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Sunday, March 4, 2012


When will we see Obama singing this tune?  The rest of us having been singing it for three and a half years now.


  1. Busted? Obama?? Oh, you pathetic dreamer! Dream on, Tenth and Posse. Dream on in your disconnected bubble universe.

    Out here in the REAL world, Obama is on the fast train to reelection. Sorry to wake you up, pal.

    1. Please do not operate any heavy equipment or motor vehicles in your condition.

  2. Mud_PILE,

    What is it about Obama that you like?

    Please give us some indication of what he has done to help this country?

    He and his fellow democrats virtually crippled the country for two full years while they controlled everything. Jobs were his "number one priority" yet he expended all his political capital on Obama-care.

    He is an economic and freedom wrecking-ball.

    During the run-up to the passage of the Stimulus debacle the CBO said that we would be better off without it - and their projections have been prophetic.

    Had it not been for the election of 2010, Obama would have propelled us even deeper into financial ruin. He was following the FDR model. Progressive Herbert Hoover triggered a Depression, but it took democrats to make is "Great."

    You're just bluster and BS - see you in November - that's when it counts.

  3. "Obama is on the fast train to reelection."

    Are you trying to convince us...or, yourself of that?
    You Obamaphiles seem to believe that as long as you can steer the conversation away from Obama's record, it'll all work out.

    In 2008, he had no record...or even a resume for that matter.
    In 2012, your historic president will have to explain his historic debts, his historic unemployment, his historic failure.

    Change you can believe in is now a record you can't run from.

  4. Denial. Deep denial. Yet, gentlemen, your entire adult life has been a denial, I suspect.

    Why is it that you live in some dream world, an isolate bubble where reality doesn't matter?

    Is it a safe place for you? Are you more comfortable, less anxious inside that make-believe space? Is is like Disney world 24/7?

    I hate to pop your bubble, gentlemen, but none of the 4 ignoramuses running in the once-Grand Old Party has a chance to deny Obama a 2nd term.

    Oh, I know, I know that you really want to stomp your feet, run to your room, pound the walls and cover your heads while snuggling your teddy bear. I know you are in deep denial of it all.

    But, you are grown men [at least your bodies are] and in real life adults have to face tough facts- facts that they believe are untrue and unpleasant.

    You can't hide in a closet or climb up the tree to your secret fort any longer. REmember that line from Puff the Magic Dragon?

    A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
    Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.

    Time to put away your Magic Dragon, gentlemen. He long ago ceased his fearless roar.

    Good night!

  5. Bwaaaaahahahaha!

    "Why is it that you live in some dream world, an isolate bubble where reality doesn't matter?"

    You mean a world where everything is free and our bad personal decisions don't count and, we're never held accountable for our own actions and, responsibility is always someone else's problem?
    Sounds like the world you try to live in.

    "But, you are grown men [at least your bodies are] and in real life adults have to face tough facts- facts that they believe are untrue and unpleasant."

    So for the 8 years that Bush was president and you never stopped bawling "Bushhhh stole the election!!!"

    That was you "facing facts" I guess?

    Even after it was a proven victory, you still wailed on like a child.

    But, when all that leftist voter fraud was exposed, you went right into denial mode.

    Lol...Bush must have "stole" the election with all the fraud your people were committing and still lost!

    You can post all the song lyrics you want muddy.

    The only record you'll be listening to until November is "Obama's greatest hits"...look for it on K-tel record's "One hit wonder" collection!