILE hates it when we bring up history - they always lose that argument. A liberal can't look at history and come up with any "wins."

    Plus - I'm sure that Mud_PILE feels completely out of place when he leaves his echo chamber - no doubt that's why he is pleading piteously for you to return. The last time I was there his sycophants all clustered and you could read it in their posts "Now we've got you!" Then they just stop - they don't have anything constructive to contribute.

    At least Mud_PILE now knows that there are mountains in Iran.

  2. In conclusion, I must admit that Mud is just an idiot.

    Interesting conclusion, Tenth. Let me raise your IQ a notch or two:

    Herman Cain is a jackass moron who has no business attempting to assume the Commander-in-Chief of the United States. His knowledge of foreign affairs and/or international political intertwining would fit into a thimble.

    He's a hack, attempting to sell books and inflate his speaking fees. Sorry that you feel that he would make a great Commander-in-Chief.

    The quote I dropped on your idiotic "Occupy Toledo" thread was meant as an insult to Cain and his total lack of any foreign policy credentials.

    Most 6th graders know that Iran, Afghanistan and all of the other "stan-stans" are part of the rugged mountain ranges of Central Asia.

    I'm wondering if Cain spent last evening on Wikipedia 'learning' about that region of the world.

    His dopey statement that you copied, I would want to make sure that we had a good idea from intelligence sources where these are located," proves that he has no concept of the fact that Israel 'knows' in excellent detail the location of each and every potential Iranian nuclear site. And, most assuredly, our C.I.A. and the Pentagon have the same information- supplied to us by the IDF and Israeli Intelligence Corps.

    "Big mountains." Doesn't Cain know about satellites, or is he living in the 19th century?

  3. Mud,

    Barak Obama:

    is a jackass moron who has no business attempting to assume the Commander-in-Chief of the United States. His knowledge of foreign affairs and/or international political intertwining would fit into a thimble.

    He's a hack, attempting to sell books and inflate his speaking fees. Sorry that you feel that he would make a great Commander-in-Chief.

    I have a hard time understanding why you think Obama has any foreign policy credentials. Cain has at least as much as Obama.

    Israel and the US may know exactly where all of Iran's weapons sites are, but YOU prove to be an idiot once again. Those satellite images you see in the movies are not real. Real satellite images are very open to interpretation, and we all know how nuts like Achmadingbat like to hide shit in schools and hospitals.

    Why are you such a miserable old shit?

  4. Tenth,

    And you will note that he did it all without presenting a single fact in that entire rant.

    You see - you have to believe him because that's how he feels. He just knows. He has no substantive rationale to believe the way he does - it's just that way because Mud_PILE is so much smarter than the rest of us.

    He is a liberal through and through. He's got an opinion on everything and not a single fact to back him up.

    The irony of your response will be lost on him, because liberals don't understand irony either. It will go right over his head that Herman Cain had more useful and relevant life experience to be President 35 years ago than Barack Obama has today. Cain learned more every year after that, but one can't same the same for Obama.

    We could prove it too if we ever actually could see Obama's grades, the manner in which he was accepted to various institutions, and through life experiences. Cain hasn't ever voted "present."

  5. Even if we THINK we know where all of the sites are, there are ways of decoying or fooling sat images.

  6. Here's a question for Mr. Cain:

    If/when Israel takes out another suspected [or known] Iranian nuclear site, processing center or other nuclear-related site, and Iran strikes back [3 AM phone call] , what would you do about that situation?

    Would you even answer the phone? Or tell the general to call extension 999 later in the morning when your 'foreign affairs adviser' is in his office?


  7. Mud_PILE,

    Are you having a tough time coming to terms with Mr. Cain being all Black? Why you sound absolutely racist. Your inner KKK is showing - after all they were all Democrats (Liberals, progressives, socialists, whatever).

    I assure you that Mr. Cain's appearance is only due to the abundance of melanin in his skin. Skin color is not an impairment to judgment.

    Cain has undoubtedly received more 3 AM phone calls than Obama has. Indeed there isn't any evidence that there is a phone on Barack's side of the bed. Why would you call Obama instead of the guy who feeds the teleprompter? They probably call the teleprompter guy first and then call Barack when the teleprompter is ready to roll.

    Michelle is rumored to have a hotline to the White House travel office and Five-Star caterer on her side of the bed.

  8. Mud_Rake is dumber than a bag of dog crap. Not to mention that he is a racist and probably an anti semite, if he is anything like the rest of his ilk.

    As for Obumfvck being a great C-in-C?

    BWHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA! That pvssy could not fight his way out of a thick fog much less lead a platoon of thirsty Marines to free beer. He has sold us and GB out with missile codes to Russia as well as the failed nuclear disarmament treaty where Putin took Boy Butthole to the woodshed and did him like the pedophile Frank Marshall Davis used to do!

  9. Common Snse,

    Good point. It took Obumfvck FOUR DAYS to decide to whack four Somali pirates! It would have taken me four NANOSECONDS to decide and I would have asked to man one of the rifles! haha

  10. Gunny,

    I would have beat your four nanoseconds by having a standing order that all pirates be shot on suspicion. That should keep the Somali's off the water.

  11. Tenth & Co.,
    Why do you bother to play with morons? It is a waste of time other than proving a point that has already been established long ago.

    I too relish bashing libs but mud isn't even fun anymore.

    Frankly I hope mud over-eats tomorrow, then later develops a massive gas attack, then while relaxing lights up a cigar and blows himself up ridding us of his useless leftist dribble that adds nothing to the conversation.

    Not once has he ever answered a direct question. He's a hateful old punk and nothing more.

  12. Hardnox,

    I can't help myself - can't leave a lie on the table. Plus Mud_PILE makes it too easy - he's always wrong, he rarely understands why, and he is utterly incompetent at defending himself.

  13. Yes, and I wish you very good christians a Happy Thanksgiving, too.

    Jesus weeps.

  14. Hold on guys, Obama gathered plenty of foreign policy experience when he was 5 years old living in Indonesia and, even more while he was traveling on his Indonesian passport (while somehow still a US citizen) on vacation to Pahkee-stahn.
    Then he learned even more when he gave the prime minister of Britain a dvd box set that won't play in the UK and, he also picked up even more experience while he gave the Queen an ipod of his greatest hits and signed the wrong year in the Westminster Abbey guestbook.

    The guy is a genius.

    And he has wayyy more job experience than Herman Cain...ever seen Cain race hustle a bank into giving a loan to a guy without a job? Noooo!

    And leadership?
    Look at the idiot Herman Cain...working his ass off to get ahead all his life!
    A real leader can use other people to prop him up and hype him into leadership positions while making sure he never has to make a decision on his own!
    THAT is a true leader...being smart enough to game your way through the system instead of working your way through!
    And if anyone ever questions your leadership...have your minions shout "RACISM!" loud and often!

    I'll bet Cain doesent even have a race card!
    What an idiot!
    What a dumb "N"-word!

    Some leader eh muddy?

    Obama could run national companies, chair a federal reserve branch, design missiles for the Navy, turn failing businesses around and make them profitable with half his brain tied behind his back!
    And dumb ol Herman has only written one book about himself...and, he was dumb enough to write it himself annnnnnd, he didn't even take 2 years off in Bali to do it!
    What a fool!

  15. Mud,

    What the hell is your problem? You are such an asshole that you even have to pick a fight on Thanksgiving. You're right, Jesus weeps, for your sorry ass.

  16. Tenth,

    Mud_PILE is a liberal - that's what they do.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I always have trouble spelling the word, 'hypocrite.' Did I spell it correctly this time, christians? The reason that I ask you christians is because you seem to be experts in hypocrisy.

    Jesus loves you.

  18. Mud_PILE,

    I hate to break it to you - but Jesus probably thinks you are a wicked scumbag. I can't wait until you meet him. You won't be happy with the result.

  19. Muddy, you should know that word better than anyone since damned near every point you and your moonbats on your site try to make is pure hypocrissy most of the time.

    Everything is wrong unless Obama does it, right?