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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Culture of Assdouchery

Could not be more on the money.  Sloth and envy are ruining our world, not just our country.  How do we make it stop?

By the way, a new poll is up and waiting for answers.


  1. Tenth,

    Who is this guy? He nailed it. Assdouchery... that's too funny.

  2. According to our moonbat contributor Jeffio, those OWS slugs are "his kids" and "he couldn't be more proud of them".

  3. Hardnox,

    Adam Carolla is a comedian. He used to host a show on the comedy channel with Jimmy Kimmel, called "The Man Show". He's pretty anti-PC, and he's pretty funny. As this rant proves, he's not stupid, either.

  4. Sepp,

    I would not doubt that Jeffio's kids are a drain on society. From what I've deduced about the asshat, his kids would be about my age. But they may be younger, as he has mentioned his wife was a Desert Storm era vet. Of course, my belief in anything he says is about zero.

  5. Tenth,

    This is great! I spent many a night's watching the Man Show and Adam can be hilarious! It was also nice to find out he's a pretty sharp fella! He nailed this one!

  6. TGP- Consider me prejudice, but you forgot a term on your poll....Please add PILE.

  7. Sorry, Johnny. I knew something was missing.

  8. Johnny,

    It says I can't edit the poll cause someone has already voted. I'll come up with a new one next week with PILE against this weeks winner.