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Thursday, December 8, 2011

He's done it before, so I probably won't put much faith in it, but MudPILE has decided to no longer exchange pleasantries with me.  He apparently thinks it is hopeless to try to turn me into a liberal assdouche in his own image.  Oh, well.

Apparently our liberal friend Jeff(io) has also decided not to be part of our discussion group anymore, citing paranoia and schizophrenia as his reasons.  He will not be missed.

August 29, 2011:

mud_rake said...

I am giving you a 'Welcome Back' gift, Tenth. I am exiting this blog.

Best wishes on a good life.

December 8, 2011 (from Man with the muckrake blog):

My last attempt at discovering intelligent life in the right-wing of the GOP was my search for it among the right-wing blogs. I spent quite a few days, months really, focusing my telescope on that segment of biological organisms, looking anxiously, hopefully for some sign, even the most minute indication of minimal higher-level brain functioning. Yet, there was none. No evidence, no indication thereof.
As a result I have turned off my radio telescope. Not because of lack of interest, mind you, but for lack of  hope.

I guess we'll be hearing from these two moonbats in time to spoil Christmas.


  1. No doubt we will. He didn't keep his promise from August.

    Apparently, you and Johnny pushed him over the edge.


  2. I think it was more to Johnny's credit. Mud seemed to have some belief that Johnny was as liberal as Mud. Johnny has some liberal tendencies, but I think he's curable. Mud must have finally realized Johnny is on the path to enlightenment and will never turn back.

  3. The only hope for all Liberals:

    "Those who fight and run away; after a while, realize they ran away from the intelligent back to the stupid and then return again another day."
    He'll be back....Sh*t!

    FYI: I've ran into the Mud before. I didn't know Jeff; but it is most admirable of him to be so forthcoming and admitting he is paranoid and suffers from schizophrenia and cannot take the heat in your kitchen. It takes a man of strong character to admit that!

  4. Character is something Jeff is, not something he possesses.

  5. Tenth,

    Mud_PILE ran away because even he can't stand himself after awhile. But not to fear - in addition to being a hypocrite, he's also a liar. He'll be back - he can't help himself.

  6. Yeah, I'll enjoy the break. I hope he'll stay away until after the New Year.

  7. I think ol Jeffio is trying to wait until we forget (or, stop laughing at) his last moonbattish posting on my page before opening his trap around us again.

    He'll be much better off spouting his foolery over at the Church of St Muddy and later day Moonbats where inane agreement is king.

    As for muddy, I spent a few years tossing logic and facts at his coven of crackpots who blissfully live in denial of anything they don't want to hear regardless of the evidence presented.
    Muddy may have gotten insulted here but, unlike those of us who posted on his page, he was at least offered logical rebuttal to his posts whenever he wasn't just trolling.

  8. Mud split because that is what libtards do when confronted with facts that they cannot deny. Rather than LISTEN and CONSIDER they're wrong, they flee back to their echo chambers with the other asswipe libs.

  9. Common Snse,

    You nailed it brother. Libs flock to our sites because they know deep in their tiny brains that WE ARE RIGHT! They deny it but keep coming back like moths to a flame.

  10. I'm sure they're circle-jerking their accolades while trying to out-moonbat and one-up each other's libnut statements over at muddy's moonbase.

    I guess he and Jeffy / Gio / Northwest ohio Nitwit need some time away from the reality based rebuttal that has caused them to blow fuses and shit frisbees so often around here.

    Don't worry, after a few days, they always seem to claw their way free of the butterfly nets and pull a few hit and runs until the meds are gone again.

  11. TGP- He sunk to a new low today. I will be posting about it.