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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barbara Bush (the younger) Supports Gay Marriage

I have to say that I am now embarrassed For George W. Bush. His daughter Barbara has come out of the closet as a supporter of "letting people marry who they love." I am completely baffled by this. I guess I must be a homophobic; thank God we are a tolerant society so no one will think less of me for my abhorrent behavior.

I guess I am alot like them. I can't help the way I feel about gayness. Sort of like the way Chris Mathews feels about Obama, except the shiver goes down my spine, not my leg. So I must have some genetic code that explains why I am repulsed by gay behavior. It certainly can't have anything to do with the way I was raised. It couldn't possibly be because of the environment surrounding me. So it must be something that is beyond my ability to control. God must have made me this way.

For many years, I drank too much. I grew up in a society that appreciated ones ability to hold ones liquor. When I was ten, I got plastered sneaking drinks from people at a party my parents had. It was a Marine Corps Birthday party, and I remember how all the Marines there were proud of how much booze the ten year old kid had imbibed. I went on to a long career of drinking, until, at the age of twenty three, the Marine Corps sent me to rehab. I "passed" rehab with flying colors, graduated at 3pm on a Friday, and was drunk at a Clint Black concert by 9pm. I continued to drink, a lot, for about ten more years. In those years, I was arrested three times for DWI, and had numerous bar fights and other altercations. Society never, in all those years, said leave the poor drunk alone, he can't help himself. No one ever said, we must be tolerant of his shortcomings. Not one single elected official said I was practising an "alternative" lifestyle. Congress, state or federal, did not pass laws making it illegal to stop me on my way home. In fact, on at least two occasions, when I was pulled over for "weaving," not one single ACLU lawyer said the law was "profiling" me. What ALL of these various people did do was demand that I STOP my behavior. The nerve of them.

When the liberal idiots in Congress make it acceptable for Adam to marry Steve, they will be forced to allow Nancy to marry Fido, because, what the hell, she loves that dog. Cute couple. And what about that fellow in Utah, who was marrying young girls to his church deacons? I guess we'll have to let him out, and let him go ahead and have 10 or 20 wives, cause he loves them.

What we should really do is slap all of these idiots in the mouth and tell them that they can be as strange as they want, but they will not be subject to laws that do not apply to everyone. The only people who deserve to be treated as "special" citizens are our veterans. But not if they want to marry their buddies.

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  1. Good post! Liberlism is a mental disorder for which there is no cure.