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Monday, August 20, 2012

Political Parties

This is a great analysis of teh Democratic Party.  And still millions of blacks, and Latinos, flock to them.  Sad.

Hat tip to Ron Russell at


  1. The lazy tend to gravitate toward whoever is offering to give them something...regardless if it belongs to someone else who had earned it.
    With blacks, it's a racial issue period.

    They're so inflated with Obama being black that they don't give two shits what he does to them, what he does to the economy, how much he violates their constitutional rights, no matter how many of them are unemployed in record numbers...they're voting for him and will line up to be shot by him if he promises to do so because, having a black failure in office screwing them over is oddly worth it to them because black failure is expected and excused...somebody else's fault that Obama's Marxist ideals aren't floating...racism!

    Of course, none of them see it as "racist" for being black and voting for Obama only because his IS black.
    But, anyone would would NOT vote for him because he's racist!
    They don't grasp the idea that it's the same damned thing if 96% of white people voted for Romney only because he's white.
    I'd say that the majority of the black population is just showing it's true colors.
    They're just as racist and more than all the whites they point fingers at.
    And I say "more" because they don't even bother to hide it...and liberals have sanctioned it so they can...while lilly-white self-loathing libs cheer them on for being so.

    As for hispanics, they don't like Obama because he's black, they like him because he's pandering to them and exempting them from laws that everyone else is expected to obey.

    Obama has done a fine job of turning America into the Balkans circa 1990...some groups are expected to tow the line...some folks actions are always being excused...some folks have laws to obey...while some folks don't have to obey them...some folks can demand things from others...and others have to hand it over.

    The end result was people getting sick of being constantly told they were all "Equals" while it was blatantly obvious that some never had to live up to an equal standard as others...and a civil war was spawned.

    Yugoslavia wasn't a bananna republic. It was just as modern as America is.

    Anyone who says it can't / won't happen here are fools.
    People are getting sick of the leftist ideals of "fairness" where nothing is really "fair" and "equality" means that some are judged by a set standard while others...not so much.

    The "liberals" of yugoslavia were the FIRST ones to learn their own lesson when the slugs they propagandized for for years cleansed them FIRST from their enclaves while the liberal learned firsthand that for all his years of ass kissing and sympathizing, he still wasn't "one of them" and, they knew it and, took action because they only trusted their own...thanks for your support...pack your shit or, be burned along with it.

    1. Good post, Sepp. If only some of those mentioned would read it.

  2. They won't read it. They already know it.

    I wrapped up in a debate with 2 black guys over the blind Obama support and after about an hour of their excuses being shot down, one of them finally came right out and said it..."He's black and thats why I'm voting for him period...the other stuff don't matter to us."

    Well, at least the guy was honest.

    I asked him that after Obama wrecks the country with a 2nd term, how would he like a potential Bush clone doing the same crap under the same executive orders that Obama uses?

    He didn't like that idea too much.
    So, it seems that fools who elect Obama don't care what happens to our country, they only care about "who" is wrecking it and, Obama's disaster is worthy of their blind eye.

    So, that is what our once proud country is becomming...battered women who like being beaten long as it's someone they like thats hitting them.
    Romney had better walk into the job knowing upfront that he'll be a one termer too if he doesent make a U-turn quickly and, put this country back on a constitutional path.
    And, Obama's sorry-assed support base had better get used to the idea that the gravy train's last stop will be in the first week of November so, they'd better psych themselves up to EARN that return ticket or, be ready to walk.

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