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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Practicing what they preach?

I just got a form response from my website that made me laugh out loud.

This fellow (assumed) considers me a racist homophobe based on something he saw on this blog.  Of course he didn't say what, or make any attempt at civil discussion, just flung an accusation and fled, like all liberal nuts.

Form Response Notification

The following form has been submitted from your website crittercagesnc:

--------------- Form Response ---------------

01 - Name = Knob Slobber
02 - Email Address =
03 - Phone Number (optional) =
04 - Your Message = Ran across your website from your ad on Lejeune Yard Sales. Love the corn crib. Your work is flawless and I was very interested getting some hutches and chicken pens from you.
That was until I went to your blog and realized that you are a racist homophobic ASSHOLE!
While I respect your right to have an opinion, I would never consider using my disposable income to supplement your paying your bills.

Good luck with that looming foreclosure!!
I really feel sorry for your poor daughters being raised in a house of hate.

I hope KARMA gives you everything you deserve.


Message ID: 115162384

--------------- End of Form ---------------

Well, M., I hope you (and those like you) will continue to act like assholes.  You seem tyo be upset with me for my beliefs, yet you choose to discriminate against me because of them.  That is the whiny ass crybaby shit you constantly fling in our faces.  How about you practicing a little tolerance, asshole.


1 comment:

  1. Under liberal guidelines, ANYONE who isn't brainlessly praying at the alter of St Obama shall be labeled as a "racist" without regard for the fact that race has nothing to do with your oppinions or, statements.

    Why do they deem it "racism"?
    Mainly because it's convenient but, typically because they can't fathom the idea that Obama has done a lousy job and the country has under his we predicted...has resulted in economic stagnation.
    Libs pretend not to see it and, are convinced that it can only be "racism" that has nothing to do with,
    High unemployment
    High rates of foreclosures
    America's credit being downgraded TWICE
    Adding 7 trillion worth of new debt at a rate unmatched in history
    Record numbers of Americans on food assistance
    Record high gas prices
    No budget in 4 years
    Adding more nasty teeth to the patriot act
    The defense authorization act
    Unlimited detention for Americans
    Giving weapons to drug cartels
    Sidestepping the rule of law whenever convenient
    Executive orders to ignore our nation's laws
    Filling our govt with communists and radicals
    Insulting our close allies
    Non-existent foreign policy platform
    QE 1,2 and 3
    Green jobs money for his supporters who all went bankrupt AFTER making high dollar contributions.
    Obamacare lies and deceptions to the public
    Bill Ayers and friends
    Public deception about Ambassador Steven's murder
    And on and on and, on.

    ...but none of those above mentioned items should or, could possibly alter a person's oppinion of Obama's performance...right?
    You're supposed to be afraid of being labeled as a "racist" and just keep your mouth shut, never look away from the ground or, make eye contact and be a good little drone.

    Also laughable are liberals who profess their repect for your right to have an oppinion when it's always obvious that they ONLY respect their own right to an oppinion and speaking freely.

    "Dude, I love your top notch handiwork but, your oppinions bother me so, I'll probably buy elsewhere."

    THAT is how somebody who respects your right to an oppinion would respond and opposed to name calling, wishing you ill will and, making the usual nasty reference towards your children.
    Hmmmm...where have we seen that crap before?