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Friday, June 10, 2011

Perry Might be in race soon

Governor Rick Perry of Texas is about to announce he's running for President.  I think we may finally get someone who will put Romney out.

Rick Perry speaks English - American English.  He talks to people instead of at them.  He knows how to roll his sleeves up, unlike Willard, and definitely unlike Obama.

Rick Perry has called for a national day of prayer on August 6th.  He invited every governor in the country to attend and encouraged them to call for a day of prayer in their own states.  This has pissed off liberals and, not to be redundant, atheists.  I wasn't alive at the time of JFK's assassination, but when Ronald Reagan was shot, my mother told me the whole nation prayed for JFK and LBJ.  I saw the unity of the nation when Reagan was shot, and we all remember how we pulled together after 9/11.  Lets face it, our nation is a better place when we all turn to God.

If we as a nation can return to a place of freedom of religion instead of freedom from religion, I think we may be able to save America.  If we continue on towards Godlessness, America is doomed.


  1. Not so fast...

    It looks like Perry is hooked-up with the Bilderberg Group. Not good.

    We need to look closer. There is a lot about Perry that I admire. One thing that we don't need are domestic/foreign kingmakers picking our candidates.

  2. H-Nox - Bilderberg is a red herring - no smoke there and no fire. Your love for conspiracy is showing. Governor Perry is the real deal. If not him - who? Both McDonnell and Christie say "no"

    Perry would knock Romney out of first place - Perry might just be the most successful governor in America.

    Perry for President and John Bolton as VP.

  3. Amigo,
    I'm not in love with conspiracies of any kind. I am gun-shy since 2008 however.

    Once I see Perry's resume' them I will make my decision. Until then I remain cautious.

    Like I said, I like him.