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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Toledo - Mud's Proteges

Here's a fellow taking over a public park.  Redistributing the wealth, so to speak.  Also sounds like a bit of a racist, when he accuses the videographer of "looking like a Republican."

This woman doesn't mention which rights have been taken away.  She claims that she has always paid what the rich haven't, which is pure BS.  The idea that the rich aren't doing their "fair" share is laughable, but the moonbats from this lady on up to Barak Obama are spewing it like it was gospel.

These two idiots assaulted the police, but claim it wasn't really assault.  Typical of people who don't go to boot camp to learn what assault really means.

Do any of you Toledoan's find this group patriotic?  How about just finding them intelligent?  I think they are all LIV's.


  1. Tenth,

    I'm going to have to look up the chanting business in my copy of "Rules for Radicals." Sounds absurd when they were following the discussion of the old lady - drone-like. Or perhaps childish.

    It is interesting how drastic the change in demeanor becomes between the tantrum and the resulting appearance before the judge.

  2. They are cowards all. If they had the courage of their convictions, they'd hold the judge in contempt for being a 1%er.


  3. CS,
    Yeah, what's up with that chanting shit? I have noticed that at all the protests. Maybe it because libs can't come up with an original idea, or maybe its a new indoctrination technique kinda like the Jim Jones crowd. What's next, cyanide laced kool-aide?

    Either way it's really annoying and shows how brainless the bowel movement is.

  4. Commander-in-Chief Herman Cain: ""Remember when you talk about attacking Iran it is a very mountainous region."

  5. Yeah yeah muddy, we'll all worry about Iran while our kid's are getting breathalyzers at the hospital for athsma.

    Anyways TGP, thats pretty much the mentality of those morons.
    Online, they're whining about people bashing them for being pro-communist and can't understand why.
    THAT is what a BGSU (where most of these idiots go to school according to them) education buys you...a chanting marxist who took out a student loan to study a worthless subject in order to party 6 nights a week at the Uptown-Downtown bar trolling for Goth chicks.

    And then they wonder why being a drunk, uneducated, moron with tattoos all over him and metal shit poking out of his face like a porcupine can't get a decent job...must be Wall street's fault!

  6. Tenth,

    How about Occupy Buffalo? Army Records at Odds With Occupy Vet's Claims. The claims of a dedicated member of the Occupy Buffalo movement that he saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan are not supported by Army records.

    Christopher M. Simmance has told several media outlets, including The Buffalo News, that he served as many as three tours of duty in those war zones and that he was severely injured in Afghanistan.

    Service records obtained from the Army, however, show he was stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., for three years and he left the active-duty Army in January 2001 -- before the 9/11 terror attacks:

    He fits right in with the rest of the liberals.

  7. Friends,

    How about a little respect? I just found out that the central figure in the middle video is Mud_PILE. Gray hair, glasses, purple shirt . . . . the one with the sign.