Should parents of US KIA's pay Federal income taxes?

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

See if this causes Mud to blow a vein.


  1. Once again TGP, I thank you for the opportunity to civilly discuss our differences of opinion.

    I do agree, quite strongly, that it is relatively easy to get a "fresh" social security number and birth certificate. However, in our President's case, he just didn't show up. Contrary to what you've heard or read, there is an abundance of evidence of his life including live persons who knew him at various stages of his life.

    I have friends and relatives in Tucson, Arizona. One friend makes pilgrimages into the desert to leave food and water along known immigration routes. He wants gay rights legalized so I'm always asking him, you want people to follow laws they may disagree with but you break laws that you disagree with. What gives? You can't have it both ways.

    The other friend tells a story of people here illegally replacing legitimate license plates on cars with phony plates. The car owners never realize the switch until they get pulled over - too late. The thieves then put the newly stolen, but not reported, license plates on stolen cars and easily drive them across the border for export to South America. This other friend also tells quite a different story when it comes to persons here illegally and crime statistics.

    We've all read about the runaway drug crimes going on down there; and it seems nobody is ever caught. I don't want government intervention in my life any more than you, but how in the hell are we going to get a handle on all this crap if we (our government) doesn't start asking more questions?

    1. Come on, Jeff.

      The state of Arizona attempted to get control of the situation on the border. Obama shut them down. The best way for things to get done is to get the government out of the way. The Federal government has two jobs. If they concentrated on those, the border would be secure, and the people would be safe.

  2. The state of Arizona only tried after years of fruitless results relying on the Federal Government. If the citizens of the United States want an open border with Mexico, then make it legal. If we don't want open borders, do something and don't leave the border states hanging.

    And I know this will piss a lot of people off, but almost any job you get today requires a "drop test", so I don't see a problem requiring people getting paid by the government to have the same requirement. If it were possible to get, I'd love to see a statistic on how much assistance money is used to purchase illegal substances.

    (My own informal local Toledo poll suggests that 40% comes from assistance and 60% comes from crime.)

    1. Jeff,

      Those stats can't be complete. Some hard working people spend part of their paycheck on illegal substances - so let's say they weigh in at 3%. Adjust the other two by 1.5%, and now I'll believe them.

  3. They relied on the government, did something about it themselves and, in turn were sued by the government that fails to protect them.

    As for dropping piss, I'm subjected to it as a condition of employment.
    So if I have to drop in order to support myself AND pay taxes that go toward other people's freebies, why not have them pass a test too?

    A lot more than 40% comes from assistance in Toledo where 40% of the population is on assistance.
    I grew up living in the old south end (which is 100 times worse today) and, everyone who was on welfare back then was either buying or, selling since the system is so completely scamable.

    I'd also estimate the casual weed user who also works at around 5%.

    The criminal 55% are the coke and H crowd which is dealers / users.

    Alpha, I could tell you things about dope houses in Toledo that would make your head spin that no poll could ever begin to cover!
    You'd be surprised to find out exactly how vastly connected some of those places are to each other AND, other places.